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Put all of these in your Reminders Notebook or "Perspective On Life" Notebook.


The Program For Learning Gratitude Vision

    Includes:  Forty Days, Forty Nights Of Gratefulness:

         Watch one in am, one in pm:  Video Clips to watch 
(As reminders)

What To Be Grateful For  (Document)

What I Have That I Am Given - An Incredible Base!  - A listing the size of a mountain 

Video Clips to watch 

Resources For Gratitude 

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I.  GETTING PERSPECTIVE How well off am I?  Seeing the irrefutable abundance, based on all of this evidence!  

Introduction - The main overview entry page.

I Am Overwhelmed With Gratitude And Appreciation - Why and how...
Why Life Is Good
Why Life Is A Friggin' Miracle!

(F)   Material Things and Capabilities - Rating How Well Off I Actually Am -What is actually enough? Are you there? If not, what path will you take?  Choose. 

How Much Is Enough? - Answering this question completely and get out of the "not enough"  silly syndrome, setting a baseline that is easy and stress free, being then truly free.  (Possible read and be clear about Suffering And Struggle.)  Also read Establishing Your "Baseline" - Creating Happiness & Using Correct Priorities.

Life From The Viewpoint Of A Caveman - Read this, as it is not at all frivolous.  See if you might want to adopt the words at the end of the piece and to live the life that sets up.

My Positives Portfolio - Successes, achievements, good traits, contributions, memories.

What Is True And/Or Verifiable In My Life That Is Good - Concept, blank form for you, a completed form applicable to one person who was reluctant to acknowledge anything good.

WHAT I HAVE FOR SURE  - and that it is more than plenty.:

The Mountain I Have Versus What I Am Missing - An Essential, Essential Life View - Based On Reality!  

What I Have For Sure - My Mountain Of Haves (With No Real Losses) - An essential understanding and  perspective in a central piece where you look at the huge mountain of what you have, including what you are given and what you accumulate that isn't loseable!   Get a relativity view on the insignificance of what you normally think of as losses, which are just a few "give backs" of a small part of our gains.         



WHAT TO BE GRATEFUL FOR - Go to this section, set up for organizing your gratefulness lists, examples and your system.  Insert these into your Reminders Notebook asap for your grounding sessions!  Some great exercises and links.

  What To Be Grateful For - A Reminder List Of
      Examples To Start From - 9 pages - Use this to get
     yourself going on your own list, to use to put you back
     into gratitude when needed.
  What I Have That I Am Given - An Incredible Base!  - A listing the size of
       a mountain 

Postings To My Gratitude Journal - Will be developed, 
Your strengths - See the examples list at the end
The Positives Portfolio -Listings of successes,
  contributions, capabilities, gratitudes, and a bunch of
Positive Progress - More Than We Ever Dreamed - We
  are way ahead of the curve and we must have that

III.  INSTALLING, AFFIRMING (Keeping it available and "top of the mind")

Affirmations - Reaffirning what is there and is true, so one is clearer - Repeating enough to wire these into the memory, changing the balance way over to the positive side!

Examples to pick from.  Make your own list and then insert it in your Reminders Notebook.

Affirmations of Gratitude - An actual list of an individual.  Use these examples to pick from.  Make your own list to review via a schedule to do so (initially daily, then weekly,
then continue weekly or do monthly).

My Top 25 Gratitude Affirmations - My selection to put into my Reminders Notebook, so that I can be recentered into how fortunate I am and to be returned to a state of gratitude and awe.

Do these!  It'll make a huge difference in your life!  It is a true source of happiness and real perspective!

Regrets - Not having

   Dying To Go To The Next Stage - A bit of wisdom from an "old friend".

An Overview Of Life

     Philosophy Of Life


Gratitude For The Basics Of Life (A poem, but a powerful one for gaining perspective) - This "viewpoint" and "seeing" will definitely add to your life.  Even Einstein acknowledged the power of this. - Judy A., who is in constant pain from bone on bone rheumatoid arthritis. 

My Enlightenment Experience Being Sick In India - Gratitude And My Non-Suffering -  A simple, but profound lesson that I shall hold forever in my way of being.

Experts On Gratitude And Happiness, A Few Quotes...

Try this!  Complete your Positives Portfolio!