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See Contents/Links Behavior Management, of which this is a sub. 

    Also, intrinsically linked, is Motivattion - See Contents/Links Motivation.  

Also related: Change Contents/Links:  Attaining The Changes You Want And Succeeding

Objective:  To be able to obtain much greater results per amount of effort/energy.  Results are defined as "what creates the greatest number of units of happiness and satisfaction in life".  (See Power In Life.)

To realize it is not "tough" to "direct your energy to what produces the greatest results", but easier, once we remove the artificial and unnecessary blocks and interferences.  It will be, once we've learned this, a new life of harvesting that which has you feel the happiest and most satisfied with life, at the deepest, enduring level.

Habits, willpower, discipline, and self-control are merely about directing one's energy effectively (aka powerfully with great results).
The Change Worksheet - The Complete Process To Succeed In Change - The complete version.


You Must Pay The Price To Get What You Want - Almost Everything Has A Price - You can pay the price, like it's no big deal - and feel good about the net gain in total.  Alot of it is time perspective.

You Must Pay The Price To Buy The Item, But It Is Not A Sacrifice! - No need to struggle or suffer, period.  It is a matter of increased net gain!


Handling "Seeking Comfort" In A Way That Works - Otherwise We Could Be Led Astray From What We Really Want - The 'mother' of all useless distractions and/or harmful 'solutions'.

Discomfort - Shall It Run Our Lives Or Shall We Run Our Lives? - And Is It Any Big Deal Anyway?
Comfort Vs. Getting The Highest Benefit - Absolute clarity is needed if one is to get the highest benefit out of life and not confuse the benefits of comfort with the ultimate "good feeling".

Illusion Of The Comfort Zone  - How It Creates Discomfort And Poor Results 

The Struggle With 'Comfort'/'Escape' Vs. Self-Control: The Spider Solitaire Story - A personal dialogue about escaping and letting go of the means to do so.

Chemicals In The Body - Balancing And Using For Functioning Better - Run your chemical factory for health and better emotional management.

Addictions Of All Types - Their Basis, Their Effects, And The Solutions

     Addictions - Harnless Escape? 

Boredom - Really? - Uncreate boredom, stop the escape into uselessness strategy.

Relieving The "Discomfort" Of Anxiety Or Boredom:  It's All The Same

Things To Stimulate Me Or Numb Me 

This is all part of the emotion management section, but it is relevant here, since all of this is associated with our failure to have the willpower or habit power or cleverness to overcome being the victim of it:

Emotional Pain - The Emotional Pain About Emotional Pain 


Why Bother With Willpower, Self-Control, And All That Stuff? -What will I get out of it?   And is it harder or easier?

The Great Conflict That Can Determine Your Life!  Pleasure Versus Productivity And Gratification - You must see this clearly if you are to live a great life!


"Willpower" - Different than you think. must be managed,
    preserved, renewed, more like a muscle, not "character"
   The Willpower Reserve - What to put in, stop draining of
       What Increases Or Diminishes The Willpower Reserve? -
           A useful summary chart to direct you the right direction
   Trust Of Self - Keeping My Word To Myself - Huge increaser
        of follow-through and self view!

Habits - Read particularly The Power Of Using Habits!

Psychological Energy And Power - Keeping Up The Reservoir
     For Greater Effectiveness In Life - Essential knowledge!
               Emotional Bank Account - Vital! 

The Long Term Benefits Conversation - A View And Persuasion Process - Not based on steely determination, but on truly seeing the value and valuing it in current time so that you operate from it.
  Deciding Between Long Term Benefits And Short Term
     Benefits - Assessing The Trade-Offs - A benefits and
     costs assessment process, and a form.

Resistance - Friction, lessening of energy with no benefit!

      The Role Of "Conflicting Needs" At The Same Time -
      Resistance and trouble controlling one's behavior
      occurs when a "conflciting need" is larger.

The Struggle Of Behaviors Between The Higher And Lower Brains - The higher vs. lower brains. No, you're not imagining it and it isn't a character flaw. 

Conditioning - An Absolute Must For Psychological As Well As Physical - You can't expect a miracle - it is always about a "build".

Leverage - You can't lift a heavy weight in life or change a behavior without a lever.  There is no miracle way.  This works.

Discipline - Not "effort" but returning to path and repeating to create an effortless habit.  This defines your pathway and the steps to a result.

    Self-Control - The means to a great and happy life. 
       Inserting clearer incentives that work and practiced
    Building The "Strength Of Character" - The Essential Element
         To A Life Well-Lived - This is the enabler to assuring you will
         get what you want in life. 
    The Illusions And Delusions Of Procrastination - What is
          missing to make it all work?

Decide Whether The Mind Or "You" Will Rule - A vital understanding.  You must reach clarity on this and make a decision, if you want to achieve a great life.

Effort - Depending on your viewpoint, effort can be effortless!

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Changeology The Book - Best source on effective change.  (Change means the adoption of new and more effective habits and behaviors that serve us.)