Doing these, in this order, makes my life work much better and puts the power of habit on my side.


Awake without an alarm, fully awake and feeling rested.
Relax completely before getting up, breathing deeply.  Say "I am happy for this day!"


Stretch and stress every muscle in my body before leaving bedroom.
Take Master Notebook with me.
Drink at least two full glasses of filtered water; fill on set on desk 2 32 oz. + mugs/water bottles
Eat breakfast No sugar, no white or refined products, high protein and dense carbs for smooth blood sugar); See my posted rules behind vitamin cabinet door.
Take vitamins when putting away the dishes. (Needed a "cue" that was reliable.)
Read my key overall life philosophy statement.
Do my daily grounding.  (My Daily Grounding Summary Page)
Do 5-15 minutes of yoga/exercise movements (see My Yoga/Stretching Routine, and Stretching Exercses list, perhaps also The Morning Routine Of One Happy, Healthy Woman)  (Have this in my Reminders Notebook for reference.)


Enter any overnight and morning notes in reference or to do list, put into folders/notebooks for reference and use later.
Scan, only, emails to see if anything is important/urgent.  Do not get sucked up into them.  No "not on purpose" actions permitted.  (See posted My Time Rules.)
    Put key emails for later reference into AARead or AAReadPriority. (Completion
       processing is checklisted in My Day Checklist.)
    Review AAReadPriority to see if missed any action to do or tickle.
Do my daily to do list and schedule specific times for specific activities. (Check it if already done the day before.)


Eat the biggest frog first.
Do high concentration, high creativity work of the most importance
Do my writing and LMA project priorities unless urgency requirements or higher priority item.

Notes for adding a day and evening checklist

Lunch at fixed time (12)
Afternoon nap, 21 minutes

Do to do list for tomorrow

Early evening:
__ Need nap?
__ Treadmill, weights, crunches 6 pm (this simply is what works for me)


Reminder:  Lower energy activities should mostly be done in the evening if pallatable.
No "distractions" of low value!  (No non-value games, no low value TV)

Evening meal (light if possible or skip) 7 pm

Do simple stuff on website.  Linking, organizing, etc.
Do reading and summarizing notes.

Fix coffee for morning

Clean teeth and tongue (scrape tongue, then use WaterPik squirter for "flossing" and high flouride toothpaste with Sonic brusher)
Bed by 10 (so experience dark, melatonin effect greater for greater repair and better rest)

Thanks to the free 90-day program at
Whenever I need energy and/or when I need to use my brain:

The 10 Deep Breaths Strategy - Preparing For Higher Functioning Of Your Brain

Or: Instant Energy From Something Good - Know these!
Since this list, I've gone from being a "night person" to a better productivity schedule:
A Pre-Set, Super-Committed Schedule For The Day - For An Always Powerful Day!  Not Optional! 

My Day - To Be A Healthy Happy Person - A fully time designated day schedule.