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Contrasting disempowering with empowering
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How do I learn more of powerful languaging?
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You are speaking to yourself.  Respect yourself by honoring that reality.

                                                 The BuddhaKahuna

"The first agreement: Be impeccable with your word.  The first agreement is the most important one and also the most difficult one to honor.  It is so important that with just this first agreement you will be able to transcend to the level of existence I call heaven on earth."      

                                                 Don Miguel Ruiz, "The Four Agreements"


All living things are mechanical (bioelectricalmechanical).  All of what we do, say, think goes into the mechanical computer.  There are no mysterious entities therein.  It is simple.  If we put in anything negative and if we do it repeatedly, the mechanical (non-thinking) primitive brain records and repeats it back when stimulated by some loose "association".   You cannot escape this mechanical reality.  If you want to be happy, then you must do and say only (as much as you can) that which you want to be recorded and repeated - for that is what comprises your life and the quality of the experience.  Simple.  

It is not a moral issue I am speaking of here.  It is a practical issue.  What you spend time thinking about is your experience of life.  If you use words (you have to think in order to say words) as weapons (anger, make wrong, etc.), those will groove more and more deepy into your neuronal networks, to be repeated over and over, even on yourself.   

Even what may seem trivial can make a huge difference.  If you open your mind and do critical thinking about this, you'll conclude that even that saying this will make a difference:  "I'm wrong."  But it is not "the truth" that you are wrong, but it might be true that "I made a mistake" or "what I said was in error" - but never speak it as a description of how you are as a human being.  (I am wrong is a total statement about "I".  Now I warned you that this may seem trivial, but it is not.  

See Ruiz's quote about how important this is.  I agree, for the contents of your mind (from what you say and think and read) is what produces your experience of life, and thus your happiness.  Think about it.

I guarantee that if you get really, really good at this, that you will be powerful and happy!   (Power = the ability to cause what you really want that is of value)   

If you are careful to 'check things out' and to try your best to say only that which is true, then you will avoid inputting into your brain that which is not true.  And I guarantee you will have a happier life if you operate your life based on what is true.  Most people however let themselves repeat the internal conversation that goes on right before they have bad feelings.  They fail to notice that it was cause and effect and that the effect was undesirable and therefore the belief that precedes the effect is untrue.  

[A belief is a rote statement that says "if this, then this".  An example:  "If I do this, then I'll get what I want."  But if one does not get what one wants, then it is a signal that the belief behind it is almost certainly untrut - since it didn't get you the feeling you wanted!  (Duh!)  So, you can use the signal that we would call "feeling bad" as a very reliable indicator that a belief is wrong.  And, of course, it is important that we clean up all 'crappola' from our brain, because otherwise we will be operating full of that, as it accumulates and festers...]


This is a mechanical, doable learning project.  That means it is not a mysterious process or an uncertain one.  It is composed of simply doable steps.  And, yes, as in any learning project, you must practice it, get feedback, do the necessary correction ("upgrade"), and don't stop until you've mastered 80+% of this!


Being impeccable with your word means you tell the truth with it.  You don't let yourself slip into slovenliness with your words, for that leads to pain.  You never say "he made me angry" or attribute anything "out there" with the power to make you do or feel anything.  You have the power.  "When x happened, I made myself angry" leads into being responsible yourself, rather than someone or something "out there" being responsible (causative).  It naturally leads into full recognition of the rest of the truth:  "I engaged some beliefs that generated feelings of fear and then I chose an inappropriate way of dealing with those fears. I now choose to deal differently."   What will happen in the other frame of "the cause is out there"?  I think you can see that nothing will happen (except that you may become more passive, waiting for a cause "out there" to change your life in some way, short term or long term).  

But imagine the person who lives his life in the impeccability commitment.  What do you think his life would be like?

Do you think he would allow himself to choose words that cause negative feelings?

Another part of this is to never speak against yourself or others (not allowing gossip either).   Use the power of your word always "in the direction of truth and love."   Express clearly what you want.


You choose your emotions by choosing the thoughts or beliefs that cause them.  Thoughts and beliefs are composed of words.  You use words to communicate to others and to yourself.  And even one word can set off a series of thoughts, memories, associations, and beliefs.  Therefore, you choose your emotions by your choice of words.  Being sloppy with your choice of words is confusing and self harming.  You will do yourself an immense service if you, instead, choose your words precisely.  The rule that works, believe you me, is:  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Sounds trite, but if you do it, your world will be a better place....


After you've read the message, I invite you to take the challenge!


Language has power.  Your words mean something.  Honoring their power is vital to living a good life.  The saying that one often hears at the higher levels is "your word is your power in the world, your word can be the law in your world."  

Indeed, those who are most powerful have their words come true, from the full intention and the integrity behind their word.  Note that it is powerfully honoring one's word that is the dominant practice of those who are powerful.

This may seem to be trite or not very impactful, but without it you have very little power and without it, you are often taking away your own power.  

Read another way of creating positively effective languaging, that should also be practiced, for sure:                                It discusses the misuse of words and the unseen but huge effect on oneself and others, plus how to cut off negative self-talk and a simple procedure for what to insert.


