What I do, overall
The Yoga Routine
   Yoga for lung congestion
The Stretching Routine

This is what I do - and almost always in front of the TV or listening to a CD or audiobook. It is completely painless, yet it creates me feeling good, with more energy.  It is essential, I believe, to start the morning off feeling good energy - then I'm immediately more productive and focusing on what is right and important during the day.

However...during those days when I am not up to it or don't feel I have the time, I do five minutes worth, with a timer, so that my body is feeling good.  The latter is one of my "100% commitments".    I've listed that right after the longer one, but using the definitions in the longer one immediatly following or my page called "Yoga postures - Some Simple Or Basic Ones For Easy Use."   (If I don't have a reference page, I forget, but I suppose it would soon be committed to memory as is true for The Happy Woman Morning Routine of The Happy Woman.)  

When I finished my Checklist For The Morning, I set the sequence for when I do this, so that there is a cue to stimulate its start.


This is what I've selected.  The bolded ones are the ones I do if less time is available.  For simple references of the easiest ones, for my quick eyeballing:
    Yoga postures and Stretching exercises - Copied these and stuck them in my Reminders Notebook.

These desciptions are simplified ones for myself to remind me, see detail above.

Active cat* - One bottom leg flat on floor other raised forward, arching back, arms straight, hands on floor
Dog and cat -  Adds flexibility to spine
The Sun Salutation, including the Mountain
     Downward facing dog - Triangle, legs and arms straight on floor, stretch calves, then into:
     "Upward facing dog" - Not sure what this is called, but I arch my body down and head up, which
          looks like the Cobra, middle of body touching ground
     Cobra - On stomach, legs together,  head  and chest up, buttocks muscles tight, then raise self with
          arms, back is flexed backward (stomach forward)
     Then stand and reach as high as possible arching backwards
Forward bend or extension - Raise arms overhead, bend at hips, hands round down to floor. 
The triangle - One foot pointing straight to side, in lunge position, stretching toward it, other leg
[Warrior III] - Stand on one leg, arms outstretched in front, other leg up reaching backwards, body
   parallet to ground.
Extended side-angle* - Toe pointing sideways of leg at 90 degree angle to floor (top flat), extending  
   other leg way out to other side and reaching forward and upwith that side's arm
[Side plank*] - One lower arm on floor, other reach to ceiling, body like plank, side of ankle on floor
Yoga bicycles* - On floor, alternate legs, raising legs and touching with opposite elbow.
Head to knee* - Sitting on floor, right leg extended in front, foot flexed, left leg bent so sole of foot gently presses into right thigh; arms at sides, palms down. Inhale, lift chest, and lengthen torso. Exhale, twist torso slightly to right, and fold forward over leg. Hold and breathe for about 1 1/2 minutes. Inhale and sit back up. 
[Halfshoulderstand] - Raise back with arms in supporting triangle, back of neck on floor.
Bridge - Bottom legs perpendicular to floor, arms by side palms up, raising buttocks, thighs parallel to
Kegels - Tense 100 times.
The Corpse (Good at this one.) - Lie on back, palms up.  Breathe deeply, relax each part of body toe to
   head.  3 to 5 minutes is good.

[] = Optional to eliminate if feel less energetic and need to be gentler
* These are illustrated in The Holiday Stress.

Special situation:

For lung congestion:  "The Queen" (yoga posture)

MY STRETCHING ROUTINE - 5 minutes or more

Chin to chest
Head side to side, looking over shoulder
Ear to shoulder - Gently pull on head to move ear to shoulder
Roll neck around - both directions
Deltoid, tricep - Right hand to left shoulder, push on elbow
Extended side angle
Reach high above head, bending back
Reaching out as far as I can on the way down to touching toes
Walk on hands to downward dog
Drop down to arching upward arms straight
Dog and cat
Plank or pushups
Touching toes, legs straight
Touching toes, hurdlers position, both sides
Opposite leg over bent knee stretch to one side while extending arm and shoulder to the other side
Yoga bicycle, at least 50 of both sides

Special good stretches, do any time of day:

Standing, straight leg, heel on chair, learn forward
Sitting, cross ankle over other thigh, lean forward, push knee down.

After I wrote this, I was so inspired that I printed it and went and did the short routine - which I can actually do for any break!

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