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We "make-up" things, then we believe they are true - forgetting that we simply made them up and that they do not actually exist in reality...

We waste our energy fighting "ghosts" and illusions of thought that have no validity and are just plain stupid.  We should immediately stop this!

We stress over things that are not really threats, and some of us make ourselves sick or depressed about it.  We should immediately stop this!

And we would best fully understand this, so that we can live powerfully, without distressing stress.

Here's the reasoning behind all of this - and the conclusions that will have us living much better lives, since this involves about 90% of our energies.


We have evolved, which made us so good that we became greatly able to survive.  (We almost went extinct, at one time being down to about 10,000 of us on earth.  Yikes!)

Part of what caused us to survive is a motivational operating system that had us react effectively to survival threats: we ran or fought and accordingly we didn't die and we passed on our genes, improving each generation.

But we, unfortunately, failed to note that this was just a mechanical thing (one that worked of course!).

So, obviously, we can conclude that we have a system that works.  Hooray!

And one of our 'instincts' is to explain happenings so that we can make usable sense of them.  (Understand The Believing Brain.) Accordingly we formed primitive beliefs that helped us to categorize and sort these occurrences (for easier processing and association).   This sorting helps the brain to do "match ups" by associating something perceived with something in memory - and if that is believed to be a threat, then it mechanically sends the signals to do that which is in the memory (a neuronal pattern, including what happened and what was done and what the emotion was).  It just repeats whatever is there, often rather stupidly - but it did work for survival. (Understand The Mechanical Brain/Body Summary.)

We eventually labeled this group of reactions "fear".  And, in modern times, we then labeled "fear" as "bad", because it was a bit uncomfortable (the physical sensations caused by the chemicals).   But the fear wasn't really "bad".  It was, overall, "good", as it saved our behinds from extinction.  Nevertheless, we now fear fear - as it is so "unpleasant".


And this feeling of "discomfort" wasn't hardly noticed, as it occurred in such a short period of time, because we were immediately off and running or fighting - and our attention was just on the doing of the the actions done to save our behinds. 

The running or fighting process burnt off the chemicals, tired us out, so we rested to restore ourselves. 

(This is the "surge", then recover process.  The problem today is that we, instead, surge, surge, surge - failing to restore and rest sufficiently.  [Read Rejuvenation.]  As a result of the surging with no relief, our body goes out of functional balance.  As its evolved to do, it then responds, emitting signals to try to get us back into good functioning - and many of those signals are sensations that get noticed and we label them uncomfortable/'bad'.  If we didn't misuse the process, we would not hardly feel anything but a little passing discomfort - and we would not see life as being full of discomfort - so we would not be using our really stupid strategies to get relief, in a hopeless cycle of bad moves that exacerbate the problem.  See the good strategies for relieving the "stress/anxiety" and for preventing the stress/anxiety in the first place - correcting our thinking, for instance, as discussed in this article.  See Stress Management Contents/Links and adopt the strategies that work!)


Part of our categorizing of things involves setting up labels.

As a child, there was an attempt to control you by categorizing certain behaviors as "bad", with the implication (or at least the unthinking inference by the simple mind of a child) that if you did what was bad there would be big consequences - essentially death because the big people no longer approved of us and therefore wouldn't feed us - or something in that emotional vicinity.  We would have no "value" to them because we no longer provided pleasure of association for them.  If we were "bad", then we were unworthy (of insufficient value) to be loved, or whatever. 

And, as a child, we were, indeed, dependent and powerless, so it is understandable that it seemed like life or death to us.  

But, then, we "grew up" to be adults.   And as adults we were no longer powerless and we didn't have to be provided for (i.e. be loved by others so that they would feed us).  But we retained the old beliefs, remaining stuck to some extent at the level of child thinking.

Sound silly?.  But do we react as if alot of love, hate, rejection, and such is a super big emotional trauma or drama?

Yes, we do.  It "runs our lives", rather than us running our lives - the latter is would be the case if we took on the persona of The Rational, Nurturing Adult.


