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A future book is being written, which will have links to specific pieces but will tie together all the logic, truths, principles, and what works, together with sections on implementation - all done from one book which links to whatever part of life you want to go into more detail on.

Contents Summary Only
Detailed Contents (with links to each of the pieces)

Central thesis of this book

You can build a life where you control the results, where there is much certainty, and where your life is definitely determinable without wondering if it will turn out well.  That life is a non-contingent life, that you can totally make great!   If you do it this way, the core of yourself and of your life is guaranteed to produce life effectivness and deep, lasting happiness.  

We are not finished with Level 1 until you can authentically say "I love life", and until almost all your days are virtually stress-free (with a zero tolerance policy for stress and anxiety).  Why would anyone choose to stop short of that???!!!

Note that this is actually the equivalent of several books, tied together.  Yes, it will take some time, but there are huge payoffs as we go!



INTRODUCTION - How it all ties together

WHO I AM - Without knowing this, you waste lots of energy and much of your life defending or protecting what needs no protecting!

WHAT I WANT IN LIFE - No clarity = poor results.  See what a very successful person does in life.

BARRIERS REMOVED FIRST - Makes life easier, hard to live well with them still there.  No criticism, no pain/punishment for motivation, no insufficiency to be concerned about...

SOLID FOUNDATION BUILDING - Without a firm foundation, it is hard to build a life that works.  
    Building certainty, life sufficiency, and self-sufficiency

HOW THE BODY/MIND WORKS - You need to learn how to operate it - and then implement!

     Remove all criticism in this way and any ways that distract and detract. 

DO THE DOABLE MECHANICALS - Reliable ways to control and get what you want without any magic  

"THE BUILD" - Adding things you control and determine so that you have a solid "life" house.

THE DESIGN - Without specifications (specifics) what is built won't be what you want
     THE LIFE PLAN - Puts it all together, so that you can live it "by the directions"
           THE SUPER-SUPPORT SYSTEM that boosts you forward more solidly and quickly  

APPENDICES - Instructions, websites recommended, books, videos
      WHAT TO DO WHEN.....  an emotion/mood, problem, etc. comes up, do this...


INTRODUCTION, overview - Remove the barriers: Fault, unrealistic expectations, unreal threats.  Establish a solid foundation for your life of fearlessness and appreciation.  
Adjust to life as a "life champion", learning.  The positives portfolio, playing the winnable games and not the unwinnables.
Building a "non-contingent", no worry life - and accumulating deep, enduring happiness. 
     Bonus after bonus in life, just playing a game (with most of it).  
     The zero tolerance policy - Of problems, bad strategies (but with no criticism), 
You can't get to success without these mandatory items
     Highly recommended in life:  Engaging The Higher Brain  
     Where Are You Being Intentionally Stupid?  
     Effective Learning - To Create The Life You Love:  Do the overview to tie it all together, then focus to "sufficient" implementation (don't scatter attention, no randomness!), then it is polishing and adding.  Later, we'll add "accelerated learning" that will serve you well for having a better life for a lifetime.
     Commitment Or No Commitment - Choose - There is no "partial".

WHERE I AM - We'll do more later, but we need to establish a starting point right now.

Overall Life Test 
Barksdale Self-Esteem Evaluation - Actually a "straight thinking" assessment for happiness.
Barksdale Personal Stress Evaluation - Optional, but I recommend it for the insights and telling the truth of how your life really is going.

THE PROCESS:  STAIRSTEPS OF EFFECTIVENESS AND LOVING LIFE - It's a "stair step" process, not an instant leap - and it is doable by everyone.   

WHO 'I' AM - Be clear, as it has psychological implications - And what the "constructed you add-on" is - Stop fearing or defending that which is not actually you or anything that is of value to you.  (This is also part of the "creating sufficient certainty" process.)

What is "Of Value" to you?  (Values Listing Form)

    What produces happiness value?  Know what doesn't and know what produces the 

The Positives Portfolio - Set this up, do initial version.  Part of the "YOU Plus" and part of "the foundation". 

WHAT I WANT IN LIFE - Dreams, purpose, "want" goals.  Attaining what you value.  No clarity = no results.

How Much Is Enough?  You can't live a good life if you don't really answer this question with wisdom.  The opposite of happiness is "what's missing"; the solution to that problem lies in seeing what there is, for sure. 

What actually produces happiness and what doesn't - Your wants "might" be adjusted to these realities.  

     Avoiding "conditional", "tenuous" "out of one's control" self-esteem.  Don't live contingent on something outside of one's control!   (Outcome Independency - Living A Life Not Consumed By Contingent Happiness Or Fear Of Outcomes - And Dramatically Reducing Life Stress)
     Letting go of trying to control what is not controllable:  Control - Its Proper Use: Stop The 
        Waste, Increase One's Power.  Resign from being in charge of the universe...

Determine The End Objectives Of Who You'll Be And Of Your Life - Some possible criteria and objectives that will have you be happier and be equipped to have a better life; part of the grand design.  The Powerful Person and Having Power In Life, Truly Getting What You want Out Of Life

BARRIERS - Eliminating the barriers, first! - The key ones, "round one" - No criticism, no "made-up" fears, feeling of a solid foundation.  You can't live a good life with the barriers still in place.

No Fault, No Blame. No Criticism, No Make Wrong - Forever.  Frees up a huge, huge amount of energy and time  
      Installing Self-compassionself-care, and 

Learning how to tell what is real!  It is necessary to learn this in order to stop being a fool and to stop being fooled and to stop fighting the unreal "ghosts".  Ridding oneself of all illusory fears.  Virtually fearless.  The role of confidence in self.

