These are the standards for how I live my life.  These support me and guide to live the most fulfilled and happy life.  I follow them because of their value to me and because it helps me contribute better to others.

This or something better!

My health can be nothing lower than excellent.  The time I spend more than pays off in quality health time in life and in a greater number of years.  I will be able to feel good and not ill or tired or to have pain - and it means that I will be more alert and better able to live life.  This is at the very core of my being and it is essential, absolutely essential, that I assure this for myself.  (My Cardinal Rule For My Life - The Central One For Strength In Life - High resourcefulness, including functional balance.)

This means I need to be sure to be able to see the indicators from my body and to respond in a healthy manner, eating when I truly need to eat and not eating out of needing stimulation or "comfort" (though I will assure I will eat food I like and enjoy it).  This measures out as having  weight no greater than 200 lbs., B/P at 120/80 or lower, cholesterol below 175, with HDL above 45.

This means I have good energy all day, taking naps if I need rest. 

My standard for physical exercise is at least 4 times/week 30+ min aerobic, plus weights and excellent abdominal strength, being able to do at least 30 pushups.   I go to bed at 10 pm and wake up refreshed between 6 and 6:30.  I make sure I am rested during the day, so I take a 21 minute nap when needed.

And, of course, all of my standard checkups are tickled (an example: Physical Goals Monitoring Sheet).

My key decisions must be excellent.  I do not allow bad decisions to run my life.

I make all my important decision only while in a high state of resourcefulness.

I spend my time only on high payoffs, to the extent possible. I will not waste time nor waste my life on low payoff items.  I realize that I am not an "efficiency" machine, but I darn well think it preposterous for me to waste any potential quality time by spending time haphazardly and randomly.  (I do not engage in being "interested" in irrelevancies and things that do not affect my life.)

This means that I will meet my needs directly, resting when I need to rest, filling up when I need to fill up, making sure I feel satisfied and that I am living a virtually zero stress life.

This means I will not seek that which is not truly purposeful (such as a fancier car, bigger house) and that I will ask "do I really need this?"

I practice good habits and do not allow bad habits (and make no excuses).

I have a set schedule that supports me.
I always plan my day and my week.
I do my golden hour first thing in the morning.
Then I do my top value activity for the day, for at least two hours. 

I am impeccable with my word and my words

I speak only what is of value and do not just fill the air with chatter.
   I do not complain, explain, try to persuade or control, speak ill of anyone.

I treat myself very, very well.  I am always kind to myself.

I am impeccable with who I associate with.  They must have value for me and be the kind of person who raises me. 

In my significant other, I am absolutely impeccable in checking out that person's ability and willingness to create a great relationships.  I carefully heed The Indicators and I follow the vital tests in Finding And Selecting A Partner

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