While you can still function, but not as well, without it, grounding oneself every day puts one on solid footing, for more confidence, has one feeling more full of psychological energy, and creates direction in life.

The kinds of items that you would use to ground yourself would be those in the Reminders Notebook, which you would put together if you are serious about improving your life to an excellent degree.  Select and devise from those ideas what will most contribute to your daily grounding.   

Examples from my own page are on Keith's Personal Main Page.   The version at the time of this writing is listed at the end of this piece.

Note that you start with a few core pages and then build in more for your use as you go, as this could seem overwhelming in terms of having many options - spread them out over time - each will benefit you as they are added!


Setting intentions for day has you headed in the direction of what you intend, which is less likely to happen if you don't clear affirm your intention (often aloud).  See The Power Of Intention.

Affirming/Empowering Statements/Thinking
My Utility Thoughts - These are thoughts that generalize about life and are brought into mind frequently when things happen.  They can be disempowering (identify yours) or empowering.  Examples are provided to choose from or jump off of.   You must have the key ones memorized so that you can use them in the instance when they are needed.  (Duh!)        


Select from Contents/Links Gratitude Section  your basic gratitude readings (such as My Top 25 Gratitude Affirmations) or gratitude videoclips   
See Gratitude and Appreciation pieces in the contents of the
     Gratitude/Reminders/Inspiration notebook.


See the Psychological Methods section for forms and methods to use to re-ground oneself.


Establishing a base of perspective - "I can do this just for this day", "I am safe" (reassurance)...
It's All OK And It's Wonderful - A "poem" of who "I am" and what I can count on in life.


See The Journals and pick which to use.  Especially consider The Improvements Journal.
Use the Memories Book - It'll give you a perspective on your life and what you've captured forever.
Use the Visuals Book - It'll remind you of what is inspiring and/or beautiful to you.

My Daily Reading - To ground myself in gratitude for my life and in standing for myself and my honor.

Exposure to higher thinking, learning 

Using one of the short inspiration videos or reading excerpts from a powerful book can both contribute to one's long term grounding, though I am emphasizing here that we ground ourselves every morning and evening (so that the programs will run all night, in your favor).


From Keith's Personal Main Page, which will have an updated version of this list as I refine it to what works the best.

My Daily Grounding Summary 
    My Main Power Affirmation - I Am The Creator, Period!
My Daily Reading 
My Top Afffirmations I Want To have "Top Of My Mind"  
Inspiring And Grounding Videos - For the moment and for long term


As this is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself, it will be more than worth the time you will spend to put together what will work best for you. 

Of course, you can use the examples from my page and additional pieces that might be used in this process are in the Life Management Section, especially in the Thinking section


   Life Stands - See, and use links from, Taking A Stand For Your Life
   The Daily Power Questions - See Life Coaching Main Page and Power
   My List Of My Abilities, My "Can-Dos"