How To Proceed:

Contents/Links sections are for you to refer to as needed, such as for further understanding, perspective, and/or more depth.  However, to achieve the learning and effectiveness goals in any area, it is best to follow the program that this site guides you through.  (Where there isn't one, you could use the order in which the contents/links section's reading are listed.)

The Initiator Of Change Is Seeing "A Problem":  (Which is actually just a gap...)

   Problem Solving, Decision Making Contents/Links - To change, we need to identify the problems and then
   make decisions - that is the essential 1st step to setting it up to succeed in changing. 

Part Of Implementing Change: Habits/directing, planning, the success process:: (Can be referred to for further learning, but you need only follow the process suggested in the change section.) 

   Contents Links Habits, Willpower, Discipline, Self-Control, as that is a key part of the process!!

   Planning Contents/Links - After you decide where to go, if you have no steps set up to get there, you will
    not be able to succeed in life or, at least, you'll waste alot of its potential in true, deep happiness.

   Success Contents/Links - What is success other than implementing changes that lead to desire results? 
    Success = Achieving desired results, which, of course, requires effective change, since luck or hope do
    not work reliably!
1. See gap:  Where one is             2. Find "solution"   3. Plan implementation   4. Act,    5. Achieve desired
                          ↑↓                                                                                                Create            Result
              Where one wants to be                                                                                                  Habit

The Process Of Changing - Very Doable - The overview introduction discussion.
See the Contents Links Habits, Willpower, Discipline, Self-Control, as that is a key part of the process!!

The Movie: Groundhog Day - Living It Over And Over...Until... - A great life lesson!

The Skill And The Process For Effective Change - And A Vital Key To Success In Life - Learn and apply this to achieve the desired result consistently.  People fail only when they do this unskillfully (duh!)

   How Not To Change - How To Keep Going
        Where You're Going - Though that may
        not be where you want to end up!
        Includes the checklist for how not to
   Removing, Replacing, Overcoming  What
       Gets In The Way Of Changing And Of
       Moving Forward In Life - A Critical Skill

Freeing Up The Time To Implement Change:

  You can remove irrelevant, unproductive,
  unneeded time users, freeing up more time
  than you need to do this. 

Prioritize, Complete

   Focus On The Vital Behaviors, First And
      Always Foremost - Change the critical
      behaviors that make the most difference!
   Completing The Decision - Commit, cut off
        retreat - or just don't start. 

Learning, Mistakes, And So-Called Failures

(These only occur from gaps in knowledge!)

   The Learning Curve - Like Gravity, It Is Best
       If You Honor It! 
   Mistakes, Failures, And Defeats -
       Acceptable, Necessary, Workable!     

From Breakdown To Breakthrough
(You see the problem, due to the breakdown and there is an opportunity to learn from it and discover what will cause a breakthrough.)

   Breakdowns And Breakthroughs - The
       "Stuff" Of Progress
   "What Happened?" - Define, so not mixed up with
           guess what...
     "What's Next?" - Accept, move forward, no

Need Logic And Clarity To Be Effective
   Logic, Use Of In Solving Probs - Duh!
   Deconfusing Confusion - Handle this first,
         before going any further!

Myths Of Change, Excuses

   Excuses, Justifications Be Gone - Be 100%
       free from these to be free to move


Review Of Changeology Book.- Includes links to free videos to take you through the process!!!

To purchase the book:

Changeology: 5 Steps To Realizing Your Goals And Resolutions, Dr. John C. Norcross - From 30 years of scientific research, this culminates into a complete, practical guide to succeeding in change.  It gets rid of the myths and it is briliant in identifying why we have failed and how to prevent that. 

If I were your life professor, I would require reading this!

The link above is to Amazon.  First, see my review above.

These all make change easier. They help form a foundation of effectively operating in life - and they build confidence, which causes one to follow through much better, in an increasing upward spiral.   There are tthree parts to the change process:

1.  Removing the static and conflicting needs that get in the way.
2. Deciding what the payoffs are and 
      remembering their value.
3.  Doing the installation process.


   Loving oneself - You can't change without
       filling up the emotional tank!  
         Psych Energy And Power 


The Change Worksheet - The Complete Process To Succeed In Change - How to do any change.

Directory/Links Forms - Problem-Solving
    Decision-Making page


    Scanning, emotions/allies
    Similar earlier incident
    Thought changing, beliefs

   THERAPIES - Various methods of doing
        therapy from REBT to ... 




Using effective training plus learning the wisdom in these two areas creates a foundation for effective change and success in life. 

    Training - In:

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This contains virtually all the pieces that are useful, thouh yu might skip a few, depending on what is needed.

The Change Worksheet - The Complete Process To Succeed In Change