Although I keep a record of the emails and some notes (the latter "get lost"), I will additionally keep some notes here for scanning and review.  Mostly the notes are partial and not of a journal type.


Liked Rainy Day file idea (keep all compliments, accomplishments, thank yous, contributions ready for looking at when "needed")
When I am "filled up" I am not so vulnerable. 
   Most of my issues come from empty feeling
But need to also change the habits of the old recordings that will come up and clobber her if she is not filled up.

She says she is still holding onto the aversion to the word "productivity", from her childhood experiences.  Should talk in terms instead of "what enriches me".

Given several compliments that she should capture on paper for the rainy day file.  When someone says how great she is, that is true.  Who a person really is is that person who  is present without the fear governinng the situation, as survival always takes precedence.

We are to talk about "something at stake" idea when hyperventilating, as cause.  Like big (imagined) at stake in possible romantic interest.