Introduction notes
My statement of truth and planned items
Regular main affirmations
Affirmations of effectiveness of her use of thought control


The idea is to create affirmations at several key levels and in several levels.

The affirmations in specific areas and/or to address specific concerns are listed in
Affirmations By Area


"I realize that my beliefs and my viewpoints govern my life, so I choose to change them to what is true and workable.  I will complete this vital process, not dropping it in midstream as before.  I will complete at least these, deriving them on my own and/or from examples of the same type (which I insert into the search engine to find). I will do this as if my life depended on it - as it does!"

Installing My New Affirmations 
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My Coping Statements
My Top  25 Gratitude Affirmations
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    My Self Esteem Affs
    Affirmations From "I Should Be Better" Chat, How To Create Them
The False Affirmations I State And Believe


I am totally capable of raising the level of my thinking and my life!  It is indisputable, since I have the proof of what I have done in the last year!  [Unless my brain falls out of my head, I am fully capable of continuing to raise the level of my thinking and my life!]

I certainly can get more understanding and that understanding will certainly improve my life!

I am 100% responsible for my life and dependent on no one and no thing.  I am the one who creates my life - and I am totally capable of doing what it takes to create a great life!

As of 3/25/10:

Overall affirmation:

I am strong, powerful, and amazingly capable and can create a great day!

Other affirmations:

I go very slowly, moment by moment, with serenity

I have plenty of time to accomplish all that I need to.

I create joy daily noting at least 10 things about which to be joyful.

I am creating great health!

I am getting better and recovering daily. (Re: hyperventilation)

I relate easily and comfortably with others.

With regard to affirmations, she says she can only do two a day effectively (i.e. keep them on her mind).


"When I make a 100% commitment to my thinking come hell or high water, I do really great."  (Followed by a declaration of intent:  I will not waver.  I will do this no matter what.)

     I feel great just from changing my thinking.  It works, so I'll do it as often as
     I can't entertain a negative thought for more than 2 minutes.  I immediately
          change it to a positive replacement! 
          I say "enough for today!  Right now, I have other things to do for my good.
     I can do really great when I do something like Tony Robbins' 10 Day Challenge

Report at the end of the day after making the above commitment for the day:

"I stayed true to my commitment and was able to change my chemistry quite a bit.  It wasn't as easy as a couple of other times I did it, but I did really well.  What I produce is a feeling of self respect when I just don't go with automatic feelings and thoughts, on automatic pilot.  I'm proud of myself."


I need to learn the basic assumptions and beliefs that underly many of my false beliefs.  By learning those, I can create a very sound belief structure that will help me to have all I want in life (that is important).

Most of these are in the Barksdale materials. 

Robbins, however, has a basic one that is important for you to see and affirm the truth in:

I can do almost anything anyone else can do, given that I learn what they learned and do what they did.  Thus, I have the power to create virtually anything I want.  I need only choose it. (If old files pop up arguing against this, I will look at each one and ask "is this absolutely true" and then I will create a corrected belief.)


When I feel emptiness (or any negative feeling), as George says, I "can't trust it."  I recognize that any negative feeling is an indicator of a false story, for without false stories I would be perfectly content and could just focus on what I want, rather than what I don't want...  I see that emptiness is actually a thought, with a feeling of sadness as a result (there are only 4 basic emotions mad, sad, glad, and scared).  I see that I also create an "ain't it awful" conversation about that, making me suffer needlessly.  That conversation triggers fear (being scared of what will happen to me, will my life be full enough?  - all stories and old files pulled up from the old days when I didn't have the capability of making knowledgeable, logical conclusions.)

Note that affirmations are to "firm up" (or shore up or increase the mass of).  They do not have to be true, but they do have to be possibly true.

They can be "intentional" or "hoped for", such as a trait you are affirming that you do not yet fully have.

And, yes, specific true ones are more powerful. 

At the very least, affirmations are a source of something positive, which forces out of the brain at the time any negative affirmations one is repeating (about how awful one is and how awful life is - which is only a viewpoint!).

From L.S. Barksdale, some absolutely true affirmations to build into your very own:

Basic Daily Affirmations For Sound Self Esteem - Building The Esteem Foundation - This is really affirming reality and straight thinking.