If I am "stuck", then that is an indication of persisting in a racket or rackets.  Anytime I see stuckness, resignation, apathy, that is a sure indicator of a racket, which usually also includes a story that one believes to be fact, though it isn't.  (Be clear on Rackets - and use the Rackets Worksheet.)


Although I have plenty of rackets I can pull up, these are my central ones that I use persistently.  They create my life being far less than what it can actually be. 

Rackets list: (See relevant pages on these.  Link through Barbara Contents/Links page.

I say "I am powerless."

I say "I need approval." And that I must compare myself with others of sufficient stature in order to be ok - and otherwise I am in big danger - so I hyperventilate and I just can't overcome it."

I say "I am not good enough."

I repeat any story about why I am the way I am because of my mother. 


Go through and discover the illusionary payoffs and the actual costs and make a choice to change my habits.