1.  Do only this Overall Life Test, all 3 parts (below, on this page), at first.  (The others are for later, or special interest.)  You can, of course, print this page and use it for a work page.)
2.  Link, in this test, to the areas of interest by entering the italicized words into the search engine.

It is best to do an "overview" approach to learning life, at first, and then to go back and do more of the details of mastery to implement it into your life. 

However, in your implementation process, it is best to list the major things you want to work on and then put them into the priority of the impact they will have on your life. (You

This is the basic test to determine:

1.  Where you are actually are in life
2.  Where you want to go in terms of life management and
3.  What you are committed to. 

The first two tests are "overall" evaluations, so they may seem to many to be too indefinite - they do, however, provide an overview.  The actual definitive test is in the detailed checklist at the bottom, as it tells you what is in your way and where you are actually not producing the results you want in life.  Nailing things down at that level is essential to jogging one's awareness of what is missing and needs to be achieved!!!

(Copy and paste or just print these out.  Put the results in a folder that you will transfere to your LifePlan Notebook.)

Take this first one and note any chinks in your armor that may be worth repairing:


You're "doing well" and things are good.  But are you almost certainly living your life at its full potential for happiness?!?  The following may appear to be insulting or rude, but ask yourself what level you are actually living at.

So, the question to ask yourself is: (Pick one.)

IS 30%, 50%, OR 80% GOOD ENOUGH IF YOU CAN HIT 90-95+%?

     This is good enough for me:  (Pick which one)

       ___15%     ___30%      ___ 50%     ___ 65%     ___80%  ____90+%

The secret is completing each vital area such that you can rate yourself at 90+% in all of the following.  This is the path to a life of grace, ease, fulfillment, and enduring happiness.   (People who don't go "deep enough" will never Live Life As A Life Champion.)


Rate yourself and then decide to COMPLETE whatever is not completed, in order to live the life you love!!!  And to love the life you live!!!!!

(Just guess the level or go to the next level of test: Life Rating Test.)

This is percentage level that I am at compared to what is reasonably attainable:

____     Free of limiting beliefs and barriers (hesitance, fear, doubts...)
____     Free of stress and destructive emotions
____     Using systems for easing and/or running life excellently
____    Great health (live until 100 at least)
____     Great Relationships (No anger, blame; just loving and accepting)
____     Incredibly strong and clear life philosophy
____     Results that are showing up in my life are exactly what I want 
____     Enduring happiness (not short term) experienced virtually all the time 
              (See Site I, Psychology, Happiness section for clarification)    
____     TOTAL divided by 8 = ____ AVERAGE PERCENTAGE OF LIVING 
                                                      LIFE FULLY

If you want, you can space down to a more specific but short list that lays out the sure signs of the potential to gain great value from the process on this site (and the resources it points to).


If not, study Life management until you reach your goal.

If so, forget it and just go watch more tv and drink a little.


See if you have any of the "sure signs" of lack of sufficient structure to attain what you want in life and/or barriers to living the life you want.  All of these are unacceptable - and, if anyone is accepting them, then that person is excusing this with an untrue story of some sort (and living a life of The Gradually Boiling Frog).  Mark the area if you ever feel bad or feel it is a problem, even if not all the time.
Be honest, answer whatever is even partially in existence.  [You may wish to use a "rating" so that you can compare where you are with future ratings.  1 = terrible, 10 = accomplished, excellent, mastered, 4 = unsatisfactory, 6 = barely ok, 8 = good.  It is useful to put down where you would like to be at.  Example:  6/8.]

Physical (These are observable and undeniable signs of doing something that causes a bad effect.)

