(Print this and take it.  Then track your scores as you progress in your learning using the Self Esteem Progress Graph sheet..)

This self-esteem evaluation measures your current level of Self-Esteem, your Self-Esteem Index (SEI), and serves as a gauge of your progress in achieving sound Self-Esteem.  It is important to clearly understand all statements and be completely honest in your scoring if you are to obtain a valid SEI.  It is essential that you answer these statements according to how you actually feel or behave, instead of how you think you “should” feel or behave.

Score Self-Esteem Statements:   Score as follows (each score shows how true OR the amount of time you believe that statement is true for YOU):

0 = not at all true for me; 1 = somewhat true OR true only part of the time; 2 = fairly true OR true about half of the time;  3 = mainly true OR true most of the time; 4 = true all the time

___ 1.  I don’t feel anyone else is better than I am.
___ 2.  I am free of shame, blame or guilt.
___ 3.  I am a happy, carefree person.
___ 4.  I have no need to prove I am as good or better than others.
___ 5.  I do not have a strong need for people’s attention and approval.
___ 6.  Losing does not upset me or make me feel “less than” others.
___ 7.  I feel warm and friendly toward myself.
___ 8.  I do not feel others are better than I am because they can do things
             better, have more money, or are more popular.
___ 9.  I am at ease with strangers and make friends easily.
___ 10.  I speak up for my own ideas, likes and dislikes.
___ 11.  I am not hurt by other’s opinions or attitudes.
___ 12.  I do not need praise to feel good about myself.
___ 13.  I feel good about others’ good luck and winning.
___ 14.  I do not find fault with my family, friends or others.
___ 15.  I do not feel I must always please others.
___ 16.  I am open and honest and not afraid of letting people see my real self.
___ 17.  I am friendly, thoughtful and generous towards others.
___ 18.  I do not blame others for my problems and mistakes.
___ 19.  I enjoy being alone with myself.
___ 20.  I accept compliments and gifts without feeling ashamed or “less than.”
___ 21.  I admit my mistakes and defeats without feeling ashamed or "less than."
___ 22.  I feel no need to defend what I think, say or do.
___ 23.  I do not need others to agree with me or tell me I’m right.
___ 24.  I do not brag about myself, what I have done, or what my family has or
___ 25.  I do not feel “put down” when criticized by my friends or others.

______ YOUR SELF-ESTEEM INDEX (sum of all scores)

To find your self-esteem index (SEI), simply add scores of all Self-Esteem Statements.  The possible range of your Self-Esteem is from 0 to 100.  Sound Self-Esteem is indicated by an SEI of 95 or more. Experience shows that any score under 90 is a disadvantage, a scores of 75 or less is a serious handicap, and an SEI of 50 or less indicates a really crippling lack of Self-Esteem.

© 1973 by Lilburn S. Barksdale, The Barksdale Foundation for Furtherance of Human Understanding, P.O. Box 187, Idyllwild, California 92349. (The organization no longer exists, but its legacy continues.  Go to, enter Barksdale into the search engine for further access to the educational materials.  Link while on the site:  Barksdale Main Page.)


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