We make up stuff then we believe it, as if it were real, the truth.  This probably the biggest  - philosophical fallacy of all.  A super-flaw in our philosophy of psychology.

Ironically, we don't "re-view" it from a different perspective, with more knowledge and more ability to reason.   We keep it, perhaps modified somewhat but keeping the essence or at least part of it.  We keep believing the fallacious beliefs and "reasoning" - and we suffer for it - needlessly!  [We even fail to notice that when things don't work there is a need to stop doing that same strategy that doesn't work.  However, notice what is done, consistently and often, in Living Life As A Life Champion - which you can do if you heed this!]


We use love or the withdrawal of it as an attempt to control another person. [Wise people however learn to give up inappropriate attempts at control, and save a lot of time and wasted energy.]  And we spend about 80% of our time trying to win approval from other people or trying to control them with the same "tool".  [In our brain, we are thinking 'would other people approve of this?' in an invented way of judging things, as in "They" - The Fictional "Big People" Running Your Life?.]

If you're good, you'll be loved.  If you're "bad", you are "in danger". 

But we fail to ask "in danger of what?", and then we fail to assess the actual degree of the danger

If I am rejected, then I am rejected.  So what!?!  [As discussed in What Happened - The Objective Description Of What Actually Occurred.] 

We leave it in the vague, undefined threat category of "if I'm rejected, I'm screwed and my life is ruined" or something along that continuum.  Vs. "I am powerful and I am not at all dependent. I am self sufficient.  If they like me, that's a bonus, but if they don't that's a 'so-what.'")

We make "bad" into a "condition", something permanent, attached to us, part of our fictional personality, as if it was an illness living in the body (or mind).  We forget that if we do something that displeases another or causes harm it is simply that we most often have just used a bad strategy.  We did a "doing", an action, that didn't work.  But the doing is temporary, passing, and certainly not a condition.  The lack of knowledge is, however, a "condition", but one that can be changed - the person is not permanently in that condition in regard to that strategy as he/she can learn. 


Were we "bad" as babies for not knowing how to walk and falling down alot in the 'ignorance removal process' called learning - where we fail, correct, get a better strategy, repeat it to install it?  

No, of course not.   But somehow we don't see that the rest of learning or not knowing in life is the exact same thing - not a sin, not an ongoing condition, but just something one is passing through for now since one can simply choose to learn.

"Bad" is all a big (though handy and easy to apply) inherently flawed "social concept."  We made it up that certain things were "bad" and then we proceeded to believe it and hold it up as being "basic truth", often using the term, inappropriately, of "it's all common sense." 

But it's all a preposterous inanity ('inane' as a word is close to 'insane' as a word), a vacuous, empty, devoid of reality, existing only in the mind fiction - but which we believe, as if it's real, like a physical thing. 

And on top of all of that we then feel defeated by it.  "I'm so bad, stupid."  

And then we give up, a little or alot, or somewhere between, losing some of our "aliveness" and perkiness.

Avoiding being "bad" or looking "bad" becomes a source of stress, as we are deeply involved in believing it is a threat. 

And what does our body, magnificently, do when it sees a threat? 

It reacts to "save" us. 

But in this case, to save us from nothing that really exists.

Your reaction to this could be:  "But it does exist.  I 'need' love."

Bullbleep to the max, to the 10th power!.  That is just a mental construct! 

You need food and shelter and to be safe from real threats, that's it.

The rest is something you made up, pure bullbleep, seemingly true manure.


We even made up that "stupid" had a "bad" connotation.  Which, in the convoluted belief system, meant that if we were stupid we would not be loved and maybe we'd be kicked out of the tribe, to starve to death in the wilderness (oops, my timing is a bit off, as these are not primitive times, but times where we are guaranteed to get "enough" to survive.)

We also gave a "bad" connotation to "failure", as if it was a reason not to be approved of and to be looked down on, which would then create....disaster or something along that threat continuum,  in our minds, but not in reality. 


