This is what is very attainable for us all.  Of course, it would be necessary to put in the proper learning efforts and installation of the best ways of living life.  Note that the order of this is designed to give the necessary overviews first, and thus we will drill down later into each of the areas to the degree that we need to to implement life successfully.

Happy no matter what - Not dependent on outcomes, situations, people (Good Life No Matter What)

Living Life As A Life Champion - Noticing what doesn't work and correcting the procedure and belief

     Using the pause/notice (the Time Out Tool), regulating body and mind stress to maintain
     Knowing how my brain works and how to manage it.
     Knowing how my body works and how to manage it.
     Learning and implementing the critical thinking skills:  Reasoning, fact finding, and clear
          decisionmaking process (= more good decisions and a problem solving process)
     Learning and implementing the learning skills.
     Coping strategies set up for when "correction" is needed (failure is seen as a lack of proper
          strategy, not as a fault in oneself)

Accepts reality - And mistakes, undesired outcomes and anything that happens - and then choose what to do next to go in the desired direction.

     No criticism/judgment of self or others.  (Has learned "no fault, no blame")  Vital, a must.
     Appreciate/See the abundance of what is; no focus on what isn't, as it is all acceptable

Use only clean, true, positive languaging and is impeccable with his word(!!!).

Completely self-sufficient, not dependent, but wisely interdependent. 

     Immune to the opinions of others - Not wasting any energy on this, at all.   

A very defined, clear philosophy of life.

     Living life by what I set up as my standards, rules, and values
     Beliefs refined to what is workable and true.  Has re-examined and addressed the key beliefs.

Living what works for happiness

     Knows what works for happiness and what doesn't
     Establishes a foundation of "how much is enough" - and has the rest be bonuses - secure in
     Builds based on "doing" values, and correspondingly experiencing "accumulated value", not
         based on "conditions" (wealth, approval, achievement) 
           No emergencies or "not being far enough" or "not good enough"    
     Kindness viewpoint to others and to self (includes compassion for fellow man, as in Buddhism)

Lives the 80/20 Life, with enough perspective time to be able to choose "highest impact"

     Skillful time management - Without which you will never have enough time to do what works
           in life 
           Living by a plan
           Daily planning/decisions, specific pre-planned alternative schedules
           Organized (spends enough time to assure it)
           Many "days off", rejuvenation time

Energy and physical resource management



This model does suggest that we need to develop the life skills but there is also a key viewpoint that is necessary to make it all work:  the no-criticism, no-fault, no-blame understanding - you cannot be happy without learning and fully understanding this as a basic for how you live your life!!!!  This viewpoint leads to many of the individual items above that would not exist fully without this wisdom.

Knowing you have a firm foundation for your life is absolutely essential - so you can have high certainty about your life and yourself plus a "this is more than enough" understanding - and that everything above that is just a bonus.  With this, you'll eliminate 99% of what we make ourselves unhappy about.  

Part of that sound base is knowing that you are no longer dependent and that you are self-sufficient, so you're not being buffeted about by what other people do or don't do.  You cannot be happy living a life involving the latter.

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