Stupid:  Marked by a lack of intelligence or care.

Intentionally stupid:  Making the choice to not use one's intelligence or care.

This may seem like a stupid thing to say, especially as it has applied to me in some areas for a very long time - so I've made some very bad choices to remain stupid.

But the logic is pretty simple, though many do not follow it...


If a bad result occurs and we fail to investigate why and then to correct it, we are "being stupid".  (I'm not doing a "make wrong" here.  I'm just trying to say what has been chosen.)  

We are doing the opposite of what a Life Champion does.  A life champion, like a sports champion, seeks and pays attention to frequent feedback, learns what will work better, and then adjusts to what works - and then he installs it so he reaps the better results. 

How stupid is it to not do that?  It's analogous to the allegory of the person who walks down the street and falls into a hole - and then either chooses to repeat it or...  See The Allegory Of Change, and...Of Life, Of Responsibility, And Of Achieving Happiness


Wherever you are not getting your desired result and you are not correcting what you are doing in order to get a desired result.

Often you are allowing yourself to continue to get the bad result by irrationally rationalizing it.

"Oh, it's normal."

"Can't be perfect."

"But it's human nature."

Well, that's a bunch of, to put it bluntly, bullbleep!!!

It's simple:  

1.  Notice the bad result.
2.  Decide if you want to allow the bad result to repeat (and/or if it is worth the effort to correct).
3. Learn what is necessary to know what to correct it to.
4.  Correct it.
   a.  Identify what is the right thing to do.
   b.  Do it (install it so the action is actually taken when needed).

Don't forget 4b!!!!!  Otherwise, you will be an ineffectual but knowledgeable person, which is the equivalent of an ineffectual stupid person in terms of results.


Because I want to get your attention about your intentionally choosing to not corect what you are doing and thereby, in total perspective, choosing to continually get the same bad results!

Remember (duh!) if you're not getting the results you desire, you are continuing undesirable actions.  

The measure, therefore, of whether you should correct your actions is:  your results!  Which of these do you need to stop being intentionally stupid in?

__ Weight unhealthy
__ Blood pressure not healthy (anything above "healthy" measure; results: suffer, die early, not function as well, etc. and etc.   Huge effects, but hugely ignored.)
__ Blood sugar metabolism not honored (violated hugely)
__ Stress and tension felt more than rarely
__ Not being successful in life (being successful financially and having health or other areas suffer is "not being successful"!)
__ Not learning how the body and mind works and how to manage them (anything less than substantial mastery is stupid, as we are wasting energy and not getting the results we could get!)
__ Not measuring how your life is going and identifying what to correct:  See The Overall Life Test.
__ Not haviing a carefully, well-thought out plan necessary to implement the new wisdoms.


Definition of ignorant:

1.  Lacking education or knowledge [in important areas]
2.  Unaware or uninformed

Decide where you are being intentionally ignorant and intentionally stupid and where you need to apply your higher brain more. take the:

        Overall Life Test.

And then, of course, do as the Life Champion does.  (Do not go back to the couch to watch TV or go to your high executive job to work without addressing this, the most important thing in life!


[Note that a great deal of the failure here is not only do to lack of learning but also to a lack of "correct implementation" in a way that works with human nature.  Human nature is, indeed, something to be aware of, but it should never, never, never be used as an excuse!  This is discussed in a number of pieces in Habits, Willpower, Discipline, Self-Control Contents/Links.]

Patients after a heart attack or cancer occurrence:  At least with the heart attack victims, there is about a 75 to 90% non-compliance rate, as if they are too busy to save their own lives from the death sentence of not implementing good health practices. 

People who feel stress and continue to allow it.

Being obese and giving in to it, accepting an early death/suffering.

A person who is overweight and diabetic who doesn't realize the heart and life consequences and who does noting about it.  And who staves off any discussion of it.  (Cheating him/herself plus all those who care about and want to be with him/her.)

A person who does not feel happy and who doesn't seek and implement a happiness program and correction of the false beliefs that cause suffering.

Parents who let their children eat bad stuff and develop obesity, diabetes, and bad habits for life:  Article: Honey, Are We Killing The Kids?; Book review:  We're Killing Our KidsStop Killing Your Children project.