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We are crossing the boundaries here into philosophy, psychology, productivity, and managing one's life in order to experience more freedom and more fulfillment.  This is a vital component, in my opinion, to the next higher level in life.


From whatever ties you down and limits you!

What are examples of that?

Approval (need for)
Fear of undesired outcomes (attachment) 
Doing things you think you "should" do, especially to be "nice", but which have 
    no or miniscule value to others, but especially to you
And the other items listed below


Read and adopt the practices in Being Stuck In The Past Or Choosing Freedom, for that is the essence of no longer being "stuck" in some area or areas of your life.  We, based on misbeliefs, think that we are stuck with our "story" and/or we further imprison ourselves in it, unintentionally, such that it holds us back considerably in ife!!!!!!!!! 


     Frees up mind to think of more fulfilling, filling, satisfying, happier things.
     Free sup time to do what will provide more for your benefit.


Freedom from fear and anxiety 

A key here is having a "context" for life, a way of viewing life philosophically (which includes a set of beliefs properly constructed in a way to hold life in a way that works).  This is the biggest one, for without any excess in this, life is transformed into one very happy existence!

Freedom to do what you want and/or what is beneficial

Hopefully they are the same thing!

On the sister site, we free up at least 40% of what we are doing, so that we can do that which we actually want and can benefit more greatly from.

Freedom from political restrictions

This topic will not be covered here, except for reminding you that you have a choice of which countries to be in and urging you to pick the one that is best for your freedom and being able to live the best life for you. 

Freedom from threats  

Here we're talking about staying away from actual threatening situations and people but also about knowing the difference between what is a threat and what actually isn't.  (From the Fear section:  Threats And Fear.)

Freedom from pain and suffering and struggle  

We can eliminate virtually 100% of the pain and suffering "extras" we pile on in life. Then our experience of life is that of freedom in what we do and freedom from suffering - and life ceases being a struggle that we create with ourselves as the perpetrator.  Ironically, we create the suffering by resisting reality, expecting more of people and the world than is the case, expecting more of ourselves - and judging, criticizing, getting angry about what occurs, feeling bad etc. all are indications that we've set ourselves up for suffering.  See Acceptance and apply all the lessons!


Write down on a sheet of paper, where you feel restricted or not free, note how you are creating that and then write what would have you be free.  Being free has no "reactiveness" in it and no "pushing away" from someone. 


Not having employees.  
Delegating, but learning well how to do it effectively.
To be added to:  Meanwhile, read the classic Harry Browne's How I Found 
Freedom In An Unfree World.
Applying the 80/20 techniques at


Not needing Approval.  
Giving yourself all the love and nurturing you require for yourself. 
Stopping trying to get one's needs met through others.  Giving up the idea that you 
    have "needs" that are actually wants and preferences only.  
Cease/stop, as soon as possible, all addictions (which take you over and get you 
    to do things that your higher self would deem wasteful of life!!!!!! 

"Having" or "shoulding" to contribute:

Drop completely doing anything that is of no or miniscule value to others and 
     which will take time away from what is of value to me - stop wasting life 
     this way! 

Doing things that are lower level or take too much time!

Setting up systems that will make things more efficient and effective and allow things to run automatically without requiring your time (and which, when done completely, will allow you to delegate to others).  


Underneath it all, you are already free, and it is only you who chooses to pile things on the top of that, things that imprison you far more than the world could.  

Nelson Mandela was free even while in prison and most readers of this are not in actual prison yet they are not letting themselves have freedom.  Ironically, people say they want freedom but their actions suggest they value those things that end up having one not be free - they insist on being right or trying to look good or trying to control someone else or get something else from someone else or not accept what has happened - all of which impose non-freedom upon oneself.  


Though seemingly these might be obvious, they should be brought out clearly so that one sees more value in freedom - indeed, so one sees that there is virtually no greater value than freedom.  

One great benefit is that we are no longer the prisoner of our beliefs, of other people, and of circumstances having to be just right.  The benefit of this in turn is that we no longer experience the ongoing angst and the emotional pain that we were needlessly inflicting upon ourselves.   So, in a sense, that is the "removal of the negative", which removal is a big plus compared to where we were before.

The other is also immense:  it frees up energy so that it is directly solely to what one truly wants.  We are no longer engaged in seeking as a supposed want the idea of "avoiding what we don't want".   We choose to do things simply because we want to do them.  And we are devoting massively greater amounts of energy toward what we truly want - which naturally results in getting a lot more of what we want.  

And one of the things that we master is the happiness skills, so that we truly do get what we want the most. 


"I am totally self-sufficient.  I am powerful enough to create all the key essentials I want.  I am independent.  I am not dependent on anyone for life's basics and the basics of what will have me being happy.  I do that which I can control and I do not depend on trying to control what I cannot have in my control.  

I stay true to my values.  I live authentically, without pretense and state my needs and assert my requests.  

I am fearless, since I accept any outcome regardless, and I simply then just note it and decide what I will do next to get what I intend to get, but am never dependent on.

I accept reality, of who people are, of who I am, and of how the world is, simply acknowledging what is so and then proceeding to do that which I best would do.  Things are as they should be and no better and I acknowledge that as simply what is so and I don't add any story or should to it.  It is as it is.  And I simply choose what is next and go do it."

Living this declaration would give you immense freedom.


      How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World,  Harry Brown - A classic book, full of valuable thinking.

      Living The 80/20 Life - The sister site.  It helps one free up at least 40% of what you are doing, so 
         you can then commit your time to doing what you want.

      The Power Of Inner Choice, Mary E. Allen - Though she has a little bit of spiritual type references in 
         the book it is largely very practical, drawing selectively from many disciplines, including some of  
         Tony Robbins workable materials, references in common with Landmark Education, and with some 
         of  the other leading progressive and effective thinkers.  She is a life coach, who I suspect would be 
         effective.  People who have taken the Landmark Forum (recommended) will find good reinforcing 
         material and distinctions in this book. 


From Inspire Me Today:

Freedom is the opportunity to do what we want, when we want and choose how we want to do it. It's following that voice inside, no matter where it might lead and oft times walking to a different drummer. It is the ability to think our own thoughts and make our own choices.

I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It helps to remember that we are all free to think whatever we want to think, regardless of the positions or actions of others. No matter our circumstances, no one can control our thoughts but us. Others may try to influence our thoughts, and circumstances may attempt to sway them, but ultimately, no person, situation or circumstance has the power to influence our thoughts unless we grant them that privilege. This personal choice of being able to think whatever we choose is the ultimate freedom.

Remember to also acknowledge and celebrate the freedom that you have as an individual to think whatever thoughts you choose. It's not as difficult as you might think.

First, look at your thoughts and let go of those that no longer serve you and your goals.

Next, choose where you want to go in life and focus on that direction, ignoring the nay-saying or well-intentions of friends and family, remembering that YOU and only you have the freedom to choose your own thoughts and to follow your own dream. Remember also to be supportive of others by allowing them to think their own thoughts without criticism or oppression.

Lastly, express gratitude for the freedom of thought that allows you to create the world you desire, in all ways. Remember, you are free to think whatever you choose to think, so fill your mind with positive thoughts that are supportive to you, others and the world around you. Use your freedom of thought to create the world you desire.