We need a full set of empowering, useful "scripts" with which to guide our lives and our self talk. 

"What!!!", you say.  "That's too much work!! And it's ridiculous to have scripts!"

Well, I hope you realize that you've already spent a lot of time and effort into creating scripts for all of your life so far - except some of the scripts are of "inferior" quality, to say the least.

Just like the "cool kids" in school, you need to spend time creating "cool" conversations that work to get you what you want - except most of the scripts we are concerned with are the internal ones, where we need to revise the ones that make no sense.  Part of what underlies those scripts are beliefs, so we need to replace some of them, so that we can "speak" the truth to ourselves.

Don't stop until you've created a full set of scripts for your life, as the quality of your life will depend greatly on how good your scripts are!

Creating an empowering conversation, internally and/or externally, to replace the current internal conversation will lighten up your life and dramatically increase the level of your happiness.

Set about, now, to start create the main scripts for "coping", "empowering", and affirming - and then have great conversations with yourself with zero criticisms or negatives!

Note that many are already set up for you, under Beliefs, Issues, and Emotions/Fears.  Of course, use Specific Affirmations, Conversations, Statements.

Have a great time with this, as you will create great results from this work!

(Consider setting up a self-talk book to create with and to refer to, like or intermixed with, The Beliefs Notebook.)



The "self-conversation" determines the quality of our lives
What we speak to others is part of the conversation
Part of a bigger process
Stopping the "other" conversations
Deconstructing, reconstructing
Replacing, installing
Will you commit to shifting "roles" and to "the process"?
Eliminating the negative
Creating the positive basics


Affirmations main page
Thoughts and beliefs


What we say to ourselves determines the quality of our lives, yet we leave it up to random inputs and unthought-out conclusions. 

If we instead create  "on purpose" a more powerful way of thinking, we can create a life where we no longer limit ourselves and where we create what we want, freely and with great strength and effectiveness.

At the base of our conversations are beliefs.  Beliefs are determinate of how we feel about life.   False beliefs are the source of fear and negative emotion, unnecessarily, yet we persist in them.

We cannot live a good life with those, so they must be replaced with empowering, true beliefs that serve us. 

But if we do not "install" them properly, we lose much of the power.

And if we don't create a general self conversation that consists of highly empowering statements, declarations, affirmations, commitments and stands, we are leaving alot of the potential of life on the table.  We can, instead, reap  the full value of life and of feeling good and powerful on a consistent basis.

Will you join me in creating that?

Unconsciously, we "affirm" beliefs and "facts" constantly.  Yet we affirm what isn't true.  We repeat what we have acquired from others and from easily accessible sources. 

Affirmations are underrated, misused, and used in a limited manner.  When they are used they are often structured ineffectively with the wrong message or a light weight one, with minimal benefit.

They should be considered to be an invaluable, essential part of creating a much more powerful new way of thinking and speaking.  Not only do they help create more of a balance toward the positive, but they also help create a personal powerfulness and a strong certainty of self, both of which are great traits that underly the success in life of the happiest people on earth.


One should be aware that whatever one speaks to another will be heard by one's brain and recorded anew. 

This is why it is absolutely necessary to learn about what a story is (Stories Vs. Not-Stories) and then to learn how to have a conversation that is clear of stories (The "What Happened" Conversation).

It is also vital that one learn what Powerful Languaging is and to avoid using its opposite.


These affirmations/statements are is a part of a bigger process, which is that of replacing beliefs that are erroneous but which one has thoroughly bought into and grown to believe as "the truth", even though they often make no real sense if they are looked at at all.  The affirmations and statements below reflect possible replacements that you can look at and see if they might be useful and then just use them.


As you know, it is depressing and harmful to have negative thoughts, especially when they are chained together into a downward spiral.  Those should not be tolerated in your mental/emotional house.  If you haven't learned this skill, read
Stopping The Negative Conversation Spiral .


In some cases, it is better for you to go through and look at your beliefs in a more detailed way and then deconstruct and reconstruct new true, useful ones.

See the Beliefs/Thoughts section as to how to create the new beliefs AND the understanding necessary to buy into them.


The affirmation process is a way of learning the new beliefs and imprinting them through the "greatest learning device":  repetition.  We learned the dysfunctional ones by repetition and we can override them by repetition.   We've simply got to affirm over and over what is a true belief that is helpful and useful for creating a better way of thinking and a better life.

This might seem like a lot of work to some, and it does take some initial extra time and focus, but soon the new conversations will become automatic and effortless - and your self conversatons become seemingly magically positive, while actually being very soundly grounded.  The process actually changes the neuronal pathways, so it becomes "hard wired" into your thinking and "permanent" (until replaced), in a scientifically proven process of Rewiring The Brain

Now, if we look at the purpose of affirmations, it becomes obvious that they are other supporting actions that help contribute to achieve that same purpose.  The purpose is to realize our full power (and be happy) - or, on the other side, to STOP being unpowerful or holding ourselves back or down.


