Regardless of our education and intellectual wisdom, we can never achieve what we want in life without engaging in the behaviors that will get us what we want.  

Without skillful self motivation, we will not do what will create the greatest life, as we will forever be stuck in the push-pull of conflicting choices and impulses.  This is part of "self control" or "self mastery".  What goes with this, and is necessary to have yourself in control, is impulse management, which you must absolutely master!  See Impulse Management - The First Step To Self Mastery And Directing Your Life

So, in this section, we will look at the various pieces of what it takes to effectively motivate ourselves (which of course is solely measured in the results one gets in life and ultimately measured in terms of happiness/satisfaction/fulfillment attained in life).

What follows are the keys to implementing skillful motivation that will cause the desired behaviors AND a great feeling of power over one's life.  

Either do this to "sufficient mastery" or continue to live a life where New Year's resolutions and personal promises do not get fulfilled.  

Those are the two choices.  

I hope and pray that you make the right choice in this most vital life-success-causing domain. 


All expert advisors on this subject point out that to reach success in life, the person must have applied a thorough learning and accumulated knowledge to his own life.  He/she must have the results to prove that he/she has "sufficient mastery" to effectively cause what is healthy and beneficial in his own life.  

There is no other way.  You must do the learning necessary to master this area, which means you do not stop until you've reached a good level of results in life (the indicators of having been sufficiently motivated to do that which causes the results - duh!).

Although this was by no means a "straight line" of consistent improvement, I have spent the time, culling everything I can from the experts and tying it all together into a workable whole, so that I have achieved a mastery over myself - my body's health, my energy, my mind, my emotions and the ability to choose the behaviors that most benefit me even when there are conflicting "impulses" or primitive-brain-believed threats/fears. 

[How would you rate yourself on each of those items above?...] 

To do this, I first needed to begin with an understanding of the following, which I have summarized, in sufficient detail to understand, in these pieces:  [Some people may wish to skip this to go more directly to the motivation materials, but then I would urge you to go back and look at and understand these foundational basics - they will make the other reading more meaningful and understandable.]

What Is Reality?  Know What It Is Or Suffer From Irreality  

Your (Bio)Mechanical Brain/Body - Summary - See It For What It Is, Create It How You Want It To Be  

(To put it bluntly, if you don't know these two, you're screwed...) 


Until I've put together the master book on this Motive-Ation, read and study the pieces linked above and select the pieces that are relevant in Motivations, Contents, Links, including videos.  

Yes, you can skip pieces of what I write here and you will still be able to make more than worthwhile results.  I have chosen in this case to break this subject into pieces, not unlike "chapters" of a book, but I've supplemented those with summaries or diagrams that pull everything together and/or make it easier to see how the pieces relate and affect each other.  Of course, when you're ready to really finish this off, to completely master it, study all the links and proactively use other resources to complete your master.


When the book is set up: Follow (link into) the chapters as listed in The Book Of Motive-Ation, Table Of Contents.  (coming soon, contact me if you would like this expedited.)

Go from here to

How To Motivate Yourself - The Art And Science Of Motivation.   

And be sure to review the Motivation Contents/Links page, including the videos and books.
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