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Perspective tor the day

I am safe, always, at the core, .
I am ok.
Why Life Is Very Good!  (Actually Great!)
Why I Am Very Good! (Actually Great!)  

(The following headings are the same as those in the table of contents for the Reminders Notebook. )

My base in life

My Daily Reminders Reading - A collection of statements and reminders overall to start off the
         day and center oneself. See the overall page on The Daily Reminders Reading.
I already am - I already have everything..., I will not settle for less than full self-liberation...I
         have the power...I avoid the traps...most happenings are actually control of my
         thoughts or basis for right/wrong/blame in task in life is to simply...check for
         later update (you'll see a date here)
I Am Safe, Overall, Already! 
What I have - Filling up for the day (using the opposite idea of loss or lack...)
It’s all ok and it’s wonderful - A poem, recentering and remind myself about life and fully living it!

My affirmations, mantras

My Top Affirmations I Want To Have "Top Of My Mind" - An actual list, but annotations have been
    added to explain the basis, so one can "get this straight".
My Top  25 Gratitude Affirmations - The ones I can read easily and quickly in my re-centering.
Mantras - Use this to "power over" negative thoughts, by repeating over and over - or just use
   them as a general calming or centering repeated statement.
Self-Esteem Affirmations - Regrounding myself so I regain clear self esteem.
Affirmations Of Acceptance, Gratitude, Control - To remind me when I am trying to control what I
   can't control and that I need to appreciate what I have.
Reaffirming myself in this difficult relationship situation - When in a difficult situation with results
   other than one wants, it is a time when one can make oneself wrong.  This is a reflection of the
   reaffirming needed.
Affirms/Statements Underlying a Philosophy Of Health/Happiness - When I get "off" in my thinking
         and/or forget.  

Minimizing Statements - To remind me that this is no big deal, in different ways.
My Life Stands  See also possible additions in the Declarations Main Page.
     My Life Stands - Written after seeing the movie The Secret ( and being
         clearer on what I put into my mind.  I was given an opportunity to write for 90 minutes in a
         These are excerpts from that writing, ones that I try to read daily.  This kind of exercise can
         have a huge impact on one's life.
    My personal declaration
    How I live
This is who I declare I am and this is how I declare I will live my life now and forever - Some primary
        declarations and a bunch of other declarations about my life, how I shall live it, with some
        truisms and beliefs I hold to be true and beneficial.  
    I declare this for the rest of my life now and forever
Who I Am
   Where am I?  Who am I?  What am I capable of?
   Who I actually am and who I can be
   My "Ground of Being" - Regrounding me in who I am and how I can be.
   All I Need Do In Life To Succeed  - A message from “Great Spirit” (higher self)
   What I Can And Can’t Control
   How then shall I live?
   My life is meaningful
   The peace song
    This is the moment…
What works in life
    Reminders of what works and how to be much more alive
When I'm "down"
      Stopping The Negative Conversation Spiral - Remind myself of what to do to stop the
Other sections I might wish to look at:

Peace Of Mind

My Morning Meditation - To remind me of my basic stance and some possible meditation alternatives I can do.  I believe it is essential to do one of these a day, even if only for 5 minutes a day, in order to keep proper sanity.
My Morning body movements - See My Morning Checklist

Reminders Notebook
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