This is who I declare I am and this is how I declare I will live my life now and forever - Declarations by the area of life, sortable.  These are the pieces that one might choose to use, or modify, to set one's declarations

   An excerpted and cut down version for a person:

         I declare this for the rest of my life, now and forever

I declare this as what I aspire to - A statement about what is wanted and what I want to live into.

My Ground Of Being - Who I choose to be, how I choose to be, and my declarations for my life. (This one I like, for its clarity, as I can visualize my physical "being" and how I would be thinking.  A good idea for one's morning set up for the day. 


Using clear disclaimers of what is absolutely not true - Why and what they are. 
I declare these not to be true.  I forever disclaim them! - Part of the principles and laws of life. We must destroy, eliminate, get rid of totally the "enemy" of false beliefs and the fears and problems they generate!


My stands in life (Taking A Stand - Make the strongest, unconditional statements of what you stand for in life!)

My commitments in life (Look at the examples and choose: The Pledges And Commitments Of Life)

Who I declare myself to be (Who I Am And Who I Declare Myself To Be, although it starts with an actual declaration it also contains a list of declarations and stands to pick from.)

My full intentions to cause

My possibilities in life and for me

My key decisions  (My Overall Standards For My Life - This Or Better, Period!)

Where to keep these:  Reminders Notebook - For more examples use the links from the table of contents and from the examples notebooks.
I see now that these need to be made more powerful

While there are some good raw materials herein for you to use to create strong declarations, as I look back at what was created a number of years ago before much of my latest wisdom gathering and refining the materials, I see that some of these lack punch and/or true strength.  They are helpful, but, I think, in some cases, not determinative (causative) nor adequately determined (clear) nor indicating adequate determination (strength of intention).

A real declarations cuts off all retreat.  It is de-cisive.  It cuts (like "cissors") off the alternative.  It separates and determines what is and/or will be so.

A declaration must be so powerfully stated and clear and guiding that one cannot be anything less. 

I recommend that you consider nothing less than a 100% commitment to a way of being that is, well..., 100% of what you can be, not some pussy-footing inching toward something, but an actual, clear, no-retreat way of living and being in life.  Read and consider this blog post:   Try reading this every morning...and you will never go back to being less...

Do as requested:  Spend a whole day creating the most powerful statement of commitment possible as the human being you are in truth capable of being:  "This Is Who I Am Committed To Being And To Doing, Period!". 

This is, as you might possibly discern, not anything you can wriggle out of, even in your life!
It is non-conditional - not dependent on circumstances, other people or how you feel at the time.  It is a "for-sure this is the way I choose to be for the rest of my life"! 

Declarations are a way of "making firm" what you are saying is true (which must actually be true), but have not yet firmly engrained in your mind enough to be more powerful than the untruths.   Declarations are generative - and the most powerful tool in our language and in our life - they determine our future.

It's just a matter of numbers and strength.  We need to decrease the strength (over time) of the untruths and diminish the numbers (the various versions and numbers of time "said"), while putting more and stronger ones on our side.  On the strengthening side is the power of clarity, which replaces the confusion and lack of clarity that weakens one in life.

It takes time, just as it took lots of time to buy into the untruths, but over time it is a very winnable game - you've just got to carry it through to completion, which is when you know you've won the game. 

Use these in Getting Centering For The Day.