Notes on
Being an adult
Good enough
   Never having to be perfect
   Self worth
No shame, no guilt
Self-sufficiency, never lonely, never dependent
Things will work out
Life is easy and good
Future - At peace with it

The affirmations related to the underpinnings of the above
     The Basic Life Affirmations
     Main Daily Affirmations For Sound Self Esteem 


The affirmations on this page were taken from the pages addressing the particular untrue beliefs that she persists in believing, summarized in the Barbara's Top 10 Self-Talk Tunes section.  The ones she has come up with since or embraced are bolded.  Instead of repeating the negative untrue statement here, I list the main point and then link to the handling of the negative statement.  The key is to go throught the Belief Changing Process Step By Step - and do the work!!!!

It is necessary to read these statements and to affirm them, though only a few may be selected as the "mantra" type affirmations that one memorizes to say often.


The main shift in a person's point of view and life comes from realizing one is no longer a child.

POWER:   Barbara's statement   Overall Discussion Piece

I am totally capable of paying attention to my body, catching the tension and early shallow breathing and intervening early on.   I am not a victim of that.  I have the power to stave it off.

No one else can take my power away from me nor "disempower" me.  That is a myth, which I choose to no longer believe.  I absolutely do have power and I absolutely am never powerless, never, ever.

SMARTNESS, INTELLIGENCE   Barbara's statement; Overall discussion piece

From the worksheet (linked above):

What I know now:

I know I made it up and it isn’t real.
     I know that it has nothing to do with my survival as I will survive for sure.
     I know I don’t lose approval because of it.
     I know there is no real threat.
     I know that I do not need approval from everyone to live a good life.
I know the tape is not true.
There is plenty of evidence to the contrary.  This is just an old untrue belief of a small child.

What I now choose

I choose not to perpetuate this as a pink elephant  (figment of my imagination, where I am attributing truth to it and giving it power) in my life.
I realize I am not “stupid” just because I don’t know everything and/or don’t know a particular thing.
I realize that no one can do better than the limits of his/her awareness permits
     and a person is not to be blamed for limited awareness, which we all have.
     If there is a problem, especially one that persists, it is strictly due to not yet
     having the awareness I need.  I am fully capable of gaining the necessary

GOOD ENOUGH  Barbara's statement   Overall discussion piece

I am doing the best I can given what I know.
I am totally ok as I am and in the place I have simply progressed to - which is a rather good place.
I am a good person, with good power, kindness and love.
I am happy.
I may produce some undesired outcomes, but that is all part of life - from them I continue to create excellent experiences and to choose happiness.
I have become a good, kind person.
I am as powerful, or as capable of being powerful, as anybody.

Since "not good enough" and lack of Self-Esteem are the same thing, use the Self Esteem Affirmations.

SELF WORTH                                                 Overall discussion piece

From the Barksdale materials that should be used for developing a new philosophical foundation:

"No one in this world is worth one iota more or less than you are." And then one of the affirmations of reality is: "I am totally worthy and deserve to "feel good" mentally, physically and emotionally, for that is my birthright."

"I have no need to 'prove' myself since my very existence proves my innate worth and importance."

"Since I am not my actions, I cannot possibly 'prove my worth' by my actions.  I am not 'bad' if I act 'bad'."

NEVER HAVING TO BE PERFECT                 Overall Discussion Piece

NO SHAME, NO GUILT  Barbara's statement   Overall Discussion Piece

I will not make myself wrong.  It does no good and only creates harm.

I will operate from my higher brain, where there is no such thing as "wrong".

I don't make myself wrong, so there is nothing to forgive myself for and no reason to conjure up feeling guilt or shame!


                                      Barbara's statement      Overall discussion piece

Self-sufficiency, never lonely, never dependent


So, whatever all the truth, untruth, illusion, etc. etc. of life is, I LOVE LIFE, GIVE THANKS FOR IT EVERYDAY, and expect to be happy. 

I am committed and am creating a solid, healthy life philosophy.  And from that I will contribute greatly to others.

I am, at this point in life, finally putting together all the pieces.  This is the moment*, when it all comes together...this is my moment!

LIFE IS EASY AND GOOD                                Overall discussion piece

Although Barbara stands strongly on her (selective) evidence that life is difficult, it isn't.  And while we're at it, a person should bring in affirmationg from the section called Life Is (Very) Good

AT PEACE WITH THE FUTURE                   Overall discussion piece


Disappearing the wrong underlying viewpoints can disappear a whole bunch of false beliefs, as they no longer have a pillar to stand on!   The #1 viewpoint change that makes a difference is the shift from believing one is still a child. 

The affirmations related to the underpinnings of the above