If you look at The Schematic Of A Person And His/Her Life - The Pieces, you'll see the obvious problems and difficulties that are encompassed in being a human and living life, but what we must do is also see the good and great parts of life - and go about solving the problems that are in the way of greater happiness.  But the truth is that there is "already enough to live a full and happy life".  

Yep, sure enough, the primitive human brain is set up to look for dangers in order to assure survival, but we can manage it and intentionally use our higher brain to look for the massively plentiful good things in life - and in ourselves!

You should not proceed in life without completing your positives portfolio (as it is now, not later), as it will add peace, happiness as a base for your life.  Obviously, it is positively reinforcing to review these regularly - and tickle to review at least monthly, but keeping a copy in your Reminders Notebook is helpful.  Keep it in a keepable, referenceable place - so it is solidly reviewable and can be used to refuel your tank and perspective in life.

Notice that you can have summary sheets of key points and/or a reading you can do every morning relatively quickly, such as My Daily Grounding Summary Page -
Never Live A Day Of Not Being Solidly Grounded or link into the Daily Readings (use search engine).

Just label a page with the title My Positives Portfolio and start listing everything you can think of, as fast as you can, without perfecting it at all, getting it done in very few minutes.  Then you can come back and add and/or restructure it when you wish.


What I Have

Gratitudes, Appreciations Lists, plus:
    What I Have, For Sure.)
         (Includes, defined, gifted and permanent; acquired, not losable; acquired, can
         fluctuate but usually accumulates; acquired and have, but could "lose" (not much!)
    Safe "Enough", Baseline/Harbor - Decide a "good enough" baseline that is
          not littered with unneeded wants or expectations that set us up for stress
          and/or unhappiness.
    Material Things and Capabilities - Rating How Well Off I Actually Am

About Me

Strengths, Capabilities, Abilities, Skills List 
Successes, Achievements List
Contributions List (contributions you've made to others, including the little ones)
    Keep a list or file of thank you's from people (who you've, of course,
      contributed to)
Goodnesses List (good intentions, good done, goodness shown, kindnesses...)
My Good Traits, Characteristics List (See Characteristics Of Being Powerful)

In My Life

Enjoyments List (See Enjoyments And Healthy Pleasures - My List ,)
Positivity People List (People who are positive and raise you up and/or enhance you by associating with them; you can also, on separate pages, write about what it is that they do for you; and also plan to put more of these people in your life)
Good Memories List (Also can be written about and/or put into picture form, such as the Life Album [see The Memories Notebook]). 

Possible additional pieces:

Dreams (as long as they are not set up as "I'll be happy [only] when...")
Visualizations (of being in, feeling, seeing yourself operating at a masterful level and enjoying it fully; often good to capture those in writing, to review it later for 'inspiration'.)

The Positivity Ratio - It Matters As It Determines The Quality Of Your Life!


At least do taking 1 TO 1 1/2 hours each doing the gratitude list and the very significant "what I have, for sure".  (Stop at the time limit, please.  Come back later for refinement, but finish each all in one 24 hour period

Be sure to do the Good Memories list next. 

Then go on to the others, as they are all key to one's confidence and perspective in life!!!


Find examples, explanations of items listed, via the SEARCH ENGINE:


Keith's Positives Portfolio - Something To Review And Remind Myself Of Who I Am And Who I Can Be 

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