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You might as well choose to be in charge and to, as often as possible, be your True Self.  After all, what else is there to do?  What better choice could you make?

                                                               The BuddhaKahuna


The most profound wisdom:

"It is when one finally 'gets' who one really is and who is in charge that the earth moves and one realizes how great life can be.  Otherwise, one is left with being some semblance of being a victim of life, of people, of circumstances - hoping for rescue.

When this realization becomes integral to oneself, life becomes easy to play at Game Level 3 or above - creating all that one could really ever want in life!"

                                                               The BuddhaKahuna

A major point this site has been trying to make is that life shifts dramatically when one makes the choice of coming strictly from the viewpoint of the Master of one's life and no longer retaining any remnants of being The Victim, which lies totally in the realm of belief.


Who’s in charge here?  Who am I being?  Am I operating from truth? 


As I ask these questions, and the questions below, I call on my higher self, My True Self, to run the show instead of my recordings, many of which are based on victim thinking, since they originate from childhood thinking

I see that one creates oneself "being a victim" by taking on the victim viewpoint - one of being small, powerless, and/or dependent, run by and at the mercy of others and/or events.  (See Freedom.)

I see also that one creates oneself as "being powerful" by taking on the viewpoint of being the Master of one's life, a powerful being, fully in charge. 

It is useful to create affirmations that reinforce and remind one of that. 

An example would be "I am the Master of my Destiny, the Captain of my Ship.  I am the one who creates it all from what there is to create with. I determine my life and its quality.  I am in charge of creating my happiness."  

To do this, one must actually know the answer to "who I am" and not confuse it with what one has (or one's identity).  Without this distinction, the possibility of self power is immensely reduced, as well as the potential degree of power.

The following is what I call a "power affirmation", not because it is about power but because it is form of affirmation that has more power than a short or trite one.


This is my life philosophy affirmation on my being in charge:

"The paradigm I choose to operate from in life is that I am in chargeI am the one who chooses

Where there is no choice, I choose to accept that, as there are undesired outcomes beyond my control.  But I choose not to consider myself the victim of any circumstance or any person.  While I cannot control everything, I do choose to be in charge and to do what I can. 

And the most important of those is to choose healthy thoughts and beliefs, so that I create good feelings for my benefit.  As part of that, I realize that I am totally self-sufficient, able to fill all my needs.  I realize that the recordings that pop up in my brain will tell me otherwise, but I know that they are just recordings, many of which are erroneous and untrue.  As such, when the recordings come up, I put my higher self into gear by asking “is it true?” of each and then I decide if it is worth considering.  If it is worth considering, then I heed it and/or do inquiry into what is so and what to do next. 

I am clear about who I am.  I am not my recordings for I am the one who has them.  I am also not my body or anything I add into my body or mind.  I am the one who has them.  I can use them to support me or not, whichever I choose.  I can let the recordings come up and use them to run my life or I can choose to run my life.

What my “I” is is my higher consciousness, my higher brain, my higher self.  Since the term “I” is often confused with my recordings and things I take on as my identity, I now choose to differentiate by using the term My True Self.  My True Self uses the higher brain that I have to create my being my higher self and to engage in being highly aware beyond just filling my consciousness with recordings of the past. 

I do not heed nor entertain those thoughts as givens, but I do sift through them to consider which to use.  I do not mindlessly let the instant emotion that is attached to the recording be continued, as many of them are unpleasant emotions.  I choose to  have a life largely full of pleasant emotions and peace.  I look at the emotion and consider if it has any use in the current situation and if it doesn’t I discontinue it, I let go of it and ask what’s next. 

I know  that emotions are strictly chemical signals that I feel in my body, with chemicals to motivate behaviors and actions to alleviate them if they are negative and to continue them if they are positive.   If an old emotion comes up in a recording and it is of no use in gaining me anything, I deem  it to be unuseful and I say “that emotion is not something I choose to continue as it has no use.” 

I recognize as useful any emotion that motivates me toward a better existence. 

I choose to be in a high state of resourcefulness most of the time, to be in balance, and also to be mindful and aware, awake and clearly seeing what is going on around me unclouded by false thoughts. From that awakeness, I see and note any uncomfortability and then I ask “what do I need to do now to relieve that uncomfortability and to get more of what I want.” 

I am sure to access the intentional recordings I have set up as to how to relieve uncomfortability in a way that is not harmful or has a low payoff.  I have set most of those up clearly and I set more of them as I go, but when there is no pre-set standard I go into my set procedure of what to do.  That set procedure of what to do is to write down “what is appropriate to do that is most helpful here?” and then I write the answer out, as I know trying to do it in my mind allows too much irrational use of old dysfunctional recordings. 

It is I, as My True Self, who is in charge.  I choose to operate in and be that.  I choose not to allow primitive recordings to automate my life.  I choose to keep the space open and to paint what I want onto the blank canvas.  I am the creator.  I get to choose what to create.  And I choose to powerfully create whatever contributes to my experiencing being powerful, free, and fully self expressed.

This is my decision.  This is what I choose for my life.  And so it is."


Use this affirmative life philosophy statement (or your modification) in your daily grounding session for at least 3 weeks and then read every week or more frequently. 

Keep it in your Reminders Notebook - use as a reminder,  just like the title says (the orginal title of this notebook was The Grounding/Reminders/Inspiration Notebook, as it is for the purpose of grounding oneself to be ready for action in life.  Grounding oneself is similar to a Karate Master (a black belt also) centering oneself physically to be ready for action AND centering oneself to be thinking the way that has one being free to be totally aware, with no irrelevant "little self" recordings popping in to obscure things.  As any master, I dismiss those recordings that have no relevance as just passing thoughts.