In the piece called Creating Empowering Self-Conversations, we discuss the idea of creating a substitute for the Critic/Judge role that creates most of the negative conversations and you have the opportunity to check off what you've been doing and what you will commit to in this process. 

You'll find that when you are taking on a role (intending to put yourself into that role) your conversation will change automatically to what is more consistent with that role. That is why I encourage you to try to shift from the Child role (and conversation, which is weak and powerless and damaging) to the Rational, Nurturing Adult role (which is forward looking, responsible, and powerful).

"The Process" consists of going from identifying the negative thoughts, through the Changing Beliefs Process, and finally to the installing through review and repetition until they are part of your internal conversation. You must commit to the whole process to get the best payoff for your efforts.


Attached to the idea of creating empowering self-conversations is the process of not allowing the disempowering.   More positives minus fewer negatives produces a better net result than just doing or the other.  Follow the advice and steps in "No Negative Conversations - Eliminating The Toxics From The Brain"


In The Affirmations/Empowerment Practices , one creates a "supply" of position changing and empowering conversations and affirmations and focuses on key affirmations.  Gratitude affirmations and creating a "ground of being" are a part of the process. 

In Reconstructing Our Viewpoints And Mindsets For Greater Happiness -  A part of the underlying viewpoints that will help you design your affirmations.


See the section of Psychology entitled "Internal Conversations" as this is integral with affirmations, which are another form of internal conversation.

Use all the means of creating you manifesting (producing the result you want) power, such as under Life Management, Power In Life.  

Essential to this process, in my opinion, is the piece: Reconstructing Our Viewpoints And Mindsets For Greater Happiness, which I'd recommend you read if you haven't already (in the Beliefs section and also in the Happiness section).

To adequately access these, they should be placed into your Reminders Notebook.  See also the example from an actual person.

Find out the why and what by reading the Overview discussion or, if you prefer go to the individual sections, listed below, and explore. Glance at the different types of affirmations, statements, and declarations that can be used to create a conversation that is very certain and very powerful.

Read what follows the Table Of Contents below... <-- Click here


TABLE OF CONTENTS - Navigate to what is of interest to you. (See also Internal Conversations in Overall Psychology - for how to alter them and alter your life.) You can read these individually below or you can scan to see what is there and then go to the Reading Program, where it suggests a reading order.


    THE CONVERSATIONS (All "conversations" are based on Beliefs, so see that section
     as basis.)   


         See Overview,  below, and 
          Using Affirmations Effectively (the main page for affirmations)


           Affirms/Statements Underlying a Philosophy Of Health/Happiness
           Affirmations Of Acceptance, Gratitude, Control 
           Gratitude affirmations - See "Related Pieces"   box.
           Self-Esteem affirmations and statements (See also Esteem section.)


           Difficult Relationship Situation 


          Mantras - Repeat over and over to become centered, peaceful, powerful or
                           whatever one desires as a way of being or thinking.
          Comforting statements - Talking to yourself as a loving parent would comfort a
                            child. Have 1, 3, or 5 strong ones. 
          Coping Statements
               Coping "utility" thoughts/statements - For when "things happen",
                     offsetting stress, offsetting suffering, and/or addressing fears. See list
                     of items might comfort self for in the Mantras section..
           Ground of being  - Choosing how I want to be.
           Minimizing statements - A form of coping statement that minimizes the danger
                            or the importance and puts it into perspective more.


           Taking A Stand 
                         My Life Stands
                Of intention
                      I Declare This For The Rest Of My Life - I am kind, trustworthy, etc.
                Of truths
                      This Is Not True - When saying what is true is not enough, it is effective
                                       to make "clear disclaimers of what is absolutely untrue!"
                       I Declare These Not To Be True - Part of clarifying what you believe and
                                      part of freeing yourself up from useless old beliefs.  These are
                                      examples of what you should disclaim - see if you agree.
                 Of Who I Am
                      This Is Who I Declare I Am And This Is How I Declare I Will Live My
                                        Life Now And Forever - Strongly making it clear about who I am
                                              in life and the way I will leave    
             See Resources

See also and know the basics of

      "Handling Internal Conversations", as they are the basis for most of our personal

              Sentence - Processing Into Empowering Statements
              Reworking Core Statements
              Stupid (and other) Tapes - Dealing with them


        CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM - Learn the vital skill of no-blame, no criticism, and
             great confidence based on a very well-grounded approach

        EMOTION MANAGEMENT - This is also related to the other sections.
            Anxiety, Fear - Reducing it to virtually nothing.
            Mood management - Being able to pull out of or put yourself into a particular
            Stress (Also see Physical) - You should have an active but relatively stress-free
            Suffering and struggle - Stop creating unnecessary suffering and making life




                 DISEMPOWERING!  This is a potent central concept and exercise to engage
         The Affirmations/Empowerment Practices - Do these creations and follow
                 them, for greater happiness and centeredness.
         Reconstructing Our Viewpoints And Mindsets For Greater Happiness -  A
                 part of the underlying viewpoints that will help you design your affirmations.
          Using Affirmations Effectively (the main page for affirmations)


         Stopping The Negative Conversation Spiral - Read when you are in a spiral.




