Decisions can sometimes be difficult to make when there are lots of tradeoffs and values involved.  To make those decisions more clear we will often use the process of "giving weight" to various alternatives.

The term "weighting" is applied in decision making not in terms of "lbs of weight" but in terms of "value".  Something is given more weight when it has more value.   If it "weighs" more it has more value.  And, of course, we want to do what gives us the best payoff value!

Whent to use a "decision matrix"

Decision Matrix explained (0utside)

Examples of "weighting"

Weighted Decision Making Matrix Tool - Used to decide where to go on a vacation. Outside article dellinked (broken) - will find a replacement.  Use your internet search engine, entering that term or variations around it. However, this page is likely to stay in existendce: Decision Matrix Analysis.

Using the tool of weighting:

Grid Analysis - Making A Decision By Weighing Up Different Factors (outside)- Explains how to use this tool.
How To Decide With Criteria And Weight (Outside)

Other articles that are clarifying:

The Deesider Decision Weighting Process  (Outside)

Books with decision making tools

The Decision Book:  50 Models For Strategic Thinking, by Mikael Krogerus, Roman Tschäppeler, Philip Earnhart and Jenny Piening - A good reference for when you need to make decisions. 

Outside Articles:

Problem-Solving And Decision-Making - Simple process for problem solving and decisionmaking.  And a number of tools for making strategic decisions.  ++


How To Use The Weighted Decision Matrix (2:28) - Excellent illustration!