Imagine the difference in effect between saying the following:

Disempowering languaging:  I can’t, I’m not good enough, maybe, I don’t know, you made me feel this way, I have to, no, reasons why not, that’s not cool, silly, I hate, stupid people, I'm powerless…

Empowering languaging:  I choose to, incredibly great, yes, possibilities, I am a stand for, I make no excuses, the buck stops here, I fully acknowledge that, I am the creator of all…


An example of empowering languaging from the website www.eagoal.com

“Dedicated to enhancing the competitiveness of American manufacturing.”
“…to free their time up to make life an exceptional experience for themselves and everyone in their energy orbit.”
“They love…”
“A significant and wonderful portion of their lives revolve around their two amazing children…both great spirits who are unstoppable, smart, caring, beautiful, tough and radiate with that ‘something special’.”
“Always in awe of the unlimited possibilities inherent in the powerful minds of properly guided children…”… “[his] next BHAG [big hairy --- goals] will be to form a company to teach children to understand and love the principles of…”
“Releasing your brilliance…a special, distinctive quality, a vibrant energy that attracts others.  You feel a buzz – alive and connected.  You’re free to be authentically you and to rediscover your incredible value and worth.” 
(This is language about the book "Releasing Your Billiance", by Simon T. Bailey.)


Some people might say “this sounds ridiculous” or this is coming from some “syrupy, fruity, unrealistic thinking” person.  But is it really?  


The mind is energized by positive words, and very energized by inspiring words.  The resigned or cynical person who is “against” this type of thing or “down” on it is simply expressing and solidifying the thinking underlying resignation and cynicism.  They are more interested in being right than in having a great positive life for themselves and those whom they care about.


The choice is clear.  Suck energy out of people with negatives or put in pluses of positive energy.  (Of course, you could be somewhere in between, not quite so positive – but if there is a choice, why not choose the highest one.

An example:

Try this one on for size, from a beginning seeker of growth:  “I can’t make it on that call.  I need to be at a meeting and I can’t reschedule it for Thursday night as I simply haven’t spent enough time with the kids, so this time is more valuable than talking with you guys, though I do want to, but I can’t…”  

Yes, valuing time with the kids is very positive, but note the tenor of the conversation.  It is one of “no possibility”, of “limited time”, of “I can’t”.  Imagine how much more powerful it would be for him to say something like:

“I really see the value of working with other people and uplifting my thinking.  Let’s see if we can find a way that we can create some time to make this happen…”

Another example

“People just don’t come through.  The stupid ---es.”  “Why can’t people be more considerate.”  “What’s wrong with you.  Straighten up and fly right!”  “People should be more conscientious.” (i.e people aren’t…)  "I'm just this way because of the programming from my mother."  

Those words just suck energy out and fill up the space with no possibility and plenty of minuses in one’s energy space, even if somehow they might have a positive intent.


The above is blaming, make-wrong, accusatory.   An alternative would be:  “Yes, people do have limited awareness and just don’t know any better.  They’re just doing the best they can.  The ultimate solution is to increase their awareness.  But until I’m ready to do that, then I’ll move on and just bless them.”

Imagine speaking in the following terms:

“I realize I have great potential.  I just need to access it.”
“That person has a much greater potential and would do well if he were more aware.”
“I am taking a stand for…”
“I commit to creating…”
“I declare that this will happen…”
“I am the possibility of being compassionate and powerful…”


Be around powerful people and notice how they speak.  Watch Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, or others interview powerful people of all types, artistic, sports, creative, business, academics.  Write down some of their languaging and the clarity and meaning in their wording, noticing the distinctions they make that are deeper than most people make because they have spent the time learning the differences among what they observe. 

Notice also how they tend to speak in objective terms with accurate facts and to speak in terms of what is fulfilling or produces a positive result.  (Then notice how unpowerful people speak and where their conversations end up pointing to.  You can also spot people who will be creating negative results or who can be disempowering - simply notice where their conversation and words are on the "progressiveness" (aiming for good results) scale. 


You will never fail, but you will have efforts and times where you "do not succeed".   This is a given that whenever one expands into a bigger game, one does not have full knowledge yet of how things work, which means there are times when one will make "mis-takes".  Then it is vital that one simply recommits and goes back to the committed practice, developing more and more of that muscle (and strength) as one goes.


What if you chose to speak only positives (go on a negativity fast) for 24 hours and what if you chose to speak only in powerful terms that were an energy level(s) above just being positive?  


What if you chose only to speak precisely, specifically, describing things as they are with no exaggeration or distortion?  Your messages to your brain would be more healthy and you would be training your brain to be more accurate, which in turn is helpful for being progressive about things.

Though it might seem perfectionistic, it is wise to be careful to differentiate between feelings and beliefs.  One is caught in a victim trap if one says "I feel stupid", as using the word "feel" makes it seemingly indisputable as if it comes from a place that makes it permanent.  But saying "I feel very scared because I think I am stupid and that I won't be able to do well in life and that I'll be judged by others" - at least that has the power of truth and makes it something that can be dealt with better in a responsible way. 

Being imprecise is a road to obfuscating and covering up what is true, and it makes us less able to deal with what is going on.  Being precise is the practice of those who choose to be powerful. 

I'd recommend you choose to try this for at least 24 hours at the highest level and then to make it a policy to speak this way for the rest of your life.


__ I commit to a 24 hour period of only speaking positives.
__ I commit to adding extra levels of energy to the positives.
__ I commit to scheduling on my calendar at least one such day a month.
__ I commit to listening to powerful people to discern their powerful languaging and to begin to use more and more of it myself.
__ I commit to using language powerfully.

Signed: ________________________  Date: ___________


I choose to be impeccable with my word, to create my heaven on earth.

I speak powerfully and with purpose, creating a positive force extraordinaire. 

My word shall be law in my world.  I so declare this and commit to this this day and for all time.  

I have here in my life a significant and wonderful opportunity to create all of the most important things I want.

I am bigger and more powerful than undesired circumstances and discomforts that naturally come about in life.  I accept them as part of life and I move forward, paying the price where I need to, proactively reaping the benefits of my life.



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The 24 hour positives diet
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Ruiz, The Four Agreements, removing anything mystical and looking at the essence of it.
4 1/2 stars

Language And The Pursuite Of Happiness, Chalmers Brothers. 5 star rated!!!