(This listing could be kept available for getting oneself back on track, kept in your Reminders Notebook or some referenceable place.)

Grounding every morning

     Use the Reminders Notebook.
     Be sure to do at least 5 minutes in gratitude area
     Use the "Golden Hour"
     Set the intention daily to live in "Calm Coherence" or the equivalent
     Read to self (or a customized version she creates), from Daily Checklist
            My Stand For My Life
            I Accept This In Life
            What It Is I Want In Life
            What I No Longer Need In My Life

Stop using stories

     Not use the past to justify that the future will be the same.
     No longer refer to "why you are the way you are" from the past (Mom, etc.) - It fills the space that could have something good in it.  It recalls the experience and wires it in more strongly

Remind self of reality

      Am I physically ok (no limbs lost, functional) right now?  Did anything actually happen or was it all created strictly in my mind

Remind self of the "positive" and the "progressive"

       Fully implemented listing of affirmations and positive statements, to go to when needed and when grounding in the morning.  Have the full backup for why the new belief is true - and install that.
       Have fully in place a list of what makes me happy, plus what I want in life
       Speak only positives and possibilities (goals), stop all internal conversations that are not positive (or convert them to align with reality
       Have available and read the Positive Books Reading List, or the equivalent
       Have a full set of "coping statements" in place for use when needed

Use practices, with no use of substances 

       Do breathing and relaxation instead of substances to balance chemicals
       Add the mood cure supplements to smooth body function
       Use positive reminder in Reminders Notebook to get self regrounded
       Meditation as many minutes a day as possible; 20 minutes preferred - Rewire
           brain and nervous system; absolutely a necessity at this time
       Use the 1 minute stop, relax, breath (and/or affirm) - the "golden minute"

Absolute care of self

       Sleep on a regular, always schedule
       Two total, complete body relaxations every day
       Use the self-soothing, self nurturing practices  

Setting a firm philosophical foundation

       Spend at least 5 hours a week in a "life learning" program about reality and what works
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