Test your score before the start of the stress reduction process and then chart it every month until you have achieved the desired target level on the Stress Control Progress Chart .  We will follow the L.S. Barksdale program as laid out in his book:  

Stress-Free Living (free link, plus extra workbook)


Stress is mental, physical, and emotional tension which limits your potential and keeps you from "feeling good." This evaluation measures your current level of stress your personal stress index (PSI). It is essential that you answer these statements according to how you actually feel or behave, rather than according to any concepts you have about how you "should" or "shouldn't" feel or behave.

Very strongly agree (VA);  Strongly agree (SA);  Agree (A); 
Somewhat agree (WA); Disagree (DA)

First column = level of agreement or disagreement
Second column = Raw score per item 

___ ___  1. I am easily angered by others' undesirable attitudes and behavior.      
___ ___  2. I feel trapped by circumstances, demands and obligations.      
___ ___  3. I have a compulsive need to do "more" and "better."      
___ ___  4. I often put off doing things that I feel I ought to do now.      
___ ___  5. I experience insecurity and anxiety about my future.      
___ ___  6. I have an intense need for appreciation, love, and caring.      
___ ___  7. I have a strong need for recognition and respect.      
___ ___  8. I have a compulsive need to meet others' requests, demands, and 
___ ___  9. I deeply resent unfair situations and events.      
___ ___  10. I do not get the recognition and credit I feel I deserve.      
___ ___  11. I have an intense need for attention and approval.      
___ ___  12. I find responsibility difficult to handle.      
___ ___  13. I have an intense need for the confirmation and agreement of others.     
___ ___  14. I find my life unfulfilling and meaningless.      
___ ___  15. I often feel inadequate, inferior, unworthy and guilty.      
___ ___  16. I am extremely impatient and easily frustrated.      
___ ___  17. I have a compulsive need to prove my worth.      
___ ___  18. I find it difficult to make decisions and stick to them.      
___ ___  19. I am harsh and demanding with myself.      
___ ___  20. I have a strong need to control people, situations, and events.      
___ ___  21. I blame myself for mistakes, defeats, and failures.      
___ ___  22. I experience anxiety about undertaking new endeavors.      
___ ___  23. I worry a great deal about my work and my loved ones.      
___ ___  24. I have a driving need to win -- to be the "best."      
___ ___  25. I am very critical of people and displeasing behavior.      

      ___ Total score

Scoring:  Go through and insert the scores on all the lines with the same letters, then do the same for the next four combinations (it will take less time).  

DA = 0
WA = 1
A    = 2
SA  = 3
VA = 4

Meanings Of The Score

 0 to  20  Favorable
20 to 50  A definite handicap to one's well-being
50 +       Indicates a damaging level of stress that, if prolonged, could well be 
             higher than the human organism can tolerate.  


___ I see the value in lowering my stress to a reasonably low level, as it will reduce my negative feelings substantially, improve my health, and have me feeling better about myself and life.   I will also have more energy.

___ Because getting the above value is worth far more than the cost in hours, I 
      commit lowering my stress to at most this target level of ____.
      ___ I am aiming to have it at that level by ___/___/___. 
      ___ I will take the stress test and record the score monthly and note it on my 
             progress chart.
___ I realize that I will begin getting some benefits virtually from the start and that 
      they will then progress upward, such that the value I receive should be well 
      more than the cost.

Copyright 1980 by Lilburn S. Barksdale

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