What it is like:

When you have clearly decided what life is about and you keep it readily available "top of the mind" for looking at life, you are in the strongest power position of all.  You are centered and calm, knowing that there is little threat and that you can handle things as they come up.  You engage your higher brain and look at everything from an elevated position where you see all of what is going on and how all the pieces relate.  Then you decide what to do.
That is the Power Of Perspective, the essential to living a great life.

"When you feel least thankful, you are most in need of what gratitude can give you: perspective."

                                                                         Oprah Life Work Lesson

'There are times when people need to remove their head from a dark place, and take a new look at the world and life." 

                                                              The CranialRectal Surgeon

You cannot have a great life without the power of perspective.  Without it, you are reactive, operating in a fog of unclear thinking and emotions, and very much without power - the ability to use one's energy to create a desired result as quickly as possible.

It's a great way to live life!!!!


One of the very most effective things you can do to improve life is to set aside Perspective Time .   It's like an army general looking over the whole battlefield and making strategic decisions on where best to use the resources.  Without that, we'll engage in battles that get us very little and miss some of the best opportunities.

It's about taking a moment, take enough time, to decide what do I really need to do in the next moment.  What is the better path?  Then you'll be able to go more toward what you want, in a straighter, making better decisions.  And your life will be elevated and you'll be calm and in control.  (Practice:  Pause, Plan, Pace .)

You'll be like a god of your own life, looking down from above, seeing the whole picture.

At the very basic, beginning level, we must at least take the perspective of looking at our week (last week and the coming one) to see how things went and to decide what needs to be changed and then to look at the next week and to scheme, decide, create it in the best way you can think of, in order to have the greatest week.

Those who succeed greatly in life will not just do something and get it over with.  They will always go beyond that, looking at what has happened and what they want to happen in their life.  Some will choose to plan their day, some will plan their week - and some, those rare few who live the greatest lives of all will "take it to the max" - and spend the extra time and effort to push the boulder of understanding and wisdom all the way to the top of the hill.  They will "learn life" diligently, scheduling and protecting the time to learn and to answer life's questions and solve any problems - and to keep enhancing their ability to live life better and better, at an ever higher level.

Indeed, they will follow The Only Path To The Greatest Life.


Getting a perspective on life overall is perhaps the most effective power increaser of all, as it blows out many of the blocks and defines more of what works in life - and what is most important

I designed the "powerpoint" Summary Modules about life overall so that you could whip through the key elements of life in a relatively few pages, noting what pieces you need to fill in (learn, etc.) and have a sense of all the pieces of life

You cannot operate well in life without having gained a perspective on how your beliefs run your life.   Without fully correcting your beliefs, which were often adopted without perspective and without real thinking, you cannot create a much greater life - no miracle will make it happen, but you can make it happen.  You can "run your beliefs:, instead of the other way around - and run them for a much greater life.

Life philosophy is a coherent gathering of one's belief in whole, consistent and clear - and powerful.  If you have an ill-formed or partially formed one, you'll live a confused, sometimes contradictory, life, with totally unnecessary unhappinesses.   I suggest you "re-work" your view of your self and your philosophical foundation.


We lose our perspective when fear arrives on the scene.  In contrast, Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph. D., proves that one broadens one's view and makes better clearer decisions with more creativity when they are injected with "Positivity" (the title of her book).  Fear narrows it.

One of the secrets behind using the Overwhelm Formula is getting perspective.  And when one gets it, fears and anxieties disappear or are dramatically reduced.

In the section on fear and perfection, perspective is lost with the drive for perfection.

The Perspective To Create A Happy Life - Picture Summary Overview - A backing up, in order to see that it is "context" that is important in life.  A valuable perspective that helps make better decisions and tell one where to focus one's efforts.

Determining My Standards For "Success In Life" - Useful for stepping back and making decisions in perspective about your overall life.  Highly recommended. (A "one-page" decision form.)

Establishing One's Perspective On Life For Greater Happiness - The Program - What to read and do to get that perspective, which has value in itself emotionally but which also broadens one's capabilities.

Psychological Perspective Problem Forms - Looking at what actually happened, separating it from what one said to oneself about it, and objectively identifying the consequences helps to give one perspective and distinctions that help solve a problem.  What is the worst and the best that could happen, what help is needed, questioning, answering, and coming up with the final "perspective" statement has one leading a clearer, more powerful life.


When we feel small, everything else looks big.  We feel small when we do not completely take care of the Core Belief Statements Underlying Negative, Harmful Thinking, because those are from the perspective of a small child.

Problems look big when we multiply their size by just thinking of them and not knowing we can deal with them and solve them.  (This relates to having a sense of Self-Efficacy.)

But perhaps the biggest perspective differential will be achieved when we do what I think is one of the top impact items in our lives and a huge component of happiness:  reviewing and keeping "top of the mind" a view of the Mountain Of What We Have, For Sure.  There is so much.  I will never not have enough.  I am always in abundance if I keep in mind this huge blessing of mine.

It is so huge that it wins out over everything! (Follow the sequence of links from that piece and be sure you implement a practice where you can keep this in mind, including doing such things that add to the positive side of perspective, such as creating a Positives Portfolio - a great exercise.)

I'll be adding to this.  Please let me know anything you'd like to add, by emailing me:  Contact.


A Grand Perspective On Life - Read This First, Before Embarking Into Life 


Time Perspective and Perspective

Pause, Plan, Pace - Live your life this way, as a super priority.  Link into the Life Work Lessons via that site's search engine.  Join it free.

When we get anxious, such as when I was watching the electrician work so slowly at $100/hr, we need to step back and get perspective. 

And if we intentionally get perspective from 50,000 feet up, each little moment of life is so incredibly small. 

In fact, as I did that, I completely dropped the anxiety by seeing the smallness plus I put it into perspective as far as the realities of life related to making mistakes.

We will always make mistakes, so I allow for up to 20% allowance factor for making mistakes as part of life.  Then I don't get sucked up into comparing how things go to some unrealistic expectation. 

Unrealistic expectations are also one of the greatest sources of unhappiness - and it all is occurring only in the mind - and it's total nonsense. 

Plus something that costs me a bit, just like a mistake, is no big deal - what is a $150 blown on the electrician just because I didn't know any better - it's chickenfeed compared to making millions over my lifetime. 

And I can't know everything, so it's not personal.  I don't need to be on guard against making mistakes (and be so upset that I can't use my brain very well).  I simply note what I can and try my best to be an effective thinker and then let the cards fall where they may be.

And I think of what the Dalai Lama would think, noting my Mountain Of Haves Versus What I Am Missing - then I laugh at how I could have been upset.  Life is only an experience and I need not expect anything other than reality - win some, lose some, but still I am massively ahead!