You cannot overcome the "human side" of you, though you can effectively work with it.  You were born with and then further programmed into what we might call System One.  System One is our basic evolved brilliance in running automatic systems that keep us alive and away from danger.  Though the most powerful computer in the universe, it is solely mechanistic and of limited intelligence. 

This system is always "in action", so we must allow for that - which means we must actively manage it to the degree necessary or it will take us back to the default setting. 

Incredibly fortunately, we have another key advantage over all other beings in the universe: System Two, which is essentially the higher brain.  Interestingly enough, although it, too, is mechanical, the higher brain actually makes you have a meaning in terms of a "person", instead of just thinking of yourself as a living mechanism. 

This is the system from which we can direct all of our "workers", to the extent we can communicate with them, to do what we have decided we want.  Those workers are the workers of System One. 


If we don't direct them and/or persuade them, then they'll simply do what they have evolved to do:  keep things in balance, try to peaceful, and operating at a healthy level - but always seeking out danger signals to protect us against.  Balance, peace, and operating efficiency are the components of what we call a homeostatic level and it is the one we are always seeking as it is our most effective level, where our immune system and all the functions of the body work best.  Yes, we are capable of using the evolved capabilities of fight/flight, kicking those in gear for brief urgent dangers - and then recovering and going back to homeostasis.  If we don't do that, then we are screwed, as we will go further and further out of balance and out of effectiveness in life.


We will always be successful in life and business, if we do the following things. 

PAUSE - The reactive brain in System One just reacts to what comes up, especially dangers.  If we decide to notice and pay attention to what is going on then we can spot our being "out of proper homeostasis" and the obvious thing to do then is to "get back into homeostasis" so we can function well - and our System One will be happy, since it has evolved to try to get us back to that state always (like a thermostat, correcting to the right temperature). 

When we pause for a moment, we engage our higher brain.  It's a physical reality.  (When we "frown", we also engage our higher brain, though keeping up a mode of concern for longer than the moment is unhealthy.)   And when we engage our higher brain, we get to reason and make good decisions - and to keep our perspective, to see the overall picture and a sense of proportion of what is most important.

We also physically send a signal to System One's amygdala danger alarm system that we are "safe", which will tend to calm it down, since we are "being in charge" by using that higher brain.

The act of pausing, doing nothing, and just being silent for a minute or two retrains the brain to be "quiet", gets rid of the information and/or static overload, and clears the circuits for clarity of thinking.

See also The Pause.

PACE - This will tend to be what a person will do once he/she pauses to notice that one is out of balance (not in homeostasis).  Unless there is an emergency, the person returns to a normal, calm state and maintains it by doing things at a pace that is consistent with running a marathon instead of exhausting oneself by running sprints (where we don't seem to realize we are doing that and the emotional and body consequences, so we fail to pause and rest/refresh/rejuvenate, falling further into malfunctions caused by being not in homeostasis.   (See Pacing.)

PLAN - This is the essential process of deciding what is wanted, seeing what is happening now, and then deciding what will get you from here to your desired goals.   Without that, you will be a wandering minstrel, going only where happenstance has you go, but missing out on what you really want in life.  But without learning and doing the key subpart of Prioritizing, one cannot succeed at the highest level.

See Planning


Some say "but I'm not a planner", a clever use of System One's bullbleep system.  System One actually does predictions and pattern recognition all the time in order to avoid dangers and extinction.  Because it is not smart at the level of System Two, we need to use our higher brain to decide how to use System One to achieve better predictions and to discriminate as to when a pattern is not valid for making a conclusion. 

It is well-known, though most often not practiced, that a person who plans is successful - and that a person who doesn't plan is unlikely to be successful unless by luck (or some mystical force, such as "The Secret" or the Law Of Attraction).   The successful person doesn't depend on luck.  The successful person plans and he corrects and improves very frequently, so that he'she becomes a champion at what is most important to get the results one wants.  (See Living Life As A Champion.)

The Pause  - Learn and do this!

   The Time Out Tool -
      The essential tool for

Pacing. -  It's not smart not to do this all of your life!  



How does this work in life?

Living Life As A Life Champion