See also Resources For Beliefs as that relates to internal conversations.

GOOD:   488  affirmations for all sorts of purposes.  The guru of affirmations.  (Use them to select your top 10 and top 20, and for reference when needed in a particular category.  Be sure to download and keep the free text version on your computer.) - 1,000's of affirmations to pick from, just click on them and they go on to your list.

Attitude adjustment:

Positive Thinking Reading List - Read these and shift your thinking, including many of the suggestions for affirmations.

Setting up whole new healthy thought bases and affirmations: 

     Try these, as I found them incredibly empowering:  Barksdale materials.
     Why You Should Read "To Love Is To Be Happy With" - Understanding the key precept of
         having life be happy.
    Read the Resources on the Gratitude page, especially the ++ one, as it will help replace some
        "stinkin' thinkin'" that people get into!