In reality we can simply shrug our shoulders and just go do what we need to do to be ok physically, using our basic power.  We let ourselves operate as if we were a baby who is simply learning, but this time we are cognizant and wise enough to know that where we have insufficient knowing we will not be able to do what works...yet

It is all a necessary part of the process of learning, where we don't do so hot when we have not yet acquired much knowledge. 

In fact, if we are really smart and have thought this whole thing out to completion we would come to the conclusion that "everybody does the best he/she can at the time within the limits of their knowledge/awareness.  The problem is never the person, which is just the basic computing/thinking unit, but it is the 'lack of knowledge' not yet acquired."  [Understand Why There Is No Fault.] 

All we need do is learn (via trial and error often) what it takes in terms

1. Of the procedure that is sufficient to get the results and
2. How to operate the system to consistently get the desired results,
3. To have it committed to memory or at least accessible somewhere else so that we don't
   have to keep it in our minds (storage vault).  (An example is Checklists For Running Life.)


The bottomline here is that mankind has come to a number of "non-thinking" conclusions that are preposterous "made ups" which are continued to be believed as if they were facts - we forget that we "made them up" and that they exist only in the mind, as a "mental construct", not a reality!!!!! 

And we kill our spirit by believing in them, by creating them as threats - which then results in our stressing out, to physically over time to kill us or diminish how well we function.  [Read Understanding The Stressors Of Your Body - Know This Or Suffer And Die Early!!!.]

Is that stupid or is that stupid?

There is no threat lurking in the forest (or the closet of a child's room) waiting to get us.

There is no "evil" waiting to harm us.  There is only strategies based on

1.  What we know works or based on
2.  What we fail to realize doesn't work. 

But the label of "evil" is another categorizing and labeling that serves its purpose, but is pure bullbleep (and many will resist accepting that evaluation, as they've believed it is real or that there are actually "evil" people, rather than people with screwed up strategies and a lack of knowing better). 


Remember that all of this labeling system is invented based on the original evolutionary "necessity" to survive, to not die, at least not sooner than we need to.  And, naturally, it will not be unusual to look at the following as being callous or unfeeling or unempathetic. 

We will all die.  [Read News Flash! You Will Die! - Is That Ok With You?.]

The question is only when.

We are so vague around this that we create this myriad of beliefs designed to avoid our dying, but in situations where we would actually not die at all.  We somehow keep associating dying with our thinking from childhood and needing approval, etc.  We spend 90+% of our time trying to be "good enough", to "look good" (so we can be approved of) - all these are "systems" designed around surviving, but foolishly, based on pure bullbleep.

Naturally, we want to keep on experiencing the experience of living as a human, but we need only focus our concern around actual, real threats - which are very few and far between.  Fasten our seatbelts, don't drive drunk, figure out ways to get enough money/food/shelter, etc. 

Beyond that, we will die at "our time", which may not be the preferred time, as a bolt of lightning strikes us or some other calamity occurs.  Mostly we will die of old age or stupidly allowed disease (90+% of our diseases are self-caused or could be prevented by self-care, especially avoiding stress from things that are considered to be threats but actually aren't.)

And, then, what is there to fear?

We will die.

At the "worst", so to speak, we will no longer exist - and we'll feel nothing.  It will not be a problem then, of course, as we are not in existence to think it is a problem.

At best, we will go to heaven and be freed from the surly bonds of earth - and after-life will be good. 

Not so bad as alternatives, the two results will be:

    1. It's no problem. 
    2.  Wow! Here I am in heaven or floating around as a consciousness.  Groovy, man!

Woody Allen:  I'm not afraid of dying.  I just don't want to be there when it happens.

Yes, we may have some pain or goofiness as we lose our health or faculties, but that will be a small part of our whole lives, and those, just like everything else, soon pass. 


So, at the very least, we can agree with Alfred E. Neuman (the hero of Mad Magazine) and take his stance for life, with no real problems:  "What, me worry?"

