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Listings of Esteem Affirms


Lack of self-esteem is based on a system of judging oneself based on false standards and beliefs.  The foundation is the belief "I am not good enough."  That, in turn, creates a whole set of supporting beliefs and of struggles to be "good enough".  However, "good enough" is never good enough under the system of beliefs that supports "not good enough". 


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Self judgment

Unloading the judgment-of-self idea, for there is no valid reason for such a damaging practice:

I refrain from judging myself, for I realize I am not my actions and know I invariably do the best my current awareness permits.  Even though our awareness my differ, no one in the world is one iota more or less worthy, more or less important than my own precious self.*  

I love and cherish my wonderful self, for I realize that I am not my actions, that I am a unique and precious being, ever doing the best my current awareness permits, ever growing in wisdom and love, totally free of value judging, shame, guilt, and remorse.*  

Freedom from the need for approval from others

Part of "growing up" includes learning that one needs not be dependent on the approval of others, but many people in the Western cultures do not learn that and so they remain at the emotional mercy of an uncontrollable outside source - bad idea!

I do not need the approval of others, for I am in charge of myself and completely self-sufficient. 

Not dependent

I am fully self-sufficient and able to give to myself to fill my needs

Dependence was a need I had as a child, but I am no longer a child.

Powerful enough

Actually, if one realizes he/she is powerful enough that means that he/she realizes that he/she is not dependent.   But if one believe that I Am Powerless, one is doomed to a life that is at the mercy, again, of the beneficence and attention of others - which is not reliable, as those others have other interests and judgment systems that may not fit you. 

I am powerful.

I have the power to create all that I need and to make myself happy, regardless of the outcomes.  (Read Undesirable Outcomes to ground yourself in reality, and responsibleness.  One can develop the confidence in oneself if one understands and therefore adopts Fearlessness.)

Good enough, worthy

We wrestle with the core belief of I Am Not Good Enough, which is a false belief having no basis.

I am not the center of the universe nor do I need to be.  All individuals are as important to themselves as I am to myself.  All are doing the best they can within the limits of their awareness.

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The best source of self-esteem affirmations is, in my opinion, is the Barksdale writings.  Right now I'm trying to buy the copyrights for the materials.  The asterisked affirmations above are those from those materials. 

"I like who I am and accept me the way I am".

From  L.S. Barksdale, a prominent researcher on self-esteem, suggests we affirm, "I accept myself totally and unconditionally as a unique and precious being, ever responsible for my own life, ever doing the best my current awareness permits, ever growing in wisdom and love."