___ Overweight (BMI of 25 or above)
___ Health measures worst than normal (blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc.)
___ Using any substance at all to alleviate stress (food, alcohol, smoking, drugs of
      any sort)
___ Using any substance to adjust body down to (or up to) appropriate level
___ Any part of body that is functioning at a lower level than is healthy
___ Lack of sufficient sleep (inability to regulate time or emotions or body)

Work, Career, Avocation

___ Unfulfilling work 
___ Inability to make enough money (underachievement, unable to produce value)

Relationships, Interrelating

___ Lack of intimate relationship knowledge
___ Conflict (other than minor, disappearing disagreement)
___ Others react to you differently than you would like

Emotional, Behavioral, Stress Management

___ Engaging in unproductive or harmful "relief" strategies (TV, computer, food,
       excess of anything, especially distractions and valueless activities)
___ A temper, impatience, irritability, anger
___ Worry, anxiety, tensing, etc., that is more than quickly passing
___ Stress, anything beyond passing minor (natural state is to experience no stress
      most of the time)
___ Knowledge of (and execution of) what makes me happy (Happiness Creators)
___ Tension in body, stiff muscles, joint pain, or any out of balance indication
___ Lack of truly rejuvenating time and/or any feeling of being rushed
___ Not feeling good about life and/or about oneself
___ Any habits that are destructively stress-relieving (tv, internet browsing, "soft
      addictions", etc.)
___ Lack of complete self-confidence
___ Lack of complete self-esteem (worthiness, etc.)
___ Lack of good self-control
___ Complaining, resenting
___ Faulting, blaming, being critical of self or others (a huge one to correct!)
___ Self-control problems, difficulty doing what is needed, poor self-discipline
___ Dependent

Effectiveness, Life Management

___ Lack of results in any key area of life (income, assets, physical endurance...)
___ Areas of your life left incomplete or in disarray (these are indicators of
     something else awry) 
___ Not having clear plans for the future (= wandering around, getting nowhere)
___ Not sufficient competence in core skills (learning thinking, problem solving)


A very possible reaction might be "Wow!  There's alot!  There's too much to do."

Imagine if you were aware enough at age 1 to look forward to see all you had to learn in life.  But notice that somehow there has been enough time.  And there is more than enough time.

It is best to approach this in the same way you'd go about eating an elephant: one bite at a time - and pretty soon you've finished it.

But one interesting guaranteed effect is that life will start getting better early on in the process, far before you're finished!   And then it will begin compounding to geometrically benefit you - and you'll life a life that is beyond what you'd imagined. 

And one totally within your control!

So, it is vital for you to know that your "not knowing" is not a fault.  (That is discussed below.)


People will often fault themselves or call these character weaknesses, but that is just fallacious thinking (that needs to be corrected, too!).  The point here is to figure out what to focus on, prioritizing what to do to get the best impacts (as in Living The 80/20 Life). 

All areas in life (in which we experience not doing what we think we should do) are simply a result not of character weakness or "faults" but of

1.  Insufficient knowledge (it is essential that you understand the concept underlying
     this, as it eliminates painful criticizing and blaming of yourself)
2.  Conflicting needs where one overrides "what you want", but you don't know
     what to do or often what the "other side" is about.
3.  Lack of a good strategy (we just need workable strategies!)

It will seem that there is alot to work on, but working on them would still be worth it - as each has a benefit far greater than the time and effort cost!  And you'll start receiving some of the benefits simply in the process of learning and working on something.

A big benefit is received from the fact that improving in one area automaticlly elevates other areas of one's life.  This has been proven over and over and over.

And you'll find that as one area begins to free up, the others do also - the effect is both cumulative and multiplicative. 

And you must go deeply enough to actually complete what is needed - or you'll waste alot of energy repeating the same symptoms of the problems or fighting barriers that you could have disappeared!


Tickle on your calendar when you first start to do an evaluation/rating every month until you see that you've arrived at a satisfactory level.  Then tickle on your calendar to reassess annually.  (Do this now or you'll forget.  It is your first step in the process of becoming successful at life.)

From here, you'll be "closing the gaps", using The Paths To Where You Want To Go, linking first to the most vital of them all The Only Path To The Greatest Life, which is guaranteed to work (if you do the work!). 

What's next?

Close the gaps, of course!
Start here:  The Only Path To The Greatest Life - Guaranteed to work for you if you put in the basic time and effort.

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