"Build the core of life and happiness and satisfaction will come.

Base life on what you can actually build, on a solid foundation that will never let you down.  Build it from the core outward and it will always serve you.  You will not have to depend on happenstance or other people, you can simply enjoy what happens in life, and be happy no matter what...."

                                                           The BuddhaKahuna 

And each day, solidify the core first and you'll be virtually invulnerable.  See Solidifying The Core Each Day - For Virtual Invulnerability And Deep Happiness


What is "the core of one's life"?  

What is it that really matters?  Really, really, really matters.  

What is completely in your control, that you can cause, create, make happen?  

What is it that you can do to not be dependent on something "out there" for my happiness, so that I am non-conditionally deeply happy?


Anything you have no control over does not matter to you, as it will happen or not happen.  If it's "not good", then it'll have an impact on you that you'll have to handle.  You can recover from any circumstances (if you're still alive, that is) and create happiness without lamenting the circumstance.  See The Skill Of Fearlessness.

All that matters is that which you can cause, which you can create, that is the most important to you.  (And you've got to discern what really doesn't matter, such as "more money" than you need to get by on.)


My core, what is the essential part of me, is all I need attend to.  It is the core from which I create a "non-contingent" life where I am not dependent on something or someone else creating it for me.  My future and how life will turn out is never something for me to be concerned about, as this is a sure path that I control, where I create my life totally, unconditionally.   

Of course, I need to know what that core consists of and to then do what expands and nurtures that core.  Nothing else around it matters.  (With regard to circumstances and concerns about their effects:  Notice:  Nothing Actually Happened! - One Of The Great Philosophical Insights!.)

In philosophical and spiritual disciplines, they speak of the invulnerable center of your being.

This is that center core that is not dependent on circumstances or other people, that is constant and ever building in power, always in your control - and it is the basis for living a non-contingent happiness.

I urge you to complete the steps necessary to fully develop "the core", to fully understand it, to know its pieces, and to fully implement it into living the life that will guarantee your deep happiness and satisfaction. 

If you read this piece and find it "an interesting read" and then do nothing about it, we will have both been involved in experiencing some nice thought for the moment and miss out on the greatest potential effect on what life can be.

Will you join me in going further, in completing the journey?

Scan over the following box to get a sense of what is included, what enables one's core to be effective, and how to maintain and enhance that core.  Then read on.


Matthew Kelly writes:  "Life is the spending and replenishing of energy."  Indeed, that is the core you need to take care of (energy spent well), for it is the vehicle, the very means of creating a life for yourself.  Yet people forget that...and their lives become much less than they can be.

And people get sucked up into the false cultural imperatives and niceties, losing their very center - and expending energy where it does not really matter, even taking it away from where it really does matter.  To life of great happiness, I would recommend that you invest no energy in "looking good", getting approval or trying to please, controlling others, and all of the low payoff and/or low control actions you can engage in.

Your job is to discriminate between:

1. What Really Matters and makes a difference and

2. What is virtually meaningless in a long term sense, what is a form of believed bullbleep, pure nonsense. If one learns to look deeper, one will see that one does not need approval or to buy into most of the idea that the culture engrains into us.  (This site is intended to guide you through what it takes to understand and accomplish this.)

3.  And the gradations in between, distinguishing as to what is outside of the essential core of what really matters.

If you go through this process on this site, you will be able to free yourself up from being a slave to false beliefs and hoping that life will turn out, so that you can invest that energy into what really pays off in terms of deep happiness and full satisfaction in life.

The ability to see the difference and then to act on it will totally change your life to what it can be, without worry or stress, and with a core that you can fully rely on.


The core supporting the core: a value structure and a set of priorities around which to live life

The objective of managing the core:  To become the best possible version of a human being you can be.  

Or, as Matthew Kelly puts it, to become the best version of our [real] selves.

Part and parcel to this is to gain high clarity about your purpose and to have clarity on what you really want in life - not the crap we've been taught by those who have not refined their beliefs and assertions.  ("False targeting" where you keep on aiming for that which does not produce happiness will never produce the results you want in life.) 

Somehow we bought into the belief that life is about getting all that we want.  As a child, that is what we believed was true.  But now we can look and see that life is actually about maintaining and growing what we have and the power that helps us to grow that, rather than depending on what we "get". 

