The power of negating what is untrue
Learn these as part of learning life
My declaration


As in Clear Disclaimers Of What Is Absolutely Not True, there is special power and clarity in negating the negative.

If you don't yet know that these are not true, do whatever you have to do to get in touch with the actual reality.  Add others that will free you up from trying or expecting to have things be different than they actually are.

Doing this not only frees me from wasted time and effort, but it also increases my strength and level of certainty. 


Put a check mark next to those items you think are accurate disclaimers and then include them in your Reminders Notebook.  These are important for you to know and agree with in order to have wisdom in life.


On this day, I declare the following to not be true and I disclaim them forever!:

It is not true that I am still a small child.  I am an adult.

I am not unfortunate in my life.  I have plenty of capability and abundant
resources.  My best was just an experience that got me here.  My future is whatever I make of it.

It is not true that life should be different.  It is not true that life is not good.
Life is full of opportunity and I have been given a huge gift of abilities beyond that of any other entity in the universe.

Nothing disastrous is going to happen.  I need not and now refuse to be wary all the time of some impending thing that will happen that I cannot handle.  I will handle it as well as I can at the time.  I refuse and hereby give up worrying ahead of time.  It does absolutely no good.

It is not true that I need to be mistake free or that it is bad to make mistakes or that most mistakes have serious consequences.  Humans have not evolved to the point of knowing all or to not making mistakes, therefore it is inevitable that they will make mistakes.  Most mistakes are of very little significance and things almost always work out over time. 

It is absolutely not true that I am the victim of circumstances or of responses that can't be changed.  I am the one who has the belief that the feeling is based on and things do not happen without that belief being in the causal chain.

It is not true that I need other people's approval or that it makes a difference that they affirm me or what I say.  I need not measure up to anyone else's standards or judgments.  I need not be better than others, and in fact I can wholly give up on the fiction of judging and comparing pejoratively. 

It is untrue that I can get what I need from other people.  I am the one capable source and I am self-sufficient.

It is not true that I will receive anything close to unconditional love from another, as each person is more concerned with him/herself and unable to step beyond that, with very few exceptions.

It is not true that life is fair or should be fair.  Life and the world are strictly neutral, though they provide an incredible number of opportunities.  If someone is "unfair" in their behavior, I accept it as part of their limited awareness and take no personal offense from it, as such a response is that of an immature child.

It is not true that my past determines my future or that I am stuck with living life at the level I am living it.  My past is a source of beliefs, many of which are false, and it is up to me to sort through them, but to never be the victim of them. 

It is not true that I am not good enough or worthy.  I shall never claim that again.

It is not true that I am not capable.  That would be nonsense, as I have survived this long and it is proven that people can learn even more and be even more capable and certainly more so than what is needed.

It is not true that I need to give myself shame or guilt.  I am not a bad person, I am simply doing the best I can within my limited awareness.

I make these declarations here and now on this ___ day of____________, ____

Signed:  _______________________


Print it out and keep it in your Reminders Notebook.  See the table of contents for where to put it.