In progress, Barbara to complete

I will adjust this as needed if there is a rare emergency where I don't have sufficient time, and I realize that this is vital to my life and my happiness, so I take it very, very seriously.  Those items in bold print are the ones that I will do at the minimum, for I always will have time for them.


__ It is my intention today to fill up my emotional tank (It is my intention and my commitment to enter
    each day feeling really good, to fill it up during the day as needed)
__ Centering - "I will not allow operating off center, period."
    __ My daily reading reminder about myself and my life
    __ What I am letting go of and giving up in life to be free and live at a higher level. (To be read until
         fully owned and fully clear.)
    __ My stand for my life (see below)
    __ I accept this in life (see below)
    __ What I no longer need in my life (see below)
    __ Read at least my main affirmations
    __ Gratitude affirming and/or reading, especially What To Be Grateful For or your own listing
    __  Daily supportive readings (from your collection in your Reminders Notebook)
    __ My declarations, of who I am, how I choose to live my life
     __ My creed, my codes of conduct for my life, my code of honor
__ Aerobics 15 minutes every morning - Benefits body, increases my metabolism, has me feel better,
    AND it makes my day better
__ My day is fully planned, with gaps for unexpected items and breaks


__ Reading and study for at least one hour 6 days a week.



__ Complete relaxation 2/day Relaxation response
__ Not being out of homeostasis except in emergencies
    __ Relax, breath (4x4)
__ Naps - shorties or up to 40 minutes

Mind/happiness management

__ Coping statements - "These pictures are not real.  I will not be run by my pictures and stories."
__ Not telling any stories
__ Choosing not to judge anyone, including myself
__ Gratitude list - write at least 5, before bed
__ Positive reading before bed

Body management

__ 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week-

My Stand For My Life

I absolutely choose happiness as my number one goal.  I stand for doing all that creates happiness.  I stand for doing this intensely until I get to where I want.  I do not let barriers get in the way.  This I declare this day and forever.

I will not tolerate my being out of homeostasis (balance) except in an emergency where it is required.

I will not allow myself to repeat old stories.  I give them up.  I am not run by my past.  I experienced what I experienced.  I will not use that unless it is for information and a progressive purpose.

I do not believe in the pictures thrown up by my mind.  They are just recordings of the past and I do not believe movies.  I simply check for what is actually happening right now, looking and seeing that right now I am OK. 

I will not tolerate my speaking or entertaining untruths.  I identify them and I decide not to listen.  My only exception is for progressive problem solving.


I see that life has certain realities that I might not prefer, but that, overall, the realities are vastly positive.

I accept that:

I feel unpleasant feelings in my body.  I hear them, screen them, and manage them as best I can.
I have unpleasant thoughts come up at times.  I handle them.
I accept the machine that is my mind.  I accept how it operates (and see its miraculousness!).
I must maintain what I have and spend time doing that.  I simply do them, as there is no use in resisting or feeling bad about them.  I accept that they are necessary, just as I accept gravity and other realities.
Myself and all other human beings do not know all of what they need to operate at higher levels.  We are simply at the level of awareness that we are at - and some will increase that and some won't, but I will - I will create a masterpiece of this life.  

I accept and just do:

Taking care of my body.
Taking care of my material possessions.
Taking care of my mind

These are all things necessary to "run the show", all things I must do to establlsh the platform upon which I operate in life.

I tell myself while I am doing these:  This is ok.  This is good time necessary for life.  I accept this willingly.

In fact, I am grateful for the years of evolution that have created a system that works to support me, one that is magnificent at the lowest possible evaluation.

I accept the whole package as one entity, with many, many more positives and some negatives but a beautiful whole overall!


Peace of mind
A sense of personal power and complete independence and self-sufficiency
Fully expressing myself (my abilities, my strengths, my thoughts)
To feel gratitude for all there is
To appreciate and love myself fully, completely


I now see that I am the one totally responsible for all of my life.  I see that I can supply all I need at the basic level plus some extras.  I see that I will have enough to survive and even to thrive.

I am completely self-sufficient.  I am no longer dependent on the "big people" to approve of me and to feed me and rescue me.  It is I who am the only big person in my life now, and, as such, I handle it all. I am perfectly capable.

Accordingly, I no longer need, though I can appreciate:

To have an audience that sees my life and accepts it.
To have the approval of others.
To try for perfection, as there is no one I give the power to judge me on imperfections - these do not matter at all.  I already have enough and I don't need to be perfect in order to have more than enough.  I am whole and complete.
To have perfection of life, to not have any unpleasant feelings.  I accept those things as part of life and know that they are no big deal.  I no longer add suffering (or an "ain't it awful") to what is simply a chemical signal from my body being "upset" about something.  I exist "above" that, looking down with a broader, higher perspective. (Who I Am)

Laura Day:  I am asking you to relinquish three seductive mental habits: rumination, recrimination and retribution - the three death traps tethered to a life that no longer exists!