Make it clear!
The benefit of having the answer
What is enough for me?
But my concern is...
My answers to those concerns
What I definitely do not need in order to be happy
The baseline of what I need that is indisputable
What my life would look like at the basics
How about my ability to create enough?


It is worthwhile carefully defining how much is enough, for if we don't we can then live with a vague and unrealistic idea of what is enough, living in fear of not having enough, but never knowing what "enough" is.  Always feeling this "this is not enough" is a bit of hell, as it undermines life.


Once you determine it, then everything above that is "icing on the cake", to be appreciated even more (though appreciating "enough" would also make a lot of sense!).  

Once you determine what enough is, you than can see that you have a "margin of safety" of extras. 

And at that point you could choose to let go of that "margin of anxiety" where one is concerned about having too little compared to some unknown concept of enough.  If "enough" is simply vague and unlimited, then it becomes something huge and unattainable. 

It is my objective here to have you clearly see what is enough, so that you can let go of the anxiety over some mythical, untrue concept that holds most people captive their whole lives.


If I didn't have a culture that told me what was enough, what would enough be?  

What do the "wise men" say?

Just having a life and sustaining it is enough, per the Buddha.

As Tice Elkins used to say "you could be happy working at McDonald's and having a room somewhere, reading as many books as you want, free from the library."

"In fact, how much is enough?", I ask again. 

Isn’t it having enough to eat and sufficient shelter and the ability to create some good feelings for myself and to help others?  


But, then, my concern is "would I be bored?"  "Would I get enough approval from others?"  "Would I need to have someone love me?" 

But those are only created conditions, mental constructs that are not true, real, or absolute at all, even though I've been taught this so much that I think I believe it is fact.   I've been conditioned to have those concerns, but now I must let go of them and look into myself.

I do think I need to have enough in my life to feel good about my life.  Therefore, I'll accept that criterion for now and look at it in more detail later.


Isn't up to me not to be bored?  Aren't there plenty of free things I can do that would be entertaining and/or challenging?  In fact, isn't there a plethora (abundance) of such things available?!!!!!!

I know that I don't need people's approval anymore and I've given up trying to impress my make-believe "They".  Without giving up those, I'd be stuck in trying to win the unwinnable game of getting "enough" approval, admiration, love, attention.
I know that I am no longer "not good enough, so I don't have to play that game to get to enough."

I know that I can give to myself all I need, so I no longer need to be dependent on other people for my imagined needs. I know now what "needs" are vs. wants, which are unlimited and insatiable, part of an unwinnable game also. 


I realize that my little fantasy of being famous or hugely rich, successful and admired was just a whim and not even a want and certainly not a need!


I think I need to have enough sun, but sun is free and fully accessible, so that is no problem.  I just need to live in a place that is not depressing and I think it has to have trees and some open space, even if it is a shack. 

I do need to eat enough.  A healthy basic diet, if I shop wisely, would cost about $75 per week.  (That's without wine/alcohol.  Shopping at Walmart or the equivalent.  No empty calories.) 

I think I need mental stimulation.  In fact, I am sure of that.  It is a requirement for my life.  I can go to the library for that.

I do need some social contact, I think.  I am fine anywhere above a few conversations with just about any person, one or two group gatherings (church, activity group [cards, games, sports].

I do need exercise.  I need only have adequate shoes and I do not need equipment. 

I would like a bit of "comfort money" set aside.  It just feels good to have some.  A couple of thousand would be enough.  But I know that I can go to the "safety net" that society provides.

The amount to support this lifestyle is       after tax and           if I am working or on social security.  See calculation sheet.


Michelangelo simply "chipped away everything that wasn't David" in order to make that masterpiece.  Perhaps more clarity on what I don't need will leave me with more clarity on what is left that I think I do need.

