Purpose:  To improve life, by having all problems solved - and quickly.

This page you're on is a "contents/links" page, providing both sequences for reading and specific pages on special items. We want you to learn the overall skill of problem solving, so that you can solve anything, often using the forms provided to help you do solve problems and make decisions. (In all cases, read the intro page on problem solving, to get oriented properly.)


While we want you to learn the overall skill, we also know that many of you want to go directly to solving a specific problem.  The links to those solutions are provided by the following "contents/links" sections:

    Beliefs, contents, links - Correct all your beliefs that are causing you problems
    Emotions, contents, links - Address and solve all emotional issues and problems
    Go to the problem topic area's contents/links page (enter into search engine the topic name followed 
         by "contents, links".

These Are Related:  Content/Links pages for related sections

                                                             Behavior Management

Of course, it is helpful to understand:       Habits, Willpower, Discipline, Self-Control Contents/Links  

     Be clear also on the role of Power In Life (Power In Life Contents/Links)

Problem Solving Is A Simple Process

See the problem  -->  Solve the problem:    Decide   -->  Plan  -->  Implement  -->  REAP benefits 
                                                                     Commit                        (= Change)

For a paper discussing this, see How To Solve Any Problem.

Forms That Will Help:  Directory/Links Forms - Problem-Solving Decision-Making

Originally Part Of This Page:   CREATING CHANGE CONTENTS/LINKS - Moved to its own page.

Problem Solving, Decision Making, Creating Change Intro page - Start here, then select from the sequence below:  

     Solve The Cause V. Symptom - Vital to 
          making more progress vs. "repeating"
     The Checklist For Problem Resolution - 
          Reminders of what to consider/do.
     Why Put It In Writing - Deeper, black & 
         white; other way doesn't work! 
     I Have No Time To Solve My Problems - 
           An actual conversation; the irony of 
           ironies!  The result:  end up with lots 
           of unsolved problems!   
      How Not To Change - How To Keep 
          Going Where You're Going - Which 
          may not be a good place...
     Effective Thinking - The Master Skill - 
          Without the use of reasoning and 
          verification of facts, one cannot create 
          a great life!  Learn, see Thinking -  
          Intuition - How To Use It Appropriately -                This is not a valid substitute!
     Generating Ideas, Inputs, Solutions - Use  
         this in the idea generation step in problem 
         solving, from brainstorming to...

     Tracking Results And Progress For 
         Effective Change - "Inspect what you 
         expect."  The process that skillfully 
         signicantly increases the effectiveness 
        of change. 
         Why To Monitor And Track What You
              Do - A Simple Psychological 
              Productivity Tool  - A necessity, not 
              an option.


    The Problem Solving Process And Quick 
         Reference To Forms To Use 
          Rational Analysis Worksheet  
               The ABCDEF Rational Analysis        
    The Problem Is Not The Problem - The Real 
         Problem Is... - Can't solve the real 
         problem if you're working on the wrong 
    Breakdowns/Breakthroughs - Very useful, 
         vital way to approach for breakthroughs!
    Do The Opposite - Possible "quick" 
         thinking solution, since the opposite 
          doesn't work! 
     Is Awareness Sufficient And Curative In 
     The Vital Shift To Get Brain Working:  
          The Pause, and its sub-form: Time Out 

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Effective Decision Making - The Determinant Of The Quality Of Your Life - Tne importance and the overview of making decisions the right way.

The Law Of Decision - Living Life Effortlessly And Effectively 

It's All About Tradeoffs - Identify These Clearly And Then Decide - In a sense, you are paying the price of giving up something (money, time, effort) in order to get something of greater value, so there is no "loss" to fear. 

The Criteria For An Effective Decision Process - On Anything Important Nothing Less Is Acceptable  

Completing The Decision - The Necessary Step To Move Forward     

The Statement Of Absolute Clarity Of Consequences - Super Clarity Is Super Powerful! 

The One Decision That Determines All Of Life  

Your Five Biggest Life Decisions 

Summary: Outside Article:  Decision Making, Wikipedia.


Directory/Links Forms - Problem-Solving 
     Decision-Making page 

Decision Making Tools - From "Weighting" To "Grids" 



Critical Thinking - The Basis For Good Decisions And A Good Life - The alternative is stupid thinking or less than smart thinking.  See the links.  Don't stop before learning this!

The Scientific Method Worksheet - The Only Way To Go In Life!!!!  



Of course, use the forms and tools on this site - and the learning pieces.

The Great Courses - See their decision-making and thinking audio and video courses. 


The Complete Idiot's Guide To Clear Thinking, Joe LoCicero - The book to start with.

Smart Choices: A Practical Guide To Making Better Decisions, by John H. Hammond,