Go placidly amid the noise and haste...keeping perspective
Viewing life from 50,000 feet up
Empowering self conversations

Seems a worthy objective (D'ya think?!!!). 

What follows in this piece is an attempt to persuade you to do what is necessary to implement a time perspective. 

I have also attempted to clarify the thinking and thus the self "conversation" that I might use to converse with myself to make better tradeoffs for the long term, and thus have greater total benefits over my lifetime.   That piece is The Long Term Benefits Conversation.  (Perhaps the greatest challenge mankind has?)


The #1 priority for management of your life is always to keep perspective, rather that get caught down in the detail, in the short term impulses, anxiety and the busyness.  ( Indeed the least perspective is that of feeling like a little person who is subject to fears and anxieties, not able to peek his/her head above the chaos of emotions.) 

When you keep perspective you are in control, you know what is important, and you're sure to think things out, while in a rational productive state.  That is the polar opposite of anxiety.  It is power, a sense of control, confidence in oneself, a producer of fulfillment, and much more. 

Without daily (just a bit), weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, five years and lifetime planning and overviews, one is deep down in the muck.  So, as part of your time management, you'll utilize the Planning section.

The strategies we will use here are:

Planning from a higher perspective (life overall, one's own life, time planning)    
Setting aside perspective time
Habit reformulation one small step at a time
Address the source of the anxiety, lack of perspective, busyness
    Correcting our beliefs about this.
    Installing empowering statements


I like David Allen's metaphor in his top value book Making It All Work, but I believe it is useful to start from 100,000 feet up, so one sees the whole world (and life overall!).  At this level we're dealing with what is in the realm of the philosophical, but hopefully not in the esoteric but rather in the practical.  Seeing life overall for what it is is the first step "from the top down".  

It is part of building life from the top down, looking at the overall "architectural" plan in terms of life without the fears running it.  What kind of a beautiful, magnificent life mansion do we want to build?

It is ultimately more powerful than any of the specifics you can do, the strategies you derive, the changing of fear beliefs, etc. and etc.   The latter are used in "building life from the bottom up."  The perspective on life itself is what will permit you to bring in more of what is effective at the bottom or lower levels, as you'll have more openness and perspective from which to choose the details for what works in life.

Working diligently on your Philosophy Of Life has the greatest rewards, from clarifying and accepting death and what we do to needlessly create suffering to what works in life overall. It is the very foundation up which your life can be built - its strength and its "size" will determine how magnificent your life mansion can be, for we must built from the bottom up.


Pick, or add your own, whatever might be helpful to you.

"I pause right now and take a deep breath and let it out with a slight sigh, relaxing, releasing.   All is fine..."

"I choose not to be hurried.. how much stress is worth it?  I stand for myself and my life being in control and in peace." 

I'll just do this, as it is what I need to do.  And it'll soon be over and won't mean a thing and I'll be happy......

I will spend the necessary time to do what is important for me and not sweat the small stuff.  Some things may not get done, but  I will always be calm and cool about it.  I am the master of my ship and I choose what to do, without feeling any pressure or any need for perfection.  I will steer my ship well enough and all will be well. 

I'm ok, there's plenty of time.  I need merely choose. 

There is no hurry, Pace yourself!

I notice I am rushing.  I need not rush...

I am fine right now.  If I don't do this or if I do this right now, it makes a miniscule difference in my life.  There is no threat here.  I have my mountain of haves and I am in control of my life.

I choose to do what will make my life better and this is my choice.  And in choosing it, I choose not to do something else, but I can't do two things at once.  I am losing nothing by not doing the other item


The Power Of Perspective - The Greatest Power Position
- Calm, in control, runnning the show...

To get the most value out of life!

To get the most out of life, one would best invest in developing "Life Value" Productivity.- For producing the maximum life in your life.  Learn this and your life will be 10 times better

We all want to be "better off".  (Who would turn that down?) 

But there is a problem:  to be better off, it takes some effort, some spending of time that could be used elsewhere and for immediate effect.

The ideal time perspective is to have a "lifetime perspective", where we look for "benefits" not in terms of one minute or one day, but for a lifetime - this would be a true "time perspective" (perspective on time).  The problem is how to embrace and then how to operate under that perspective. 

To do this well, I need to see that there is a certain "cost" of time and effort (or of deferring immediate gratification) spent currently and that there is a greater benefit to me overall over the long term compared to the short term. 

We evolved to meet short term needs, which helped us survive where there were scarce resources.  That instinctive urge for survival is compelling, so overcoming the primitive brain thinking is a significant challenge, involving engaging the higher brain and also in "convincing" the primitive brain.  It involves reeducating ourselves from operating on primitive, incorrect (at least for today's reality) beliefs.

If we can do this, the results in life will be much different:  high health  (instead of overweight, struggling to diet and exercise)
and high happiness and satisfaction in life.

Check off or circle which are true for you.  And then decide if time perspective will have value for you!

The Results Of
Lack Of Perspective

Lots of wasted time

Blowing life on personally useless time wastes

Hurried, rushed...(stressed, anxious)

Time impatience (stress, no actual results!)


Failure to differentiate between urgency and importance - Missing the best impact on life.

Living as a victim of Parkinson's Law

Lots of unfixed problems.

Doing things the hard way because the time wasn't spent to learn to do it right.

Seeing the effects in real life:

From an early age we get training from our parents and influences that will permanently (unless retrained on purpose) hold back the child:

The Top Predictor Of A Child's Success In Life...
The only way to be better off is to intervene in this quickly, to choose to change the "life wisdom" growth curve, by learning what it takes to run a better life.  Use one of The Paths To Where You Want To Go In Life.


In my studies of the most powerful people in terms of living a good life, they all have some means of setting aside time to have perspective - and they value it highly!