A fancy car.  I just need to get from here to there, reliably.
Alcohol/wine.  I just need water to drink.
A fancy house.  But I do hold the line at a pleasant place (well-painted, good ventilation).
An incredible sound system and computer.  I can get a perfectly good, high storage computer for about $500 to $700, with printer.  For me, access to the internet would be desirable
Clothes beyond a basic set of outfits.  (These are laid out in         .)
Things to impress people.  True friends won't care and I don't want friends who just like my mask.


This is the description of what my life looks like living at the basic level.  (Separate page to be made up.)

I have found a sunny little apartment that looks out onto some trees. 


I am not "entitled" to some fictional amount that society suggests.  Anything above my basic needs is a luxury.  As such, this exercise is part of the My Expenses worksheet, where we use a column for the minimal basics and then additional ones to go to different "levels" such as "extra, pleasing", "luxuries I don't really need at all".  It is a worthwhile "clarification exercise".


How could there be any doubt that I could create such small amounts of money or more quite easily? 

Plus, if I do my homework if I were to be at a lower income I could garner government support - not that I would want to intentionally take advantage of the government, but if I needed a safety net.

I have enough

to enjoy the sun, sit outside and read the newspaper or a book...
to be able to listen to beautiful music...
to be able to go someplace where good people are and/or inspiration is available, such      as SLC or a Buddhism center or any religious or philosophical discipline that is

A possible form to use to have you get more in touch with your "enough":

Material Things And Capabilities - Rating How Well Off I Actually Am - Used to reorient a person who was in despair and wishing for more.  The final result was that she "saw" how well of she was. 


Since we forget and/or never get clear enough in the first place about the plenty that already exists instead of thinking of what is missing, it is essential that we have a regular reminder practice of recognizing what we are grateful for:  Gratitude.

notes to be compiled and integrated later:

an abundance that is greater than my needs, there is enough for everyone
what should the baseline be and above that grateful for, which makes us happy...
0 Have confidence that I have power, the ability to create and cause.
    0 Acknowledge that I can act and create more than enough to survive and be happy.    
Realize that power is simply the ability to be “at cause”.

what i have that i cannot lose
peace of mind, my imagination
can read, can watch tv, can  talk  to others as I need (church, etc.) when I need to want to
will there be roads, supermarkets, people to provide services

will there be places I can go to help?

based on needs:  food and shelter and something to do
knowledge, pride? for what purpose, isn't it an empty shell?

To be compiled, only to show the downside and to know there is a bounce that is ok, so that you can just give your attention to the "up" of life


What is "enough" in terms of financial? 

Since there is much anxiety around this that often ruins lives and relationships, this should be cleared up.  Whether you'll get to the point where you could see that you could be happy living as a monk or to the point that you'll see you can live a good life with enough guaranteed to be accessible, you need to get a clear idea of how the financial picture will come together, letting go of virtually all anxiety about this.

There will be a separate page later financial "enoughs".  Here are some notes for it:

I've been interested in this for years.  How do we manage minimal resources to create "enough"?  I look at this not from a poverty point of view, but from an ability to produce the minimum if needed, so that we can go on and do alot more but without ever having to worry about failure or setbacks, always knowing that you are OK.

I could earn at least...could work additional hours, at $10?

subsidized section 8 housing, 

to get food stamps I would need to have an income under  at 800/month income, $500 rent, get 183 in SNAP benefits per month

have a roommate

welfare if income is below: 

Medi-cal eligibility?

What is financially "enough" -
     rent a room Offer services (e.g. looking after a relative) in exchange for paid rent and utilities
     health insurance
             - Americans can go to the ER, take a book as there are long waits.
Bicycle plus bus, read while waiting
Food, at a discount store (so have to live near one if don't have great transportation) $300/month? buy in bulk
entertainment -  lots for free, live near a university...
living on social security as "enough"
clothes - goodwill, etc.
Surving and thriving on $12,000 a year.
live in mexico for 1500 a month for a couple 
Cheap living tips
Frugal Living  

Am I safe? 

Adjusting Your "Baseline" For Happiness 

Self-Compassion - The unconditional solution

Until We Get Enough...

Personal (Keith):

How Much Is Enough For
   Me? (An answer)