In the morning, first thing, I look at my emails as I eat breakfast, sitting in a comfortable couch.  I forward some to look at later, but I also get caught up in some of the pieces, exploring them and excerpting pieces to each subject page in my "Pages".  I get lost for hours, thinking I am really doing something useful for my great dream and writings.  I pretend it is good that I am curious, in the right-now mode.

Though it is easy and very, very comfortable, I am BSing my self, and getting caught in a level of randomness as opposed to "on purpose", more effective actions.

And by the time I spend my time there, I am "behind" and don't do my disciplined stretches for the day. 

Not good!

So, I write this for myself (and hopefully someone else will benefit) first, as I not only should be an example for doing what is right and good but I need to solve this for the good of my own life, to live the dynamic, happy, progressive life fully - and not just be a person who is full of lots of unused, unimplemented knowledge.


The short term, easy solution that is so very much available for immediate use is to do what is comfortable rather than what will give me the most benefit and satisfaction in my life.

As with all easy behaviors, they are chosen from immediate availability (sometimes just as habits) and to fill an immediate need, without really thinking.  And there is vagueness and a lack of clarity, as is the case with all poor decisions we make - and all unhappiness, too.

I definitely have to ask the question "What is best for me now?" or "What will benefit me the most right now?" 

But it goes deeper than that.

I need to, as with any conflicting needs situation, upgrade and make bigger the alternative of doing what is of the highest benefit. 

Of course, I can see the benefit and immediate availability of going into a comfort mode, but I am vague on why I should choose another alternative.

Sure, right now I "know", intellectually, that I should do the higher thing, but I lack a real set of "why"s, along with no clear picture of the benefits. 

This is, of course, part of the conversation included in the "first things first" conversation and mode of operation that produces the greatest total benefit in life.  But that is a "concept", not a real set of motivators. 

Clearly, but in a vague sense, I should avoid the wasted life involved in living a random life, of living randomly, following impulses and non-thinking, going nowhere. 

Of course, I won't always be in my highest thinking mode, so I need to set up a supporting system, some habits that make the higher way of doing things automatically and effortlessly.  So, I've built this into my daily schedule and daily planning checklist.

I need to change my "state" so I'm able to make better choices. Changing my state, in fact, is a choice, but one I have to make part of a habit to respond to my desire to seek comfort. 

Practice the thinking and the statement. 

Set limits on comfort items.

Why, why, why is it better vs. my fear of losing comfort...or it being hard, vs. the ease of comfort.  "I will do all I do with ease and equanimity, not efforting." 

Of course a benefit is less stress, although "comfort" seems to imply less stress.  But doing what is best for me is not uncomfortable, it does not lead to discomfort, though I may have it wired that way (actually, I do).  I will however make sure that I don't overdo things without taking care of my rejuvenation needs. 

Use an advantages/disadvantage columns.

I will feel a greater sense of accomplishment, be prouder


"I want to live a great life.  To do that I must do what most benefits me."

"I see that doing this is not to my greatest benefit, so I now choose to ask 'what is for my highest benefit.

"Uh, oh!  I am drifting into comfort.  I must get into a higher state and make my best choice instead."

"Choosing to do what most benefits me is an easy choice and will make my life the easiest.  It will smooth the way, requiring less effort in my life, and having me feel good about how I am living my life - and that is vitally important for my happiness."

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