What we will focus on is what we have control over, what is a matter of our choosing. 
Although we have some things we can affect, we have no choice as to the circumstances and people which and who are beyond our control - and it is senseless to focus on that and/or to try to control it, in some world devoid of reality.  Indeed, we have the choice not to try to control the uncontrollable and/or low payoff areas in life - this is part of true wisdom in life.   And in realizing this, we free up a tremendous amount of energy that humans tend to waste for naught.  Read Effective Control, and follow the truths.


Robert Louis Stevenson: "To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life." 

Maybe, but that's only part of it...

The reason to "become" is so that we are more and more capable of harvesting life more and more fully.  (Some say the purpose is "to grow", but that is not the purpose but a means of achieving the purpose.  We must grow in our knowledge and wisdom such that we can do what is needed to create the highest level of deep, enduring happiness.)

One way of stating my intention for life is to "have a life well-lived", which simply means that I will be able to contribute to the happiness of others and to my own happiness...and if I succeed a little or alot, I will have succeeded in having a nice journey where I have treated myself and others well.  Whether I am impress another person or not, whether I receive what I believe to mean that I am approved of, whether others validate me or not - all of that is of no true consequence to me.  I see that.

As I realize that it is only my core that counts, no one can hurt me (other than perhaps physically) for I exist independent of anyone's opinion of me

I can choose to have an unwavering commitment to excellence, but I need not be recognized for that by others nor must I succeed at some high level.  I will simply live as a person of character, as nothing else matters.  I will craft my habits, which I have control over if I use the right methodology, so that I am more and more effective in life. And to do what I believe in, to contribute to others as best I can, that is where my life efforts will be invested. 

And (in the following box) this is what I choose to do, from this point of view.


Be courageous, they say.  Step out there and take risks, they say.  Be daring, they say.

"Uh, well, uh, how do I do that?"

A subtle, but obvious set of truths (check it out for yourself):

      If one does not have sufficient safety, one is not able to risk well or freely. 
      One cannot rationally expect oneself to risk that which truly matters.
      All we can truly risk is that which does not truly matter.

What may not be as obvious (though when one thinks about it, it makes sense) is that reducing one's uncertainties will vastly reduce one's fears and sensitivity to threats that have no reality in them.  That is why, in the Life Plan, and in key life improvers, I recommend that you work on attaining "Sufficient" Psychological Certainty - A Quality Of Being, A Psychological Viewpoint.

It is foolish to berate oneself for "lack of courage", for "not being able to risk" and for "not being brave".   You can only risk that which you believe is not going to harm you.  (Duh!)

The point here is that if one has "core safety", then the rest does not matter.  The "rest" can be risked and even lost (or not gained) and the core will remain intact.  Surely some losses from taking risks in something that does not really matter are "no problem, mon!" Everything beyond what really matters is all strictly optional - I don't have to have it and if I don't have it, it "don't matter none".   I can then be happy, no matter what!

I can "recover", if need be, from anything that is a relative so-what and know that I will devote enough time and effort to filling up my core and having it there for me always.  Knowing this and knowing that I have built the core, I am truly Fearless.
I can live my life fearlessly and confidently when I:

1) Center myself and ground myself each day and when I couple that with
2) Taking care of my physical energy producer.

Then I live my day in my full power.  I am complete for the day, and I need nothing more. 

The rest of my day is simply an opportunity to create bonuses, which I accept and celebrate as extras in my life of abundance. 


A somewhat modified version of St. Francis' Prayer of Peace:

May I be an instrument of peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love.
Where there is injury, pardon.
Where there is doubt, faith.
Where there is despair, hope.
Where there is darkness, light.
Where there is sadness, joy.

O Great Self,
Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved, as to love.

For it is in giving that I receive what is truly of heart-value.
It is in pardoning that I allow pardoning of myself, and
It is in accepting that I will someday die,
that I allow myself to fully live life,
without fearing needlessly the small trivial "mishappenings" in life.   

And so it is that I live powerfully without fear,
Invulnerable to what happens in life,
Fully creating my invulnerable deep happiness

(A "Focused on the core" person, if he/she thinks this is a useful idea or could stimulate an idea, might print this section as a page to put in his/her Reminders Notebook, under Affirmations.)

Read, Understand These:

What Really Matters

"Threats" To Toss Out Forever - There Is Virtually Nothing To Worry About!   

Notice:  Nothing Actually Happened! - One Of The Great Philosophical Insights!  

Homeostasis - Staying in balance for high functionality.

