Formulate a very powerful conversation that represents the powerful self you have the power to create and be.

"It's ALL a conversation."  Read "about conversations and self talk in: Contents/Links Empowering Conversations.  I'd recommend you read or scan the pieces on that page in order to get a better perspective and understanding before going to the specifics. 

The page you're on right now is for specific wording of "conversations" such as affirmations, coping statements, declaration, stands, intentions and the like.     

Go through these and then use them in your Reminders Notebook, under the suggested divider label in the Table Of Contents provided.
Read every day the key ones that you want to install.  See Using Affirmations Effectively.  Set up strong declarations and stands that are powerful for  creating a strong foundation for confidence and for a better life.    The Self-Talk Tools - Powerful Tools To Use "On Purpose" to craft your thinking and your life to what you want in life.  How many should you do?  At some point in your life you must have all of these in your repertoire.  Start with the ones you find you most need.  Some people might find it useful to run off copies of the selected pages and then start to use them as they are, writing on them whatever your modifications would be - it provides a very quick start to the process.                                                                           

Many people originate good ones when they note down their negative beliefs and then correct them, using the Beliefs Changing Process.

"Life is 99% just a game, but we forget this.  Understand this and you will let go of the worries and fears, and you'll just get to play in the game of life."


OVERALL LIFE - Mostly from Philosophy section; see that section for more: the world, people,..particularly the "Pieces Of A Philosophy Of Life" .

Getting Centered For The Day  - Reminders,
    affs, links to key "conversations"


Why Life Is Very Good
Life Is A Friggin', Incredible, Huge Miracle!
The Healthy Person's View Of Life


Who I Really Am 
    I Am Whole And Complete 
Why I Am Very Good 
You As A Human Being - With Limits, But...
Making An Allowance For Being Human 
I Am Perfect As I Am...


These underly most of your negative beliefs:

I Am Powerless 
I Am Not Good Enough...Not!  
Self Worth 


The Affirmations Themselves Main Page
   Links into specific areas, beliefs, viewpoints
Affirmations - A Compilation For Your Selection
My Key Affirmations - Blank for you to write
      Morning Affirmations - Say these three
             times every morning!
      My Morning Meditation 
My Top Affirmations for “Top Of Mind”
My Daily Readings - A bit over a page

My Main Power Affirmations:

     I Am The Creator, Period!
     I Am In Charge - I run this show.

Barbara's Main Affirmations 

    Affirmations By Area 
    My False Affirmations 

Barbara's Affirmations From "I Should Be Better" Conversation 

Barbara Daily Checklist - Includes in her daily reminders:   her stand in life, affirmations, life

My Daily Reading - Barbara 

Barbara, The Initial Belief Changing Exercise - Includes self talk and substitutes   


Affirms/Statements Underlying a Philosophy
    Of Health/Happiness - Select from to form
   a basis for a better philosophy of life.
Affirmations Of Acceptance, Gratitude,
   Control - Addresses fear thoughts
GRATITUDE affirmations - See "Related
   Pieces" box. Link into more:
         Gratitude Links.
SELF-ESTEEM affirmations main page 
   Barksdale Affirmations For Sound Self-
   Self-Esteem affirmations listing, examples
          (See Esteem section for more.)
Situational Affirming Conversations
           Difficult Relationship Situation 


1. Be sure to use those relative to a specific belief:

The beliefs are listed for each specific belief in the Beliefs Contents/Links section.  There are, in the each specific belief's page, affirmations to offset the erroneous beliefs.

2. Within the Pieces of The Philosophy Of Life, there are copyable and usable statements and affirmations you can use.  See Philosophy Contents/Links

3. Use the search engine, entering a key phrase and then read the relevant pieces, extracting the affirmations.

4. Some selected ones

Accepting Reality
   Accept Where You Are Noncomparatively
Rights, Your Bill Of, incl. Human Bill Of  Rights
I Am Safe - One of the most important
Victim Vs. Adult

Text Of Recordings Actually Used - For Grounding    

Desired Conditions

"I am energetic; I feel wonderful; or I feel safe".

Declarations And "Stands"

Taking A Stand 

    My Life Stands


   This Is How I Treat Myself  
              My Code Of Honor For Myself
    Of intention
         I Declare This For The Rest Of My Life
         My Personal Declaration Of
              Independence From The Tyrannies
             In My Life 
    Of truths
        Clear Disclaimers Of What Is
              Absolutely Not True - Part of
         I Declare These Not To Be True
      Of who I am 
         This Is Who I Declare I Am

     My Personal Bill Of Rights 
         Your Personal Bill Of Rights As A
               Human Being  

Ground of being - I stand tall...declare myself
     to I shall live...

Pep Talks

    You can do it, failure is no problem


Comforting statements 

Coping Statements   

     Coping "utility" thoughts 
     Mantras section for list.
     Minimizing statements

Soothing Statements 


- To access for more ideas and languaging: - Good directory by topic

VitalAffirmations.Com - 1,000's to choose from

See others on Resources Empowering Conversations page.
And in Philosophy Directory/Links


Rebalancing Statements (From "upset")