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"Being psychologically healthy is about organizing one's thoughts into what is true and workable and then making sure they are clear and accessible in the mind."

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Thoughts linked together are "conversations".  Formulate great internal self conversations and you will be very happy and very effective in life.

And, yes, it does take some time, but it saves alot more time AND alot of mistakes!


Read the Self-Esteem Affirmations Main Page for orientation and proper use.  Also, it contains a few affirmations that would be good to use, especially the Barksdale ones.  It includes affirmations on self-judgment, freedom from the need for approval from others, not being dependent, being powerful, being good enough and worthy

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My awareness is strictly the product of the capability I brought into the world, my conditioning by my parents and peers and the culture, what I was exposed to (or not) - I cannot know more than that which I know at this moment.  It is simply a fact that I could not be anymore aware than I am at the current moment, so I accept that and I'll simply expand my awareness as rapidly as I can.  I could not have taken a different path than I took, as that was determined by my awareness at the moment. 

My prevailing awareness literally dictates my every action and decision, for I can do only what my current awareness motivates me to do.  There is no fault or blame in that.  (Link into that piece, as it is a strong basis for eliminating what creates self-downing.)

I am not my actions; I am the one who acts.  My actions are but the means my awarenenss selects to fulfill my needs.  

Since I am not my actions, I cannot possibly "prove my worth" by my actions.  I am not "bad" if I act "bad."  

Since I can do only what my awareness permits, my acts are simply "wise" or "unwise".   There is no good or evil, only wise and unwise behavior.

There is no valid justification for condemnation.  I am free of any shame, blame, guilt, or remorse.  I condemn no one, for they are simply doing the best their awareness permits.


I feel warm and loving toward myself, for I am a unique and precious being, ever doing the best my current awareness permits.


I allow myself the freedom to make mistakes, to be "wrong," to fail, free of self-accusation, guilt or feeling "less than".


I am totally responsible for everything that occurs in my world, for I, at the very least, put myself in that place at that time where something occurred.  While I can do no more than the best my awareness permits, I am the one to deal with the consequences.  I am responsible for doing the best I can with those consequences - and for not resisting them, as they have already occurred and wishful thinking will not change that. 

I accept total responsibility for my own well-being, for everythingI think, say, do and feel. 

I do not blame others for my problems, mistakes, defeat, or handicaps.  They simply did the best they could at the time, given their current limits of awareness.


Before affirming something, one needs to believe it.  Read Self-Worth, which includes the next two affirmations.

"I am worthy simply because I do exist."  (If a baby is worthy when the baby
can only cry, take in food and liquids and excrete same, then how can we        after becoming much more useful and functional be any less worthy?)

"No one in this world is worth one iota more or less than I am." And then one of the affirmations of reality is: "I am totally worthy and deserve to "feel good" mentally, physically and emotionally, for that is my birthright."

Since I am not my actions, I cannot possibly "prove my worth" by my actions.  I am not "bad" if I act "bad."  


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