The inevitable undeterminable in life
Gee whiz!  Nothing happened!
Chasing my tail didn't work
Outdated, outmoded, not even useful
But what I am sure of is...
The power is...
Energy + choice = power
Affirmations, declarative statements
Appendix of what I can cause..

"People 'fear' that something bad will happen and then life won't be good.  In fact, they have experienced that fear over and over and over.  Yet they fail to notice that 'nothing happened', not really, except that they survived just fine.  And the truth is that we'll be just fine and totally capable of creating a good life, as long as we stop believing the illusions - where we see that there is nothing really happening 'in reality', just a bunch of silly thoughts.  We can create a good life, period!"

                                                            The BuddhaKahuna


I will never know what will happen next in my world.

I cannot control the uncontrollable.

However, I need not make myself unhappy by always looking for security and predictability and hoping to be comfortable and safe in the world.  That’s a useless, unachievable mental construct not existing in reality and not necessary to one’s existence – i.e., it’s a “make believe”.

I can be excited about the unfolding adventure of not knowing what is next, for if I knew everything would be the same that would not seem to be very interesting.  Life is interesting. 

Millions and millions of things happen independently of me.  Weather, buses moving, people operating dysfunctionally, undesired outcomes not under my control, etc. and etc.

But, that is the world as it is. 

So what?  So what!   So what?

No big deal!

Well, why would I say that?


Because I notice that despite my fear that everything would, could, or might fall apart or that I’d fail in something, I am still here, intact, operating and operable.

I have “survived” thousands and thousands of undesired consequences, yet I’m still here, operating and operable.  I have survived feelings of discomfort, so I know the discomfort did not indicate danger, even though it “felt like it.”

This seems to indicate that I'll be ok in the future, too.  If I keep on surviving and being ok, then maybe there is nothing to fear, for all my fears came to naught over the many years.  I’m still here, operating and operable.  I  guess I must have made up some illusions of fear or at least inaccurate fears, as the prediction of something actually bad never hardly happened.


I accumulated some things that I thought would bring me happiness, but they didn’t, though.   Despite that evidence to the contrary, I figured that maybe if I accumulated a bit more, then maybe I’d be happy.  But that formula didn’t work.  So I gave it up.  I gave up “I’ll be happy when… or if…”

I did what I could to be secure in the love of another, but that didn’t turn out, as there is no security in having another person love us.   It is a falsehood, perpetuated from childhood, that I would be safe if only someone loved me, that I would then be ok.  And why did I think I needed that?  Because at the time, as a child, it meant survival, it meant that those people would keep feeding me.


But I don’t need that anymore, as I am a  self-sufficient adult able to feed and clothe myself adequately and to have adequate shelter.  There is no need to secure that others are in my control to assure that I will survive.  No need at all.  I will survive in what I really need, at the core.

If I have enough food to keep me alive, sufficient clothing and shelter to protect me against the cold, and the ability to create experiences for myself, then I have all the safety I need in this world.   I do not seek safety “out there”,once my basic needs are met.  I repeat, I do not need safety “out there”.   There is no guarantee existing “out there” anyway.  Lots of things won’t turn out “out there.”  I accept that.  It is part of the deal of life and being in the world.  Nothing is fully predictable or controllable or “secure” “out there.”  There will be losses - and, of course, there will be gains - and the net seems to add up ok, beyond what we need.


What is out there is not known or controllable. What is known, for me, is all about me and the powers I am bequeathed with. 

None of it is about “out there”.  “Out there” may provide some bonuses, but “out there” will never provide the satisfaction of my core needs.  I'll never be able to control what is largely uncontrollable and unpredictable at the least.  It's just too inefficient and not the best way to meet my needs!

I need not be safe against things that are not really about me at the core.  If I eat less luxuriously,  there is nothing meaningful about that, to me, unless, of course, I make it up that it is so. 

But if I make it up that it is so that does not mean it is soThe truth is that I do not need to eat more luxuriously.  I can be perfectly happy without that, even though my old way of believing would not buy that truth. 

And the list goes on and on.  A bigger TV, a bigger house, a nicer car, more friends, better friends, the right lover/partner, and on and on.  None of it really matters to the core.

My core needs are satisfied.  I am safe relative to my core needs.  Beyond that I could lose everything and still be ok.  Yes, my mind could make it up that I needed those things and that I would be miserable without them – but that is still not the truth, even if I believe it – it is not so.


But there is one thing I haven’t mentioned, that adds to my life and in which I am secure because it is inherent in  me.  Once my core needs are satisfied and this other thing is added to that, my core safety and security is immense.

Oops, I forgot to acknowledge pain in life. 

We experience pain, some inevitable and almost all self-created. 

The inevitable pain is not that much

We get sad from a "loss", but it need not be devastating since we need not be dependent on that which we lost – we are still ok.  Physically we will feel some discomfort. 

And there's other instances where there is actual physical loss and/or pain, beyond a little bit of a feeling of discomfort.  But if we exclude the stuff that we create and make up, I note that there is very little of my life actually spent in pain. 

I am more than willing to experience those as a small price to pay for all I get. 

The reality is that in the physical world, the pain I experience is miniscule compared to the total time available.  It’s no big deal.  I experience actual pain (that I didn't create myself in my mind) now and then, but very infrequently.  It’s even ok if I have some ongoing pain, for there is still plenty of space left for me to create into. 


The extra “thing” I have is that I have this energy machine where I have the power to direct the energy toward what I want.   I have the power to direct my energy, to choose where to apply it.

"Well," you say, "that is no big deal!"

But I say that it is a huge deal.