"Non-Thinking" Preposterous Labeling - The cultural "made-up" of a person being "bad" (instead of just not knowing)
If you apply what is in this piece about the core of life, you have incorporated a good part of implementing the foundation for the Skill Of Fearlessness.

Developing The Core - The Steps To Becoming Powerfully "Invulnerable" - The purpose and criteria for the steps are these.  

The Schematic Of The Core Of Life - At a glance, seeing what is in your core, at the core of your life.

The Steps To Take To Develop The Core Of My Life - To Become Powerfully "Invulnerable" And To Have Non-Conditional Happiness - Follow these and you will be happy and not dependent on what happens "out there" in life. 

The Principle Of "Building" A Life - Doing The Build" For Greater Success In Life - This should also provide peace of mind.

Solidifying The Core Each Day - For Virtual Invulnerability And Deep Happiness - Having that strength and power and centeredness thoughout the day, no matter what happens.

What To Learn And In What Order To Create And Have A Great Life
THE CORE IS:    (Implementation:  Taking Care Of The Core Of The Core - For Full Power.)

My energy, health, awareness (Avoiding a "reduced  capacity for life, assuring I can respond
   productively, choosing well)  
My values and staying true to them (not out of a morality, but out of 'creating what is of
   value' by doing what is of value)

And it is enabled by:

Maintaining my integrity, my virtues not perfection, just my best...knowing my limited  
   awareness is the cause not me being "bad".  (See "Non-Thinking" Preposterous Labeling.)
The ability to contribute to myself, others, the world
Exploiting my talents and strengths for great productivity
My ability to learn what it is I see that I need to learn
My ability to focus, to direct my attention
My staying in perspective, to see the relative importance of it all, keep the big picture (and in
  so doing, being able to develop strategies and "globally" run things in my life.
The truth I've gathered, not for truth's sake but for the value it offers throughout my life.
My mental and emotional peace, being sure I practice self care, taking care of my own needs


Increasing my effectiveness and efficiency to deliver what I want...
Building skills and knowledge that leverage my abilities to live better in the future and which
    are satisfying even for now, with the right attitude and appreciation of it all.
I do and learn that which produces geometric expansion in my capability of producing value.


Set aside the essential core time for maintaining the core (Golden hour, exercise,
   centering...sleep, rejuvenation, nutrition)
Gain more control over my mental and physical faculties (learn, practice)
Assure my body is operating in optimal functioning (not in impaired functioning; in homeostasis
   high functioning)
Identify and focus on what is most important to me, and know the difference
Build my self-control muscle and the knowledge that supports my geometric progression in my ability to enjoy life and being fulfilled   
Fully Exploit your greatest talents and strengths
Contributing to others
Appreciating all that there is and people..
Maintain calmness, equanimity, peace...
Remember what does and doesn't matter (everything above what matters) bottomside covered as in "Threats" To Toss Out Forever  and know that there is no "bad" as a label.
Contribute where I can

I will be kind to myself.  I will be gracious and appreciative.  I need no one and I appreciate everyone.  

I will maintain a lifestyle that supports my energy machine and my happiness fully. 

I will know myself and be aware of how I operate and change.

I will keep myself out of distractions and choose to refocus, refresh, rejuvenate, and rewire as needed to stay in the journey of creating all that I can, to stay on purpose.

To enrich, ennoble and empower others as best I can, with full effort and preparation.

I am enjoying this journey.  I am doing the right thing and being who I need to be to create the contribution to this world that I aim to cause.

I have a "calm in my eyes", a buoyant happiness.  I am "quietly confident" and filled with "serene satisfaction".  (Phrases from Matthew Kelly.)

I don't really need those things I once thought I needed.  I need only have this core treatment of myself.  I see that I have great abundance and I let go of the old fear of not having enough and of the need for approval from anyone. 

I live with focus and high intention. 

I assure that my energy machine is operating at a high level, with plenty of sleep and great nutrition.  I pay attention to my body and adjust it as needed to maintain true balance and high functioning (homeostasis). 

I keep my perspective.  I reflect.  I observe.  I modify quickly to what will work better.  I give myself plenty of time to develop good strategies.  I use my top strengths and utilize others to fill in in a way that makes the whole more effective.

I realize that it is not "experience that is my teacher", but that it is only reflection and analysis that has me effectively harvesting all the potential lessons.   

If something gets in the way, as it inevitably must, I then might harvest a little less, but I always know I am still in abundance!

I am always calm and in peace, living free of distress-stress. 

Life is good.  Life is great.  Life is incredible.