Living the "What I Have, For Sure" reality, for 99+% no worry, freedom from outcome dependence (and the actual answer to non-attachment) What I Have, For Sure, Versus Losses - My Mountain Of Haves 
     There is no spirit of adventure or willingness to risk if we are not having a sense of being "filled up" along with a seeing/feeling of core certainty and safety, plus we need to assure the space/time in which to fully enjoy being in the adventure.  
      Understand how many of our beliefs are false, or only partly true...stop endlessly pursuing goals that we believe wil prove that we are winners.  (Loehr)

Falling short versus "growing", proving versus developing, not enough vs. enough - Being clear on this frees up lots of energy and creates more certainty to build the firm foundation for a very happy life.

A SOLID FOUNDATION - Establish and build a "non-contingent" life - A deep-rock solid foundation to build on, adding what you are totally in control of, not depending on dependency of outcome or other people.  Building on sand is trepidatious.  My Philosophy Of Life Notebook - Table Of Contents - see this and define, very clearly, your own philosophy!

The Core Of Your Life - Just Maintain This And Your Circumstances Will Not Matter! 

Certainty   Establish "sufficient psychological certainty as a firm base - Definite deciding, deliberate creation, solidly determined, including "safety"
     Contented, Not Concerned In The Moment...
     Deliberate creation of "knowing" - Versus random, piecemeal, indeterminate "just 
Life sufficiency - Always "enough":  What I have for sure; gratitude and appreciation  
Self-sufficiency - The ability to produce all you need unto yourself, without depending on outside sources!  
     The ability to create with certainty that which is "enough."

HOW THE BODY/MIND SYSTEMS WORK - You cannot do well in life without knowing how to "drive" your vehicles and basic equipment!  (Energy creating machines, nothing to fix).  Zero tolerance for inadequate knowledge (too dangerous), must be at least Level I. 

Key distinction:  The mind is strictly mechanical, with no mysterious forces nor will or intent.  If one "groks" this, it will change one's beliefs system, lessen fears, and create much more workability!

Living Style - Creating what works to support you for the highest energy, thinking better, and living better.  Do these as a must, an absolute must, for living a better life, by far!

REMOVE THE TIME/ENERGY MISUSERS - Remove all that does not lead you to what you want

Free Up A Huge Amount Of Time/Energy - Remove all that isn't "David", insert all that is - As with Michelangelo, chip away all that isn't David:          . Insert, next, the way to be and to live that will work the best in your life - try these!   

     Remove!:  Unproductive, inappropriate attempts at control - from hostility to 
         someone who "doesn't do well for you", through using punishment to killing 
         spirits, even your own... 
     Remove!:  Fault, Blame, Right/Wrong, Good/Bad, Criticism, Anger, Punishment Syndrome 

Insert what is "David" - The Great Life LessonsLiving Life As It Should Be Lived; post these as a guide, a "toward" mechanism.  

But, how do I do all of these? - Identify elephants, starting eating one bite at a time...follow the steps recommended as we go.

DO THE DOABLE MECHANICALS!  -  Not the magical, mystical, giant leaps - Guaranteed life success using non-contingent gainers. 

You must honor "the balance" your body and mind needs:  Homeostasis (High Functioning Balance) - Absolutely Essential To Living A Great Life!!!

The Pause - Central to making life work and for being powerful in life.  Do not live life without this practice.  Tremendous effect on stress and accordingly on your body.

The Care Of Your Frontal Lobes - The Key To What Creates A Happy Life.

DOING "THE BUILD", ADDING TO THE CORE, CREATING MORE THAN ENOUGH - Building the walls, the roof, and a great place to live.  Not living a life where there is any worry, a truly solid building of happiness, both in the present and deep, lasting happiness underlying all of life.

Responsibility and power - Can build only on a solid "I am responsible", giving up all dependency
True life skills - Sufficient knowledge and system to make excellent life decisions:  Authentic Learning, Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-makingLearn these and other things come into place
Master Frog Eater + Master Life Learner = Guaranteed Happy Life - Versus the myths related to willpower, discipline, self-control - Do these practical steps!   Don't do it the hard way!  And know it is absolutely necessary if your are to direct your life and have it be the way you want.  (The good fairy is not operational here.)

Habits as the source of "cumulative behavior" - And ease and excellence and non-stress and happiness!
Practices to build ourselves  
Playing no unwinnable games  


THE MASTER LIFEPLAN - PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER - You'll get a huge amount more out of life if you do this!!! Your choice!  (No life plan --> progress is cut 80+% and life is only a fraction of what it could be, in terms of what matters:  happiness!)   Purpose, a clear stand

Living the 80/20 Life   
The "Life Champion Schedule", as an example of how you might implement all this into your life.
    (My Day - To Be A Healthy, Happy Person)

Setting up the super-support system - Without it life is alot more work and not nearly as good!
Setting up the super-support system: Part I:  The mechanical system
Setting up the super-support system: Part     People
Setting up the super-support system: Part     Environment - Manipulate this for exposure to who and what elevates and supports you.
Setting up the super-support system: Part      Resources - Selecting and using the best


How best to use this book - Also read Effective Learning To Create The Life You Love.
The Websites to use 
The books to read by area 
The videos to watch 
What to do when...  an emotion/mood, problem, etc. comes up, do this.
Checklists For Running Your Life - Used for reminders, checkups, what to do, etc.  


The Quickest Life Improvers - Follow the sequence to the next biggest payoffs - and get ahead of the game.
Accelerated Learning - The road to huge competency in life.  

Kahuna Keith

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Life's Greatest Lessons  

This is essential learning. 


Books, Booklets, Special Summaries Created From This Site's Materials And Resources 

Learning, Implementation Programs And Plans - Contents/Links - Master directory and links 

Follow this exact sequence to being fully operationally producing happiness at Level I:  

Read and finish The Life Book

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