I have this "base" that is given to me at birth, one that is as high as the Empire State building.  It is more than enough.  It is sufficient unto itself!  I am the embodiment of it all.  As a result, I am totally capable of creating a great life, just in appreciating what I have and experiencing it all!    

Isn't this pretty darned incredible!  How could these things have evolved to the level they have?


I started at a million "units"!   I've added 10's of thousands that are unlosable!  And 10's of thousands that will vary but in which I'm always ahead, alot!

What I have that I created and cannot lose       What I have that I may lose some of but will always be ahead in   

Gratitude Contents/Links - Discussion and more examples or ways to be grateful 

The warmth of the sun.the sun on a beautiful day
The beauty of the trees, bushes, flowers
The smiles of other people

the experiences of love
being "touched" emotionally, physically
My flavored coffee in the morning 

Unbelievable, incredible complexity
The ability to create energy!
The incredible automatic way my body manages everything.
Incredible ability to adapt and even handle abuses
All the thousands of parts all crammed into a small space that is mobile!

My waste product system that works so wonderfully, liver, kidneys, bowels, etc., all miraculously working together and crammed so efficiently in such a small space.
The chemicals that run my body.
The cells being able to receive and send messages and to adapt and to take in nutrients and expel waste.
I am grateful for my energy. 


The most incredible computer in the universe
100+ billion brain cells
curing small pox, tubercolosis, polio, and lessening cancer. 
stories, images
Vast pools of knowledge
Incredible abundance
The ability to have vehicles to get around with
For music.
TV, movies, entertainment

__ The food on the table.
__ my car
    __ For my car heater.
__ For a microwave
__ For a cellular phone
__ For a computer
__ For soup, __ fuzzy slippers, __ big bathrobes, __ ear muffs, __ the sun, __ spring floral, __ potpourri, __ down comforters, __ snooze alarms, __ hot water, __ water, __ the fireplace, __ bright blue skies, __ red socks, __ the good idea of dressing in layers, __ flannel sheets, __ cats, __ dogs, __ sweaters, __ snow men, __ toddlers,   __ a hot toddy,  __ boots, __ flowers, __ sun and  __ sun.
__ The stars.__ Food.  __ Water.
__ I already have enough.  If more comes that’s fine but it is all just extra. 


being able to cry at the deep beauty, deeper quiet, deepest Oneness of it all.

beautiful paradise
The flowers in bloom.  The leaves when they turn bright colors in the fall.  The sky
     when it is blue. 
For the exquisite dolphins, birds,  trees, and  all that is living.
For the green rolling hills, flowers and palm trees, the sound of waterfalls and
     fountains, ponds filled with ducks, a stork in mid-flight over the lake, and magnificent
     snow-capped mountains.
freezing snow and the brisk air.
the butterfly with its fluttering wings.
For the stars in the cosmos, twinkling everywhere. 
For the aliveness I feel in nature.
the cooling rain on a hot summer’s day.
The coastal sunset.
The early morning sunrise.
For the moon shining through falling snowflakes.
For moonbeams.
The stillness of midwinter’s eve.
The perfect symmetry of snowflakes and the mountains.
Wind chimes tinkling in the breeze
The warmth of blankets.
Snow capped peaks
Vibrant color of spring flowers
How fresh and clean the air smells after it has rained.
For the rose bushes with their thorns and different colors, even within one flower.
The beauty of a tree blowing in a breeze.
For the profound beauty and magnificence of the Earth. 
For the exquisite dolphins, 0 birds, 0 trees, and  all that is living.
For this beautiful planet.
For the great abundance. 

0 For snowflakes resting like bridal lace on the arms of great trees.


Those who nourished me thru childhood
For my childhood and a home to live in. 
I am grateful for my past.   For my mother.  For my father.   For my sister.   For my brother. 


my talents
Ability to type
Sing, know songs

The meaning and purpose in my life as I move toward more and more fruition.
To feel connected to people
To feel magnetically connected to others. 

The most incredible computer in the universe
Eyes to see with
A nose to smell with, enjoy beautifiul aromas with
A mouth to eat with, enjoy flavors with
The ability to process food for energy and to get rid of the waste
The ability to learn
The ability to visualize
The ability to think, to differentiate between reality and not-reality, to solve problems
The ability to choose
The ability to create
Just being able to experience being alive!
The ability to create meaning

For having work in which I can feel apride and joy, a labor at something I love,
something that can make a difference in the world. 
__ I am grateful for my vocation.  __ For my business. __ For the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. 


For those who walk their talk and live up to their word. 
I am grateful for the basic good in people. 


