The point of my life is to be happy, not to be the best or in the best nor to get approval.

I need to be able to feed myself and have decent shelter, but beyond that I don’t need any specific skills, though I will be better off if I choose to learn “problem solving skills”, which anybody can do.   

I just need to provide for myself what makes me happy.  Nothing else is needed.

I am smart enough to identify many things that make me happy, such that I can merely do them and produce happiness for myself.  I have written those down so I can refer to them when they are not sufficiently “top of the mind” for me.   (See my What Makes Me Happy list, created from my own mind plus from reviewing the happiness factors in the Happiness section.)

If I am loving enough and I give enough of what people want, I need never be lonely.  I can learn what is needed - and I can harvest the benefits of human connection while being completely independent and powerful.

I am independent and fully capable of providing what I need, occasionally using appropriate interdependence to use others’ skills and/or knowledge.  I am not dependent on anyone else.

I know I have sufficient personal power to get what I need in life.  I need not have power over others, as that is also usually a myth anyway.  No one has power over me, though sometimes there are people who control resources that I desire – but I can choose to walk away from those if there is too great a price.

I work on The Core Of My Life and am not concerned about the periphery.

I am 100% responsible for my life.  Circumstances and other people happen to influence it or push it and I fully accept that as part of life and then I respond, choosing as best I can.

I am the beneficiary of 200,000 years of evolution, of making my human body work better and better.  I not only have an unbelievably compact and miraculous system in my body that supports me over many many years and through some abuses, but I also have a miraculous brain that is more powerful than any computer. If I am even close to normal, I have sufficient brain power to be able to get what I want.  I need only to train my brain and to gain sufficient knowledge, which I have plenty of time to accomplish. 

I am the beneficiary of a physical world that works very well for humans and which allows me to harvest an incredible abundance for my life.  There are some things in it that sometimes harm me, though most are avoidable – and they will harm me at times, exacting a price, but a small price compared to the huge benefits as to be the biggest bargain in the universe.  To have the physical world work, there are balancing forces and mechanisms that can cause conflict with individual humans – and that is just the way it is, all part of the great reality of life.

As opposed to not ever being born, I have the privilege of living for whatever number of years I do, the privilege of experiencing life as a conscious being, far beyond the consciousness of animals – and this consciousness and great brain power allow me to appreciate (greatly value) the wonders of the world and of my experience.  I simply am blessed with this experiencing and with these experiences until it all ends, which it will – and I am overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation for the experience.

Life is very good.   Life works.  I am powerful and capable.  I create.  I experience.  I appreciate.

I breathe.  And I am inspired.