I  have the power to do many things - and reliably so!   I’ll not list them all here, as I don’t want to burden your reading right now, and I’ll list more in the appendix, so that you can see the immensity of what you can create for yourself.

I can choose to

Eat when I want.
Conjure up a detailed image and the feelings associated with it of a beach,
   mountains, flying (without a plane), pleasant scenes.
Have peace time to myself
Take a hot bath
Watch good movies, read good books.
Entertain myself with TV or just watching people
Pet my cats
See or read about inspiring people.
Be grateful.
Acknowledge myself and/or what I have done
Love myself, caress myself, nurture myself
And much more (see appendix)

I always have the ability to create those and so much more, beyond having my core needs met. (Note that what I am creating here is an "experience" that I want to experience.  It could be the experience of happiness, peace, satisfaction, etc.  The "what" of it is not the reward; it is the experience of the "what".  And, in the area of experiencing what I want, I can have anything I want.)

Note that much can happen around me, people might not act as I wish, and I might lose some things or have undesired outcomes, but I am invincible at the core - for all I need do is those things in my control, as above. 

I do not need approval of others and there is very, very little I must do to maintain my existence needs, so I am free to take care of my core and to fill myself up.

What could be better?

I am safe in being able to create all of that.  I need not be safe beyond that, as the out-there’s are not necessary to my happiness. I am past that childhood illusion that the source of my life and happiness is "out there", and I no longer give any power to "out there", as it takes away from my applying my "self-power".

What could be better?

I have all I need for my core needs, plus the ability to invent, create, cause a vast amount of what I want via that which I control!

I have the energy and the operability to direct that energy toward what I wantThere is nothing beyond that to fear the loss of, for everything beyond that is just extra stuff, not needed at all, at my core. 

I am safe in all that matters.  I am safe right now and for the foreseeable future.  I am even safe if I die, as I won’t have any problems with unmet needs – it’s pretty much a “so what?!?”

I  am safe.  I am blessed.

I no longer wish for the unendable list of what I make up that I “should have” “ in order to” be happy.  I've blown that illusion and misbelief completely out of the water.

I am safe in all that matters.  I am blessed. 

I am energy, with a body and a mind.  I am the one who is the director of that energy and I can direct it as I so choose.  I have the power to direct it, and in having that power I have the power to cause much that is “out there” and, more importantly, the power to create my own experiences beyond my core needs.

I am at peace.  All the rest, beyond that core, is simply a game that I'll play effortlessly and fearlessly, as fear will no longer be needed to protect against that which is no danger and of no consequence.

I am safe.  I am at peace.  I am the creator of all I want.



(Plus you can select and add some of the statements from above.)

"My core safety and security is immense.  I am safe. I create all that is necessary."

"I let go of the outmoded idea that I thought as a child, or of an adult still holding that idea:  that I must do or have “x” in order to survive through others and that, therefore, I am at the mercy of “out there”.  I see that this idea artificially creates a sense of danger of losing what I believe I should have from others - plus, if that is not supplied by others, the idea would contribute to my feeling an underlying current of the possibility of not surviving.  I hereby here and now give up that false idea and free myself forever from the angst of hoping for a result from "out there" that won't really ever reliably come about anyway (no matter how much one hopes for it!).

However, the evidence massively proves that I do survive, I have survived over and over and over and over.  The evidence massively proves that there is nothing in reality (though often I create something false in my mind) that suggests we don’t have the ability to survive and survive and survive. 

It is only the thought that I am a child that can imprison me and create suffering.  It is only the thought that I need others to protect me and to have me survive, along with the related idea that I must have approval.  I am free now, as I realize that I no longer "need" approval of others.  I am free now, as I realize I am capable of sufficiently doing what I need to do to survive.  I am free!!!

There is nothing to worry about.   What I make up in my mind is simply a “mental construct”, a temporary arrangement of neurons firing off “data” in a particular pattern.  There is nothing real there for me.  There is only a picture I constructed.  It is not real.  Yes, my emotions are “real”, as I experience them in my body, but the made up fears that cause them are not real.

All that is real is what I cause and I can cause an enormous amount of good things, directly.  I can cause more good things more times than I have time for, so I can cause, for  me, a virtually unlimited number of good things.  I am blessed. 

I am energy.  I am the director of my energy.  I can direct that energy to whatever I choose.  After I fill my core needs, easily, I then can create whatever bonuses I want, directly.  I know that that is far more efficient and effective than trying to do it like a child trying to get it from “out there”.  I am no longer a child, no longer dependent, for I am self-sufficient

I have all I need – enough food, clothing, shelter always plus the ability to direct my energy. 

I am secure in all that is the core in my life.  I am blessed with the ability to create virtually unlimited abundance for myself, not in “out there”stuff, but in the “in here” stuff and in what I directly control." 

I can control enough in my life to assure that I have a good life!


This list could be virtually endless, but I’ll start it.  I’ll list enough so  that I know I can always create “enough”.  I will stop wishing for more “out there”, as that is hard to control and certainly not worth  worrying about losing or not getting, as I have so much “here” (in me).

See the soothing/nurturing list, the activities list, My Ideal Life

I can

Say nice things to myself
Feed myself.
Watch movies
Read good books
Write what I want to write about, make up good stories
Fantasize and visualize – meadows, butterflies, a warm summer day on the beach, making love (better than the real thing), flying (without a plane), pleasant scenes.
Access tools
Eat when I want.
Have peace time to myself
Take a hot bath
Entertain myself with tv or just watching people
Pet my cats
See or read about inspiring people.
Be grateful.
Acknowledge myself and/or what I have done
Love myself, caress myself, nurture myself
Sun myself, feel the sun on my skin
Exercise, feel the endorphins, feel the health running through my body

And on and on and on...