Declared this day of December 18, 2010, and with expected future amendments which shall be a part hereof, I, Keith D. Garrick, do hereby declare this as My Personal Bill Of Rights - to fulfill  my pledge to myself to remove those  unnecessary restrictions I have put upon myself, to no longer accede to the force of others my rights, and to operate in my life based on these rights, which I hold as inalienable.

Furthermore, I recognize these as amendments to My Constitution.

I shall freely practice my religion and philosophies, without shame or hiding, as long as I do not do unnecessary harm to another person.

I shall defend myself to the extent necessary to assure my security, including developing skills and the means to so defend.

I shall not accede to the putting upon myself the presence of those who I am harmed or inconvenienced by and/or not supported by.

I shall not allow another to impinge on or to insist on revealing that which I choose to keep sacredly within.

I shall, when burdened by or harmed by any thinking or act of my own, speedily confront and address that and correct it to what works, for it is harmful to allow it to continue.

I shall, where I can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom not currently in my possession, seek to and actually effect access to qualified resources and people, in order to prevail over what would have been ignorant and not useful thoughts and action by garnering that knowledge and wisdom needed to effect that which I truly want.  I will not countenance any embarrassment or judgment, by myself or others, of my not knowing what is needed - and I shall proudly recognize my wise choice by so doing.

I shall not allow excessive shame, guilt, blame, judgment or punishment of  myself by myself.  I shall learn the proper and workable way to look at life, to gain the knowledge needed to not produce suffering in my life - which I recognize is not necessary.

I shall not infringe on the rights of other people, nor attempt to assert control over them.  I shall allow them to exercise their own authority and control and to experience the consequences that are needed for them to  further learn and to develop their own power.  However, I shall, when I see it is appropriate, help when asked.

I shall pay attention to and honor that deep internal voice that reminds me of my values and my commitments to those values.

Signed and committed to this 18th day of month of December of the Year 2010 by

Keith D. Garrick