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Objectives of this section: Understand how motivation works and implement what works

Definition: Simply the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way

Motivation factors:

The reasons to do something minus the reasons not to do something (their relative total size)
  The benefits (called "the why")
  The barriers or benefits of not doing the behavior  

Habits - Gradually replacing (which removes the opposing habit's force the other direction)

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Why We Do What We Do - And How To Remove The Negative Part Of It - Simply need to understand the mechanics of it.
     The Struggle Of Behaviors Between The Higher And Lower Brains - And what you can 
         do to make it work. 
     Resistance - How To Remove It, And Have Life Be Easy!  
     What Makes Things Hard - And How To Make Them "Unhard"  
     Motivation And Removing The Barriers - The Two Elements To Successfully Having 
        People Or Yourself "Do Something"  
     Why Do I Do Things That Are Not Good For Me? -Believe It Or Not, It Is Within Your 

Causal Chain For Behaviors - You must know how this works, if you are to manage behavior effectively!
    Diagram of The Causal Chain  

Elephant In The Room Of Human Life - Who Is In Charge? - Your human nature and how to work with it.

How To Motivate Oneself - The Art And Science Of Motivationincluding how everything works in your emotion system.    
     Vision, Creating A - Something that actually draws the lower brain toward it.      
    False Payoffs - We need to understand what false payoffs are, as they look like payoffs 
        but don't really have validity.
     Not "Feeling Like It" - The Inevitable Human Struggle - You know what you "should" 
        do, but you don't "feel like" doing it.  Why?  How to get better results. 
         The Illusions And Delusions Of Procrastination - What Is Missing?  
     Punitive Way Of Living  
         Inflicting Pain On Another To Get A Result  
     Motivation While Learning - Launching The Motion And Maintaining The Momentum   
Fear as a motivator 

Changing Others' Behavior - And Your Own  

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