1.  Do only the Overall Life Test at first.  (The others are for later, or special interest.)
2. Link, in that test, to the areas of interest by entering the italicized words (or any word or phrase) into the search engine (in the above bar).  

Consider also the Life Mastery Overview And Rating.

It is best to do an "overview" approach to learning life, at first, and then to go back and do more of the detail of mastery to implement it into your life.  


This helps you identify goals, as you get to see where your are versus where you want to be in the areas of life.

Must do one of these if you want a complete plan, so pick one -  the more complete the better.


Overall Life Test - Quick, one page.  What level of life is good enough for me? Do I have further to go?
What % am  I at compared to what is reasonably attainable for me? (Eight areas)  The "sure signs" of lack of sufficient structure to attain what you want in life. 


Life Mastery Overview And Rating - See how well you are doing in mastering what makes life and happiness work.  How well is your life constructed - if it were a home would you want to live in it?  
Has a summary version and a more complete version of ratings in the components of life.  This is a sectioon of the most complete Life Construction Rating, below.

Rating Of Where I Am In Each Area Of My Life - Managied life/ideal/goals, fear and worry managed, self criticism, constructive beliefs, mind managed fully, physical, relationships, happiness, etc. Nine key areas.

    See, especially, Psychological Tests And Monitoring Systems To Enhance And Establish Your Personal Growth

Most Complete

Life Construction Rating (Htm) A look at how a systematic life is constructed, what your barriers to completion are, and then a rating of each of the key areas of life management on a 1 to 10 basis, including comparing where you are to where you want to be, plus an "overall score".  Word Version for use.


These would be part of a plan also, as a tracking and monitoring basis is essential for implementing a good plan.

Measuring The Effects Of  Doing The LifeMastery Process Program - A one page measures of effectiveness rating in the key results in life and in one's full understanding of key concepts.  The former includes improvement level in happiness, reduction of reactivity, fears and limiting beliefs, increase in self-esteem, higher goals, plans being completed.  The latter rates understanding level for the mind, emotion, thinking, body-feeling, control, fabricating stories, shame/guilt, reality/truth, responsibility, make-wrong, compassion, etc.   

Tracking Mastery Progress - Setting a target and a target date and then monitoring and entering the results for the dates of measuring.  Lists the happiness tests scoring, self-esteem evaluation, stress evaluation, physical habits score, and BMI, though you can alter this one page Word document to fit your needs. 

 All Tests All Areas Main Page 

Consider these

These will give you some special measures that are valuable.  

Barksdale Personal Stress Evaluation - You should have very little stress in your life.  Follow the related program and thinking in order to attain that stress-free way of living.

Barksdale Straight Thinking Evaluation - The original purpose and title was related to self esteem, but the reasoning and precepts in the related program are really about ways to think realistically about life in a very workable way, where there is no longer self (or other) criticism or make-wrong. 

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