Or, as Richard Carlson wrote, we can realize that we should not sweat the small stuff (especially the fake, madeup stuff) - and realize that "it's all small stuff".

We live, and that's groovy.  Then we die.  No big deal.  Meanwhile, in the interim, it is just a huge blessing to be human!!!!


We should totally discontinue falsely believing that

1.  Made ups are facts and are real and
2.  That they are anything other than something imagined in our minds and only existing in our

Our only rational conclusion is that we should adopt the absolute strategy to:

Kill it, stomp it out, eradicate it.!!!!

If we are not approved of or are rejected, it is not the end of the world, or even a blip on the radar screen of life.  In fact, it is nothing.  It has no affect on our survival (unless we are total screwups and degenerates).  [See Notice: Nothing Actually Happened! - One Of The Greatest Philosophical Insights.]

If we "fail" it means nothing.  If we screw up, it means nothing.  We simply fail or screwup as part of the human process, simply due to not yet having sufficient knowing.

If we are "stupid" in something, we are simply "stupid" in that something.  It doesn't mean anything.  It does indicate that it would be helpful to learn what is needed to do that something correctly in order to get the desired result.

Our only criteria for any "doing" of ours is "does it work or not", and if it doesn't then we learn what does work and then we do that. 

There is no "condition" of permanence called being a "failure."  That is a really stupid, inappropriate, inaccurate label coming from high ignorance and lack of thinking with the higher brain!  [I say that lovingly.]

All made ups are only madeups and we need to stop being so utterly stupid to believe that they are facts or physical realities.  There are no "entities" outside the physical world that actually exist.  They are made up.  (There is no inner child, ego, self-saboteur, internal critic - all of those are made up, to explain the sets of erroneous beliefs that we continue to hold as being real and true, as in The Believing Brain.)

And, within reason, if another human being that is similar to us has been able to do something, we can also do that something - we need only learn what they did to a level of "sufficient knowing" and then do it.   Even severely handicapped people can live good lives - it has been proven many, many times, from Helen Keller to Nick Vujicic ("no arms, no legs, no limits") to W. Mitchell (who said "before my being 'disabled' I could do 10,000 things, now I can do 9,000 things.  Not too bad" - a bad paraphrasing, but that's the idea).   See Bad Pasts, Good Lives for those who have been handicapped, whether physically, emotionally, or through "bad" learning - the past is only the past - and the future is, indeed, a choice. 

The world is our oyster. 

We have the greatest computer and machine ever - and we can use it to tap into virtually unlimited joys and experiences.  (The rest is all bullbleep.)

So, now let's go make up some really good stuff and fully live life!

(Following the guidance and content of this site, of course!)


A list of really, really stupid, non-thinking conclusions/beliefs, few among many:

Those who think differently than us or believe differently from us are evil, bad, etc.

Our side is the only right side.

I am right (as if it were some permanent condition or judgment of others being wrong)

Businessmen or the rich are greedy, harming, evil, bad or some part of that inanity.

Politicians are idiots.  Crooks.  On the take.

"Service people are unmotivated by good goals and aren't tough enough" (perception by high achievers, as shown in the DISC business training process)

"High achievers are a bunch of dominators and are rude and unfeeling" (perception by the service people)

[After the thinking/discovery process:  "Oh, I understand that we all are motivated by different things - and together we can create more and virtually do anything.  Let's just appreciate each other."]

I'm a failure (I'm in a given permanent condition)

I'm "bad" (in a given permanent condition, which does actually exist anywhere in the real world)
[Wisdom:  Yes, God hates sin, but he loves sinners...recognizing sin only as an action in the moment, from lack of being saved from one's ignorance.]

I must be approved of.  I need love. 

It's unfair.  [A concept that doesn't exist in reality, but is used as "I should get more and they should get less," usually, as if it were some truth, fixed in the ether of the supreme judge....]

Right Thinking - The Master Skill - Thinking things through to fact-based, logical conclusions.

Plus lots of imbedded links are in this piece - virtually amounting to a small book.