                         Affirmations - A Compilation For Your Selection  
                         Affirms/Statements Underlying a Philosophy Of Health/Happiness
         473           Affirmations Of Acceptance, Gratitude, Control  
                         Self-Esteem Affirmations - And go to CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM and
                             learn the vital skill of no-blame, no criticism, and great confidence
                             based on a very well-grounded approach

               Key Affirmations - It is necessary to focus on a few to memorize completely and
                    run your life by.

                       My Key Affirmations - Simply a form for listing your key affirmations, to look
                            at when you need to be centered.  Place these in your Reminders
                            Notebook (see Lifebooks/Notebooks). 
                       MY TOP AFFIRMATIONS I WANT TO HAVE “TOP OF MY MIND” - Actual
                            combination, with several types of affirmations (of intention, rules,
                            being, etc.) of a relatively enlightened person.


               Coping Type Thoughts - Psychologically Essential

                   Per researcher Donal Meichenaum (1977) we can inoculate ourselves
                   against fear with surprisingly simple coping thoughts.  This is simply
                    replacing danger thoughts with more realistic, "true" thinking.  These
                    are thoughts that generalize about life which are brought into mind
                    readily and frequently whenever "stuff" happens or is anticipated to

                        My "Coping" Utility Thoughts -    Examples of coping
                            statements are provided to choose from or jump off of.
                                 Reassurance - I'm Ok - Part of a bigger piece, page 3.
                        Mantras & Developing "Utility Thoughts" To Bring Out When Needed
                             - Develop repeated sayings that are not the normal negatives
                            coming from your mind but which settle you or empower you
                        Minimizing Statements - When you have a negative or fear thought,
                            you may not have enough time to deal with it or replace it - that's
                            when it is important to have a coping statement that you believe
                            that can minimize it - such as "It's no big deal" or "I'll be fine" or
                            whatever fits for you.  You should have a few of these memorized
                            and ready for instant use. (The fear thought should never be
                            allowed to continue and imprint itself even more powerfully.) 
                            Very helpful!!!  
               Centering, Positioning Statements

                    My "Ground of Being" - A "grounding" piece for reminding the writer who he
                          is, how he can live his life, and what he is "about" in life.  Empowering. 
                         You might want to create one for yourself and insert it in your Reminders

               Power Statements - See, for further illumination, Power In Life (in Life

                         My Power Life Statement


               Reaffirming Myself In This (Difficult) Relationship Situation - A conversation, from
                  spontaneous writing, where an individual is getting a perspective on a difficult
                  situation and reaffirming himself to have more power to handle the situation for
                  better health.


              TAKING A STAND

                  One of the things that make a difference in people's lives is writing up and
                  strongly  standing behind a clear statement of what the standards are that they
                  will maintain for their lives and each part of their lives.

                  My Life Stands - Written after seeing the movie The Secret (www.thesecret.tv)
                      and being clearer on what I put into my mind.  I was given an opportunity to
                      write for 90 minutes in a workshop.  These are excerpts from that writing,
                      ones that I try to read daily.  This kind of exercise can have a huge impact
                      on one's life.


               THIS IS NOT TRUE
                     Clear Disclaimers Of What Is Absolutely Not True - Freeing yourself up from
                         useless old beliefs sometimes requires forceful negation of the negative,
                         whereas positive affirmations may not be adequate (or complete).
                     I Declare These Not To Be True - Part of clarifying what you believe and
                         part of freeing yourself up from useless old beliefs.  These are examples
                         of what you should disclaim - see if you agree.  A start on a compilation of
                         what I declare is not true (and no longer true), to help clarify and make one
                         more certain.  Such as "I am no longer a child", which seems obvious but
                         which might have to be stated.  "..not true..need other's approval..."


The Key to A Happier Life

No matter how powerful or self-developed, almost all individuals are running their lives based on some dressed-up versions of childhood decisions, from which they created the beliefs, viewpoints and "rules" that run their lives.

Why haven't they completely "re-formed" them when this is such a vitally productive thing to do?  Because of lack of time and/or lack of awareness of an efficient, effective process for completing rational, well-thought-out, empowering revisions and/or replacements.

Through this no-cost website, one can select an individual piece to enhance life and/or can fully participate in the process of "completing' what is needed to have a virtually fearless, centered, peace of mind, effective, happy life beyond any ever before visualized.

I'll keep you posted on changes and additions.
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Human Being
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Creating Empowering Self- 

The Affirmations/Empowerment

Reconstructing Our Viewpoints And Mindsets

Utility "Coping" Thoughts - What to say to "cope with" negative thoughts or situations - and/or gain perspective that lightens everything up. 

Mantras - Simply repeating statements or words that are often self-soothing, inspirational, or motivating.
My Life Stands - Repeat these every day or every week, to stand stronger in life!!!

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