Thank you for the people in my life.
I am grateful for my partner, who she is.  I am grateful for all she contributes to me.
For all the people who have made it possible.
For people who are caring.
I am grateful for the people sent into my world to have me learn something.
For being able to see the good in all people and in all things.
For a smile.
For those who walk their talk and live up to their word. 
I am grateful for the basic good in people. 
I attract others through my gratefulness. 


__ I am grateful for each experience.  I am grateful for the ability to experience.
__ I am grateful for the opportunity and the joy I feel when I contribute to her.
__ The miracle of the body and __ of the mind. __ Being able to go to the bathroom. __ To see. __ To hear.  __ To taste.   __ To feel.   __ To experience. 
__ For the ability to learn and have insights from illnesses and other such happenings. 
__ I am grateful for the inner strength I have to create solutions. 
__ I am grateful for my inner wisdom. 
__ I feel the divine  presence flowing through me. 
__ For the ability to step outside of what is happening to appreciate it. 
__ I am grateful for my awareness. 
__ My ability to look deeper into things. 
__ My intelligence. 
__ I am grateful for the signals from my body. 
__ I am grateful for my fears and I accept their message and handle it. 
__ I am grateful for the higher power within me. 
__ For my deepening of wisdom, the lessons learned, the awakening, the doors that have been opened to me. 
__ I am grateful for each important lesson learned, each deepening of wisdom, each


Being able to type.
For being able to reason.
For a magnetic appeal to others from my natural self.
For my intelligence.
For my motivation.
For being able to walk.
For being able to do so much, beyond a miracle.
I am grateful for the gifts that have been given to me. 
For the ability to look at anything and to be able to “have” it in my experience and
imagination - from the riches of a castle to the strength of a warrior. 
For the ability to feel positive and empowered. 
The ability to set my course to some degree.
The ability to set my intent.
For the gift of creativity and the ability to express my feeling through word, paint,
music and dance. 
For the ability to dance.
I am grateful for dreams and guidance from within.
For the richness of my senses.
For the ability to contribute to others and to charities. 


For the love I can envelop myself in so that I know I am totally loved by the inner being and the higher being in me.


My kindness. 
For my being a precious, priceless being worthy of love.
For my smile, for my ability to smile deeply.
For my efforts in the face of danger or fear.
For my coming out just fine from a difficulty or problem.
For my keepin’ on keepin’ on!
I am grateful for the love I give to myself.  The nurturance I give to myself. 


__ I am grateful for the growth (and the ability to observe) from difficult circumstances that further help me discover more and more about the wonders of life. 


__ I am grateful for life. 
__ I am grateful for even problems and realize that is all part of life.
__ I am grateful.  I practice being grateful.  Grateful is the essence of who I am. 
__ I am grateful for all the basics of life and for everything else that I have that I
__ Note that I can be humble and grateful.
__ Thank you universe
__ Thank you for giving me a life.
__ Thank you for giving me a gift of 24 hours.
__ For just the opportunity for life, no matter how it is going.
__ A life of wonder.
__ The peace and wonder underneath it all.
__ For the well spring of hope and gratitude and insightful awakening…
__ For being able to fill up moments with warmth and love, allowing things to be exactly as they are. 
__ Just being alive is “big stuff” and the ability to experience is big stuff - everything  else is just “stuff”.
__ For time.
__ For having so much time given to me and for the ability to choose to do with it what I will.
__ For being able to hold a baby.
__ The miracle of life. 
__ Every breath.
__ Every step is a miracle.
__ This is a world of infinite wonder and possibility.
__ I am in awe of this wonderful thing called Life!
__ I have the opportunity to try a bunch of things in life. 
__ I get to learn lots of lessons. 
__ I say Yes to life.  And life says yes to me.
__ I am privileged to be here.
__ I am grateful for the challenges I face and for the strength and compassion they help me build.
__ I am grateful for this moment and for the next and for each moment in life.  I cherish them.  Thank you.
__ For a magical life.
__ For the miracle.
__ Life is a gift. 
__ And my job is to learn to receive it. 
__ For being able to have life consist of 80% of this, or 50% or anything above 0%…
__ Everything I choose to experience this lifetime is for my ultimate Highest Good.
__ For the unique opportunities to practice love and forgiveness, to learn about myself at deeper levels.
__ I love the awesome design of life. 


I choose gratitude as a chosen lifestyle.
I give thanks for all that I am given and all that I am learning.
I give thanks for all that I wish to accomplish and for all that is accomplished.

TRY DOING THISGo through and circle those that apply to you.  Work up your own lists and put them in your Reminders Notebook, to constantly reinforce your perspective.