We are bombarded with negatives, hyperalerting and hypersensitizing our amygdala danger warning system.  But we are massively better off, in reality, than our ancestors.  Yet we are massively more anxious, depressed, and/or stressed - needlessly.

We "automatically" find all possible negatives that might threaten our survival - creating plenty of vague "threats".  We have to be in charge of managing the "other side", or it won't happen.

Taking charge of altering your perspective to one more of reality will catapult one to being calm, cool, and collected, and confident, very confident that we can live a great life.  And killing the toxic beliefs that create thousands of alarms going off in our brain every day.  Of the estimated 60,000 thoughts a day, experts estimate that 90% are negative and are repeat thoughts, that are unfounded and completely not true - and doesn't it make sense that we should not even allow that toxicity into the brain! 

Are you willing to kill your happiness in a vat of harmful chemicals produced within yourself?  Will you tolerate that?  Without managing this, I guarantee you won't be happy!

It only makes sense, as a super top priority, that you effectively manage this down to where you are living virtually without stress, in perspective - and, of course, in happiness. 

Will you do that? 


Ted.com video:  Peter Diamandis:  Abundance Is Our Future (16:15)
(See his longer one, over an hour, that is very worth watching!   Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think (1:13;26)

100 Years - Progress

Average human life span:     ↑ 2x+
Average per capita income:  ↑ 3x+
Childhood mortality:            ↓ 10x
Cost of food:                      ↓ 10x
Cost of electricity:              ↓ 20x
Cost of transportation:        ↓ 100x
Cost of communications     ↓ 1000x

Under The Poverty Line

99% have electricity, water, toilet, & refrigerator
95% have a television
88% a mobile phone
70% car and air conditioning

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How Much Is Enough? 
Adjusting The Baseline For
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