Fear, or pain, need not cause suffering, if we don't shoot the second darts into ourselves.  "Second darts" are the mental fabrications related to unreal fears. 
See, below, why zebras don't get "ulcers" but why we do.


Repeatedly experience fear/worry/anxiety/rushing

Body hypes you up to handle the threat.

Adrenaline skyrockets, blood is cut off from long term repairs, digestion, and non-essential parts for short term protection.

Your glucose levels shoot up and your blood is hyped into faster flow via increasing the blood pressure. 

And then you don't recover properly...

And then you keep repeating it over and over, needlessly (as there is no tiger to fight).

The constant activating of the blood pressure causes blood to move forcefully, banging against the walls and causing little tears and bumps for fats/cholesterol to catch onto (blocking the arteries).

And then you add insults to the body in what you eat, seeking relief through certain very harmful foods, causing more malfunctions as the emergencies are being responded to...

The body diverts constantly to the threat handlingshutting down long term repairs, the immune system declines, cancer and disease happen. (90% self-caused)

Blood sugar spikes from what we eat and from each emergency reaction (but is not burnt off quickly in physical activity) and glucocorticoids spike - and things start to get caught on and build up on those little tears and bumps.

The blood vessels get clogged up and less flexible and more build up is caused.

And then you suffer more and die sooner.

Much sooner than normal.  With more suffering than normal along the way.  Not feeling as good as you might otherwise, experiencing lower energy and lower moods and more addictions that feed the beast. Or we develop cancer because our body was not allowed to be in its normal high repair mode - and cancer is not at all rare from this...

And if you do this so much that your sugar and insulin metabolism go out of whack, further damage occurs and the body stops doing the proper repairs.  And parts of your body start to die or malfunction - and eventually some extremities must be removed.

That's all.  You can choose to ignore or minimize this and to just keep doing what you're doing and don't think about it.  Just watch TV and get by and you'll feel no pain, perhaps some regret or no energy, but you'll get used to it so you don't notice it much because it is all part of "normal." (Except you absolutely will, over time, needlessly suffer greatly and the pain will come back to haunt you.)

There is a different kind of fear, one that we don't actually have to suffer from.  It is not in the "thinking about" but only in the activating response to actual danger.  The Zebra, after being chased by the lion, calmly resumes eating grass (see the 3 minute video in the left sidebar).  

About this time, hopefully, you'll run across and read Where Are You Being Intentionally Stupid?  

Maybe you'll be one of the few people who actually does something that causes recovery.  And definitely not one of the 90% of those heart attack victims who don't follow doctor's orders.  

Hopefully, you'll see the connection and decide whether you value life (and happiness while you have life).  And if you do decide that you value life and feeling good, you will act and do the right things to insure that you will feel alive (and be alive!), feel vital, have a sense of well-being, and an ability to think and respond clearly and well to life and to those whom you are about.  

Will you?

If not, read no further and do nothing further, and accept your fate (or deny it).  It's up to you.   


Remember, and learn completely enough so you act on it, that you will not feel deprived from doing what works for you.  There is a false illusion in most "comfort" strategies, such as discussed in Oprah, Please!  Take Care Of Yourself!  Please don't be stupid about this.  Learn this until you are wise in that regard.
Start by reading and then orienting your life to follow the key checklists in Checklists For Running Your Life, specifically now: 

My Physical Well-Being Checklist (and the included sub-checklists) 

Healthy Living Master Checklist  

Although you could get by without it, perhaps, it would be good to purchase the DVD in the box to the upper left, so that you can really fully see what is going on AND the impact of all that.  Having this be vividly imprinted into your brain will be priceless!

My piece on Blood Sugar Stability - Without It, Functioning Can Be Difficult.  

Until we finish this writeup, watch:

Effects Of High Blood Pressure On Your Body  (3:01) - Are you willing to accept those consequences? Coronary 
    12 Ways To Lower Blood Pressure Naturally - Stop smoking, exercise (moderate walking 
       every day, you'll feel better, too), find out if you're salt sensitive, potassium balance
       (bananas, spinach, use potassium salt, etc.), bad minerals...(hair mineral analysis),
      get weight to ideal (reduce heart overworking and low energy), avoid refined carbs 
      and sugar (diabetes kills, regular unrefined carbs are fine), minimze alcohol, avoid 
      caffeine, eat fresh and healthy (see Dash Diet), get enough sleep!! (or you won't be 
      restored, not awake feeling refreshed), manage your stress (relax, breathe, etc.).
      (Learn more at lowerbloodpressuredrugfree.com.  Watch the videos, see the clinical 
      proof articles.)

How Does Insulin Work In The Body? - Energy wasted, Diabetes I and II.  Link to Get Blood Sugar Control You Tube Channel - click "subscribe" (after joining for free).        

     Follow these videos on diabetes in clearlyhealth.com.   Some people deny that they'll 
        have these effects, but they do, sooner or later - and too soon!  Complications - 
        Heart, eyes, non-repair in body, kidney damage, toxins build up in body, nerve 
        damage.  Watch the other videos. 

Introductory page for the stress section:  

Stress - Its Causes And Its Management  

A Great Course

I am inspired by the excellence, clarity and completeness of Sapolsky's Stress And Your Body, one of The Great Courses, at The Teaching Company.  At 70% off  as a CD at $49.95, but I ordered the more impactful DVD for $69.95.  His book is a potential buy, which is rather detailed: Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers.

Free videos

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers, Sapolsky (2:56) 

The above video will carry you to YouTube, where you can click on his other videos to go as deep as is useful for you.

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