Why don't we practice this?
What creates "unpeace" of mind?

"To find peace of mind, stop warring."

                                                   The BuddhaKahuna

"We war with ourselves.  We create what to be afraid of and then we resist and fight it, using up all of our great power in opposing ourselves internally.  All we need do is correct our beliefs to what is true and correct, for the cause of all of our suffering is false, unfounded, dysfunctional beliefs."

                                                     The BuddhaKahuna

"The way to the Carnegie Hall Of Great Peace Of Mind includes finding the right teacher, the right tunes, and the practicing, practicing, practicing.  There are no shortcuts."

                                                      The BuddhaKahuna

The "right tunes" is interpreted to mean the correct beliefs.


So many say they want it.  So many need it.  But few have it.  Few spend the necessary effort.

But it is one of the most beneficial things you can do!  Peace of mind is worth it!


Approaching a problem from the opposite end is often helpful in gaining insight, althought this is not particularly a difficult area.  (But I wonder why so few people have mastered one of the most valuable states of being in all of life?)  The solution lies in creating the opposites of what we don't want.

What creates the lack of peace is:

Upsets - Increase emotional intelligence, increase equanimity, no-blame
Fear beliefs - Change beliefs, use relaxation/breathing to calm
Anger - No-blame
Too many unproductive thoughts and too much chatter - Thought calming,
   Meditation, Managing the thought process  
Ups and downs - Elimination of extremes, keeping body in homeostasis (sugar
   input and metabolism), rest, exercise

Use these!!!!  Staying in touch, upset-free and essentially stress free has one experiencing life at a magnificent level, where we should be.  Some methods take only one to three minutes and others can be done in from 10-30 minutes, depending on what you want to resolve.  Do these regularly and you'll have very few unresolved problems.  These all contribute and are worth doing.

As discussed elsewhere, peace of mind (and, correspondingly, reduction of anxiety) is attained both through a physical process AND a mental process, which both reinforce each other. 

The primitive brain needs reassurance and retraining to achieve a state where it is not constantly sending danger signals and stressing oneself. 

These practices will, in about three months, actually re-wire your physical brain (see the studies mentioned in the Development Of The Mind in the Managing The Mind section).  It is recommended that you know how the mind was developed, as it will give you a concrete basis for understanind how the brain works and how to have it work better for you!


Self-Care Overall

By filling your emotional tank you can feel more peace of mind.  Learn how to       Give to yourself what is needed , and to learn to do Extreme Self-Care.  Honoring and caring for oneself instead of letting oneself deteriorate into stress and away from peace and calm.  A way to feel  good  about life, unconditionally.

Observation skills and generating objectivity

A key skill to learn and a useful practice is the very simple "observing" exercise called Mindfulness.


A key skill and practice that will change one's response to thoughts and develop equanimity, self-control, and better decisons:  Meditation


Two basic methods, included on the Meditation Page, are sufficient, AND it is a good idea to go to the Relaxation Main Page


It is useful to use the forms under Psychology, Overall, Internal Conversations.

An integral part of creating peace of mind is using such things as "coping thoughts" or "redirecting the mind thoughts", such as are included in the Empowerment/Affirmations section.


  Two different functions, one for the moment to calm the thoughts that might
    best have been changed so that the calming is not needed and the other,
    obviously, to change the thoughts so that they are constructive, centering, and
    peaceful (even powerful).


Also, see the Problem Solving Section in Life Management.

             (F) = Form

                       CARING, FEELING PRESENCE - Loving Yourself - Loving yourself is the first
                           pre-requisite for living a great life and for experiencing true happiness and peace
                       Focusing - A method of "looking" to see what is going on inside, scanning one's
                           body which will inevitably reveal that something is amiss and then going through a
                           process to accept, hold, nourish and "complete" where needed.  See the     
                           Recommended Books section for the "Power Of Focusing".  
                       THE INTERNAL PEACE AND SAFETY RETREAT - Create this as an instant place to
                           go and a reliable place of great safety for the rest of your life.  The practice will
                           dramatically change your life if you use it.  It is vital to your happiness.
(F)                    My Child Statements - What Is My Child Saying - You can go directly to what your
                           child is saying about a happening or what someone did, then go one step deeper
                           and identify what is going on, then completing the process with a "re-form"
(F)                   Rational Analysis - What Happened - This process, if you have any ability to be
                           rational (which you do!), can have you seeing much more clearly what is
                           occurring and how to actually come to closure.   Highly, highly recommended!!
                       Scan/Allies/Mantra - Relaxed, Centered, In Touch 3 Minutes At A Time - A very
                           useful exercise for being in touch with what your mind is saying that can be
                           picked up in the body and then applying the loving and nurturing to it that you have
                           always wanted.
                       Thought Change Record - The process used by cognitive behaviorists, where you
                           locate your thoughts and emotions and address some alternative ways of
(F)                    Upset Resolution Worksheet -

Websites:        Meditations - This is a vital skill and practice that "reconditions" the brain's wiring
                        system.  This is the best source I've seen of how to do the various meditations, vrom
                        walking, optimal future self, living in the flow all the way to the essential practice I
                        would recommend as necessary for everybody and easy enought - the breathing
                        meditation.  Go to  Also, for some music and meditations
                        online at

                      For Meditation as a way to peace of mind, go to Methods, Thought Calming section. 

         CREATING A BASE OF "SAFETY" - What do I have that I can't lose? Why am I "Safe"?

                  This section is integrally connected to the "Gratitude" section, as gratitude focuses on 
                     what you actually have.  Feeling "unsafe" is based on fear of losing something, of not
                     having something.   Use the Gratitude section (and learn the Happiness materials)
                     often.  This relates strongly to the Peace of Mind section, so I recommend you go
                     there to be "complete" about this.            

                  What I Have Compared To So-Called "Losses" - Gives a great perspective of the good
                     things I already have in life, including many "unloseables."
                  THE INTERNAL PEACE AND SAFETY RETREAT - Create this as an instant place to
                           go and a reliable place of great safety for the rest of your life.  The practice will
                           dramatically change your life if you use it.  It is vital to your happiness.


Thought Calming 
Extreme Self-Care
The Internal Safety Retreat